How to Drive Website Traffic with Guest Blogging?

# Last Updated On: December 5, 2021 #

Over the last few years, Content Marketing has been the most talked about and popular marketing strategy to gain and retain the customers by creating relevant content within the niche. Read on our article seven steps to drive traffic with guest blogging in 2020.

It is estimated that the content marketing industry will be worth $412 billion by the end of 2021. You may be applying different content marketing strategies for your online business, but have you ever used the guest blogging to boost content marketing growth?

Drive Traffic with Guest Blogging in 2020

Guest blogging is a key strategy that you can implement to boost the content marketing growth of your business. In this article, we are going to discuss how to boost content marketing growth with guest blogging.

So, first of all, we will discuss what guest blogging is?

Guest Blogging is the process of posting your blog post on other authority blogs within your industry or niche. Guest blogging is often known as the guest posting, and it can also be said as one of the best content marketing strategies for your website if appropriately implemented.

Steps to Drive Traffic with Guest Blogging

Let’s bust the myth “Guest Blogging Is Dead”.

The digital marketing world has gone crazy after reading the ex-Google software engineer, Matt Cutts post about guest blogging. Some digital marketers opposed his opinion while some of them agreed with what he was saying.

If you think the idea behind guest blogging is to build links, then, guest blogging is dead for you. But, if you see the other side of the spectrum and think that guest blogging can help you in increasing your authority and expanding your brand then, the same guest blogging can skyrocket your content marketing growth.

Hence, guest blogging is not dead, and it is the best marketing plan for your content.
Finally, that being said, the myth “Guest Blogging is Dead” is busted.

7 Steps to Drive Website Traffic with Guest Blogging

Guest blogging helps you in several ways; some of them are listed below:

  • It builds your authority and credibility in your niche.
  • It helps you to get high-quality traffic to your blog or site.
  • It builds your community and reputation in the industry
  • It helps in your website’s SEO and also builds quality backlinks

Now, you can get all the above four benefits by simply doing guest blogging. Here are a few essential tips that you can follow to integrate content marketing with guest blogging:

1. Create your own blog

The first step in guest blogging is to create a valuable article for your blog. Make sure that this blog contains information that is relevant to your audience and that it complements your product or service.

Include your targeted keywords in this post, but refrain from keyword stuffing in the text. Also, include images, hyperlinks to other content on your blog as well as links to content that are located elsewhere.  The headline of this blog is also important. Try to fit your main targeted keywords or search phrases into this headline.

2. Optimize your content

The content on your own blog should be fairly extensive and it should contain all the elements that your content management system allows. Include keywords in the text and remember that your images should contain alt-text and title tags to fully optimize your on-site SEO.

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Speaking of which, make sure that your own site is fully optimized to provide your visitors with the best user experience possible. A speedy website that is mobile-friendly and beautifully designed can do wonders for your SEO strategy and lead conversion.

3.  Be relevant

Relevancy is the main factor that affects guest blogging. The worst thing that you can do is guest posting on blogs that are not related to your business.

  • If you guest post on the websites that are in your industry then, you are catching the attention of the targeted audience that can be converted into potential buyers. This also increases your reputation in your niche.
  • Now, if you publish a unique content on which no one has ever talked about then, ultimately you are going to dominate your industry via guest posting.
  • Have your website rankings got affected due to Google’s Penguin update? If yes, then, it may be due to irrelevant backlinks. Google may penalise your website if the low quality or irrelevant backlinks are pointed at it.

So, these are the three main reasons that you have to consider while thinking about being relevant.

4. Focus on the primary purpose:

Earlier, we have discussed the myth about guest blogging. We have stated that guest blogging is dead for those who want to spam and those who think about building backlinks.  Your primary focus must be on building an online community and reputation in your niche via guest blogging.  If you focus on these rather than on link building then, it is evident that you are going to influence your market ultimately.

5. Approach the high authority websites:

For publishing a guest post, you spend a lot of time in researching a topic, creating content.
So, if you are putting your efforts in the guest post blogging then, always contact the top-ranking websites that have a large following.

Before submitting your guest post, you should always read their guidelines of the sites.
Things that you can consider before contacting the high authority websites:

  • Check whether the blog or site for which you are going to write have high domain authority and page rank.
  • Also, see the number of visitors that the website is getting  It must be related to your niche.
  • The guest blogging is so amazing that it can add hundreds and thousands of e-mail subscribers to your list? Don’t believe on this then, check out this excellent case study by Gregory Ciotti.

The guest blogging revolves around three pillars: Finding the winning topic, pitching the right website and creating fresh content that will engage the audience.

Before finding the winning topic, understand your goal of guest posting. Once your goal is set, you are ready to move ahead and start finding a winning topic. Analyze the website for which you have to write a guest post then, decide your topic. Now, the next point is pitching the right website. While making a pitch, make sure you are

using your professional e-mail address and send a draft on the topic in which you are interested in writing. Once the website owner gives a green signal to your topic, you can immediately start writing.

It is the time of creating fresh content that can attract and engage the audience. Take your time while creating content and ensure its quality before posting it.

6. Repeat the process again and again:

“Eat, Sleep, Guest post and Repeat”.

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Guest blogging is not a “one-time” thing. You have to regularly connect with new bloggers and have to establish a strong connection with them.  The number of guest posts on quality websites will ultimately decide the result of the content marketing growth. So, do this process repeatedly and accomplish what you want.

7. Link to your own content

If you get the opportunity to write a guest blog on someone else’s site, include a hyperlink in this content to your own blog and make use of anchor text that consists of keywords. If the guest blog allows it, you can also include the anchor text in your by-line.

Now the value of guest blogging doesn’t necessarily lie therein that visitors to your guest blog will click on your link and visit your extensive one on your own site.

It does happen, but the true SEO magic happens in that Google’s algorithm sees your link on this high-ranking, authoritative guest blog and assumes that your own blog should be up there as well. It uses the keywords you use in the guest blog, your own block, and the anchor text of your hyperlink.

Why Guest Posting is an Important Outreach Strategy?

Guest blogging is a form of traffic generation that doesn’t require paid sources or skills other than the ability to create valuable content. Before starting your guest blogging campaign, it is advisable that you install Google Analytics. This will enable you to track your results and make informed decisions as you go along.

We all know, “Content is the King”. Guest blogging will not work for you if you fail to deliver massive value in your content. The more the value you offer, the more the success you will get. Well, the main point here is the content.

For creating great content, you have to research about that topic a lot. So, search keywords, case studies on your topic and include them into your guest post.  Guest blogging is not easy, but if you do It properly, then, you are going to skyrocket your content marketing growth.

Drive Traffic with Guest Blogging : Conclusion

In this article – 7 steps to drive traffic with guest blogging in 2020., we have discussed a lot of things. So, at last, let’s take a quick recap at what we have discussed. First of all, we busted the myth about guest blogging, and then, we talked about its benefits.

After that, we learned the three important factors about being relevant and a case study by Gregor Ciotti. In the end, we took a glance at the factors that decide the success in the guest blogging and the main reasons behind the failure in the content marketing growth due to guest posting.

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