7 Content Types That Are Backlinks Magnet!


7 Content Types That Are Backlinks Magnet

We can’t deny the fact that the presentation of content is just as important as the content itself. How you present your content, structuring of content and the choice of media are crucial to gain yourself a high–quality backlinks.

Content Types That Are Backlinks Magnet

7 Content Types That Are Backlinks Magnet

Many posts are reasonable for social media but don’t tract you any backlink. Some content pieces might gain you great engagement but nothing more.

However, content submissions do enable you to build valuable relationships with influencers and other authoritative websites.

The point is that the content you produce should have an end goal. It shouldn’t be just a content piece but a focused missile directed towards a target.

In order to do so, we have formed this article in which we are going to discuss seven content types that are total backlink magnets and will help you achieve high domain authority.

1. List articles:

Who doesn’t love readily available information? In today’s busy lives we want very precise and to the point information which makes us understand the crux of the content or make us aware of the facts and figures in just a line.

Such content holds great credibility and is really attractive to the webmasters of high DA sites.

A survey conducted by BuzzSomo and Okdork showed that only list articles are compatible with that of the infographics.

The key takeaway from this point is that the scope of list articles continues to grow. You can see it in the following attached snippet by yourself:

Why do people love list articles?

  1. They are precise
  2. They are quite scannable
  3. They feed the curiosity

2. Guides:

As we can all see most of the entrepreneurs and business icons don’t really have a formal degree. It’s just their curiosity, self-learning and struggling habits that have made them what they are.

Now more of the people are surfing through the internet to gain an insight into the things they are curious about. They are extensively looking for elaborated guides that lead them through every step of the way.

This enables them to learn the basic operations of almost anything. A concrete example of such content is of “Quicksprout”. They provide the most extensive guides of SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and anything about digital marketing you can think of.

I have seen this platform grow through time, and have gained great inspiration from their elaborated and informative content.

3. Make an influencer a superman:

Why do people strive to gain a single link from an influencer? Why thousand other links are not good enough against such a single link? Well, this is because they are being followed by the masses and have a very wide reach.

This is not just it, people not only follow them but also consider their words true and authentic. This is why targeting some influencer for your article or post is a great idea.

Such articles will help you gain the attention of the influencers, which in turn will help you gain a quality link for your content. Such referral traffic or backlink holds great significance and boosts the credibility of your website.

4. Stats, Facts, and figures:

This type of content isn’t created as much as other types discussed. Such content requires extensive researching and compiling of huge data. Nevertheless, by the end of the day, a refined product comes into being which will earn itself high-quality backlinks.

This content will not only get you a quality backlink but also act as a strong reference for other articles. For example, Cox communications conducts a survey and finds that Cox TV is the most used TV connection in San Diego.

Now, this survey can be used as a reference in several articles due to its authenticity. This way, they are gaining strong backlinks from multiple sites and a single piece of article have provided them a wide array of traction.

5. Infographics:

Infographics are another form of providing precise information in an interactive manner. Such content gains quick attraction. However, not every infographic is able to gain the attraction.

With the growing competition, only a highly appealing, vibrant and interactive infographic catches the eye of the user. Now you have to get really creative and precise with the content of the infographic.

6. Viral video stories:

We often come across some very basic but innovative, creative, and funny videos that get us hooked. Several video bloggers are earning millions out of their video content. Now, these videos are basically used to promote the products and services.

They are more like commercials but are different in several aspects. They are more interactive and elaborative of the products or services they are promoting.

These videos are not only promoting things but are also entertaining which doesn’t really give a promotional vibe to the videos. Such content gains high traction and referral links to your platform.

7. Show the community that cares:

Showing the community that you actually care is a great way to gain yourself quality backlinks. Target or attend to the issues that need to be highlighted.

It not only provides people with ways to deal with their problems but also gains the attention of high DA websites.

The aforementioned seven types of content are literally quality backlinks magnet. I’ve tried all such types of content myself and trust me, the results were amazing.

Start making use of such content types to gain yourself quality backlinks which in turn will boost your ranks on SERPs.

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