Top 5 Best Photo Scanner Apps You Should Install Today

# Last Updated On: January 19, 2022 #

Memories are gems. They remind us how beautiful our past was. We clicked photos and stored them into the photo albums so that we can scroll the pages of the albums whenever nostalgia knocks. The list covers 5 best photo scanner apps for Android and iOS that you must install today. Living old memories is no more a dream now.

Those were the days without smartphones when the photographs were printed on paper. Unfortunately, papers were prone to destruction, and most of the photographs were damaged as time passed.

Top 5 Best Photo Scanner Apps

Thanks to the digital era and invention of the smartphones. Now, we can keep a digital copy of our old photographs using the best photo scanner apps. They are the tools that help you convert old photos into digital photos easily.

1. Google PhotoScan

As the name implies, PhotoScan is Google’s photo scanner app. The app lets users scan new or old photos or any other documents. You may also use this ultra-smart photo scanner app to convert printed photos into digital photos. Just click the photo of your old photo using the smartphone and you are ready to scan.

The app isn’t only capable to capture photos, but also takes care of colors and easily detects edges. This is how the app comes in handy to capture and save the maximum possible details from the photograph.

The USP of the app is its ability to stitches multiple images together in the best possible quality. The app even allows users to save and manage photos for free right from Google Photos.

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2. Camera Scanner Image Scanner:

Our second scanner app on the list is the Camera Scanner app. The app is ideal both for document scanning and photo scanning.  The app acts as an HD scanner. Using the app, you can take a picture of any old photo or paper documents and convert it into a digital picture.

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Once scanned, the app lets you share the scanned and converted documents via Email, Cloud Print, fax or upload them to Cloud storage with a Camera Scanner app. This one of the best photo scanner apps pack the features like fast scanning, auto enhancement, and smart cropping.

3. CamScanner App

Best Photo Scanner Apps

Meet our third participant in the list of five top photo scanner apps. CamScanner is a PDF creator and photo scanner app that efficiently scans and stores documents. Using the app, you can synchronize and collaborate photos and documents on various devices across smartphones, tablets, and computers.

With this best free image scanner app for Android and iOS, you can scan can photos, receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc.

4. HELMUT Film Scanner App

Top 5 Best Photo Scanner Apps

Unlike the apps we explained above, the Helmut photo scanner app is an analog film scanner on your phone.

The app is popularly used to digitize any kind of color and black & white negative film. The Helmut app can perform invention & color correction in real-time and can be employed as a quick contact-sheet tool. The app is equipped with smart cropping and auto-enhancing capabilities to make the texts and graphics clear and clutter-free.

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For free users, the app populates the list of docs with the word in their titles, notes or images when a keyword is entered. If you go with the licensed version of the app, you can access app’s premium OCR (optical character recognition) feature. The feature lets users extract texts inside single page for further editing or .txt sharing.

5. Photomyne Photo Scanner – Best Photo Scanner App

Best Photo Scanner Apps

Photomyne is another top-notch photo scanner app that helps you turn your old photographs in digital photographs. All you need to just scan the photographs using this app and crop the image.

This best photo scanner app comes with the capability to auto-detect picture boundaries, auto-rotate sideways pictures and crops and saves them into a digital album.

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