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6 Secret Facebook Features

6 Secret Facebook Features Only Expert Users Know

Whether you use Facebook every day or simply check-in for family birthdays and other reminders, the sheer number of people who have Facebook accounts is huge. If you are a regular user, you may think you are somewhat of an expert – you know all the ins and outs of the world’s biggest social networking platform.

6 Secret Facebook Features

6 Secret Facebook Features

But there are so many hidden features on Facebook that the majority of users simply have no idea even exist.

1. The Hidden Inbox

We all have unread messages sitting in our inboxes on social network messaging sites like Facebook, but did you know you have a second inbox? Under the ‘Message Requests’ tab, you can see all the messages you have received from people you aren’t Facebook friends with.

You can also view these messages in Messenger by clicking the ‘View All in Messenger’ link at the bottom of the messages pop-up window or the app.


11 Solid Steps To Grow Your Business With Instagram

Social media advertising is a powerful tool for many reasons. One reason is that a lot of social media platforms have many users using it on a day-to-day basis. Another reason is that it is easy to connect with your audience through social media. The article captures 11 solid and actionable ways to grow business with Instagram.

Instagram is a boon for brands as it is an excellent promotional venue to display products and even connect with potential consumers. But when you dig deeper, you realize that this digital tool is limited to sharing videos and photos sans any click-throughs to e-commerce. Another skeleton in the closet is that its ROI is not as clear as that of Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

So, how can brands convert this engagement into sales? Well, it is simple, and the below strategies can help bring Instagrammers to your store, both digital as well as brick and mortar.

Grow Your Business With Instagram

One such social media platform is Instagram. As a photo-sharing app, Instagram sees around 500 million daily users as of June 2018. That is a lot of traffic that traditional advertising will be hard-pressed to gather.

How To Grow Business With Instagram?

This is why a lot of businesses have decided to advertise their products and brands on Instagram. Instagram advertising agencies implement all kinds of ads and strategies to boost a business’ social media presence.

Before covering what strategies these are exactly to grow your business with Instagram, it is important that one must know exactly what kinds of Instagram Ads a business can use.

Kinds Of Instagram Ads:

Instagram Photo Ads

The simplest form of Instagram Ads is a photo ad. Instagram is a photo-sharing app after all so a photo advertisement is the most basic and simplest way you can advertise a product or service on this platform.

Instagram Video Ads

Another way you can advertise on Instagram is through videos. Although other platforms have much longer video limits, on Instagram you can only create 60-second long videos.

The most engaging part of your video ad must be contained in the first 30 seconds or less part of the video. This is the most crucial part of the ad and can dictate whether the audience will interact further with your ad.

Instagram Carousel Ads

Last but not least, you can create what is called a Carousel advertisement on Instagram. An Instagram Carousel advertisement is a multi-image ad that users can swipe through with a button at the end that, when clicked, leads the user to another website.

Should a user be suitably engaged with your ad, they have the additional step they can take to learn more. This is through the call-to-action button at the end.

1. Build Your Community

The best part about a social media account is that you get to build an interactive and engaged community ready to receive your messages any time. However, a lot of businesses still manage to get this part wrong.

A community on Instagram isn’t all about the number of followers. Some users may be using bots or fake followers to boost the number of followers they have on their account. This is why the number of followers isn’t a good indication of a community.

The best way to indicate a successful Instagram account is through the engagements. The engagements are the likes or better yet the comments. The follower to like to comment ratio should be monitored well and this will let you know just how well you’ve built a community.

2. Using Call-To-Action

When setting up an Instagram Advertising Campaign, it is important that you make use of all the features available to you. This is why the call-to-action buttons should be utilized.

A call-to-action can tell your audience just what they can do next after they have interacted with your ad. Your call-to-action should indicate exactly what you want them to do, whether it be to visit a website, buy a product, or contact you.  Although you should at it often, don’t be overkill. It is important that they are well-used and appropriately placed so that they are at their most effective.

3. Gain More Traction with Hashtags