How to Select a Social Media Marketer?

Running a business is a hassle. But more challenges come when you want to do social media marketing. You should have skilled and experienced personnel to succeed with your social media marketing.

So, if you don’t have a social media marketer, what should you do? Hiring the right social media marker or agency is the right thing to do. The profession will help your business build its online presence.

Third-party social media platforms are a good example. For instance, if you wanna market on a platform like Spotify, these services can provide you with an increasing number of  Spotify plays.

How to Select a Social Media Marketer?

The current successful social media marketers are like a new breed with unique and superhuman qualities. These individuals can post more Facebook pictures than you, speed test, and even have the magical ability to manage various social media platforms simultaneously.

However, their talents may seem mysterious, but they are smart marketers. If you could find someone with the required skills and experience – who understands the latest digital tools and trends – your business could thrive. Unfortunately, getting such an individual is tricky.

To find the best social media marketer, these are things to look at:

Look for a true marketer

Social media marketing can be termed as trade and discipline. But most businesses believe that an individual who has a Twitter or Facebook account can handle their social media marketing. This is not true for everyone.

It is easy for anyone with a Facebook account to write and post. But not everyone can understand the marketing needs of your company. You need to hire an individual with proven experience in building an audience to promote your brand.

Perhaps your best solution could be an agency or team to help your business acquire and retain customers.

A critical thinker

 Marketing is not for all people. A good social media marketer will analyze, test, take some risks and even balance new hypotheses with proven strategies. That’s because such skilled social media marketers know that marketing is a process, and you can’t get results overnight.

In addition, a critical thinker knows that the marketplace is competitive. So, the strategy you use today may not be a winner tomorrow.

To choose an excellent critical thinker, ask them about their tested hypothesis on how to get new customers. Allow them to explain to you how they crafted their theory, tested it, and the results.  A solid and competent candidate can give a thoughtful and detailed answer.

Execute to perfection

You will realize that an idea is only good, as its execution. Social media is tactical in nature. It requires people who are patient and focused.

Sometimes, you may realize that your business Tweets every day but is not receiving traffic. In such a scenario, you have to know your mistakes.

Sometimes, it could be because you have no links headed to your website – zero links lead to zero visitors. Don’t forget that this can be solved via third-party platforms. Just skip above to the Spotify plays example.

To ensure everyone runs smoothly in your social media marketing, put a specialist in charge of your social media marketing. This is because you may have resources but lack proper execution.

When you want to hire a pro, keep execution in mind. Ask about their realistic and practical work in their previous work. A good candidate should prove he/she can execute.

Don’t forget to ask the candidate how to ensure people will read their blog posts. Look for specific and practical replies.

A good candidate should have a solution for simple challenges. You can take the opportunity to red flag a candidate who shows something big for a small objective.

Avoid social media celebrities

If you are not looking for a social media celebrity, it doesn’t mean you should not hire an influencer. However, it means that you should avoid those people who are focused on their brand such that it will be tricky to adapt to your tone and voice.

Look at their feeds and see how they keep their followers and build engagement. Don’t forget, their professional work matters too. So, that means they can be lost and represent your brand first.


After you hire a social media marketer, the candidate should show involvement. Remember that this type of marketing isn’t magic. It requires a patient individual who will spend time translating your business’s culture.

The good thing is, everyone has stories that make them attractive on social media. So, after you have hired a candidate, they should help with the stories, the images as well as the content. But, keep in mind, they will not make miracles.

Additionally, you need to also focus on your business. You have to help clarify your expectations. That means you put the needed time into understanding the long-term value of your work.


Social media marketing is not a simple task. Don’t think that posting anything in your social media markets can make things great for you. It requires patience and professionals who are experienced. Hiring the right candidate ensures you have succeeded in your marketing.

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