Small Businesses and Social Media Marketing: Trends for 2021

As the world population was forced to practice self-isolation and physical distancing in 2020, social media helped us to tide over and kept us connected with family, friends, co-workers and the brands we love.

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021

It means that the role of social media marketing has been increasing in proportion to the screen time of the users. Consequently, in order to cope with the challenges and survive in the unpredictable economic environment, small businesses need to relocate their resources – invest more in digital marketing campaigns and improve tools for online shopping.

Shift to online shopping

One of the major changes caused by the pandemic is the shift to online shopping and surprisingly increased revenues from e-commerce sales on a global scale. Therefore, the first thing a small business owner needs to do is to select, prioritize and work on the social network, which can communicate the brand’s values in the best ways possible.

The next step includes creating strong and authentic visual content, building an online shop, and providing a detailed description of each available product. On the other hand, starting a business account on social media can be extremely challenging before you build a reputation and cultivate consumers’ trust.

However, you can easily increase the statistics and improve your brand’s online presence with the help of Socialgreg. This platform works for multiple social networks and quickens your success.

Emotional branding matters

Without any exaggeration, besides triggering the economic recession, the global pandemic has negatively affected our mental health. Consequently, if you want to appeal to your customers, you need to prove that you are more than just another business trying to sell. Emotional branding has never been more important and necessary than it is now.

If you succeed to showcase that behind every product you offer there are human beings with the same values, needs, and aspirations, your chances of winning the customers are increasing. 2021 is the best time to start doing business with soul.

Influencers are still a thing

Although at the end of 2019 many predicted that the popularity and funding of influencer marketing would start decreasing, 2020 proved them wrong. Undoubtedly, there has been a shift. Influencers start to showcase more real-life situations – homemade latte and living room workouts – but the premise is still the same.

In 2021 brands will need influencers just as much as the influencers will need brands. So, if you are planning a social media marketing strategy for your small business, do not underestimate the importance of influencer marketing.

Is user-generated content important?

In a one-word answer, yes, it is. Reposting user-generated content can have several benefits. First, you are being responsive, attentive, and grateful to your followers. Secondly, consumers find user-generated content more trustworthy, as it is created by the people like them, who are simply in love with your brand.

Thirdly, you can directly communicate with your customers and identify their further needs and expectations from your brand. Besides, user-generated content can supplement your content strategy and serve as  ‘filler’ posts. However, always ask for the original creator’s permission, before you repost anything on your official page.

Baby boomers boom on social media

Marketers often fail to include baby boomers in their digital marketing strategies and address them via traditional TV advertising. However, recent studies show that over a quarter of baby boomers tend to spend considerable time on social media due to the pandemic.

Besides, there has been a significant increase in baby boomers discovering new brands and products via social media. Therefore, your business will only benefit from revising target audiences and making its marketing campaigns more inclusive.

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