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Top 12 Best Movie Streaming Sites for Free Movie Watching

I really like watching my favorite movies on my computer. I believe you too love doing this. It’s my favorite time pass to watch some of binge-worthy favorite movies having popcorn by my side. There are several best movie streaming sites out there where you can watch web series and movies for free. They have a huge library of movie titles from all genres and categories. They provide you awesome experience of watching free movies online right from the comfort of your own home.

Best Movie Streaming Sites for Free Movie Watching

We are listing some of the top free movie streaming websites where you can find your favorite movies listed and completely legal to use.

1. Sony Crackle:

In our list of top 12 best movie streaming sites, Sony Crackle comes on top. I believe that the platform is the best fit to watch free movies online. Being a Sony’s brainchild, the platform brings on board a huge bouquet full-length, free movies whenever and wherever you need.

It’s always amazing to see your favorite stars thorough their high quality movies on your TV screens. The only downside of this free movie streaming platform is frequently cropping up commercials that interrupt the flow.

Some of the best flicks you can watch on Sony Crackle are Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, The Blue Lagoon, St. Elmo’s Fire and The Devil’s Own etc.


Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android You Should Install

We can’t think our lives without mobile phones. From communication to emails and from games to live streaming, we tend to use our mobile phones to do what we love to. However, our mobile phones are under constant attack from malware, antivirus and phising. Read on our top ten best antivirus app for Android in 2019.

Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android

To save our crucial data from malware attack and breach, it’s important to have an antivirus app installed on our phones.  We are listing here top 10 popular Android Antivirus Apps 2019:

1: Kaspersky

best antivirus app for android


  • HuMachine Intelligence Approach
  • Multi-Layered Endpoint Security
  • Anti Targeted Attack
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Empower Security Operations Centers
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Remote Security Management
  • Security Controls For Applications, Devices, And Internet Access
  • Enhancing Security And Extending IT System Management
  • Centralized Management
  • Small Office Security
  • Home IT Security And Mobile Security

Kaspersky is probably the best Android antivirus app with awe inspiring features. The app comes packed in both free and paid versions.

With free version, Kaspersky lets users manually scanning apps for malware and viruses, while with premium version allows real-time protection, anti-theft, anti-phishing, and an app locker features. All these premium features of the app are available for free in its 30 days trial period.

The Kaspersky Android AntiVirus app allows you filters for blocking unwanted and spam calls, lost phone tracking, background apps check and firewall against viruses, trojans, and malware.

2:  Avast Mobile

Top 7 Best Android Download Manager Apps

Pre-installed stock Android download manager apps are useful when it comes to downloading. But slow downloading speed and unwanted interruptions are some big time turn-offs. Other downside of these default download managers are that they offer basic features only lacks at advanced features like queuing or resuming paused downloads. Read on  the list of Best Android Download Manager Apps here.

Best Android Download Manager Apps

If you’re looking at some best Android Download Manager Apps. We have listed here 7 of them. These apps are faster, loaded with important features and offer best downloading experience. The list is tentative and ordered without any preference. Before installing, read their respective features carefully.

1. Advanced Download Manager

 Android Download Manager Apps

In our list of top 10 downloader apps, advanced downloader app comes at first. This is a powerful yet user-friendly downloader app. By using the app users can download any files regardless of their file types. The app lets you download up to 3 files simultaneously as it can automatically finds downloadable links or files from your default browser.

With the help of advanced download manager, you can download files irrespective of the browsers you use. The app offers seamless support for all noted browsers like Chrome, Dolphin, Boat Browser, etc.  Another cool feature of the app is its built-in ADM browser that brings multiple tabs and loaded with advanced media download capabilities.

Moreover, the app has clutter interface and comprises several download folders where downloaded files are saved. You can take multiple actions on downloads such as pause, resume, or re-try downloads.

2. Turbo Download Manager

Best Android Download Manager Apps

If you’re fed up of low bandwidths while downloading files, Turbo Download Manager is the answer. The app ensures fast downloading even with low bandwidth. The app works well with its built-in web browser or other default Android browsers such as Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox, and UC Browser etc.

The UPS of Turbo is its ability to speed up downloads by using multiple connections. You can boost the speed even up with additional speed settings. This is our second best Android downloader in the list that runs up to 10 multiple threads and enables users to pause or resume downloads anytime.

With Turbo downloader, you can even download your files directly to your SD card. In many cases it allows to make three parallel downloads. The app comes free with ads.


10 Financial Tools Everyone Needs in 2019

Be it out of curiosity, easy organization or actual education on the subject, it is always nice to have some help in your pocket. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Financial Tools that will help you gain more knowledge, organize your finances, and maybe even earn a few bucks on the side.

Top 10 Financial Tools 2019 : The List

  • Coinbase
  • Trading Game
  • Acorns
  • Mint
  • Clarity Money
  • Prism
  • Ibotta
  • Spendee
  • Oanda
  • Robinhood

#1 Coinbase – Buy and Sell

Top 10 Best File Sharing Apps for Android (2019)

As mobile phones are equally dominating our work front and social life, sharing files via phone is now a norm. On a daily basis we transfer audio, video, images and other files to our friends, family and subordinates.

Find here the list of top 10 best file sharing apps that you can use right now. Lets start with them one by one. 

  1. SHAREit
  2. Portal
  3. Superbeam
  4. Xender
  5. AirDroid
  6. Zapya
  7. Send Anywhere
  8. Share Me (Mi Drop)
  9. Firefox Send
  10. WeTransfer

10 Best File Sharing Apps for Android Phones

Beyond WhatsApp, there are so many popular file sharing apps for Android that you can use to share files conveniently with lightening speed. The list of top 10 best file sharing apps we are following here is random and listed without any preference. Before installing and using them, we recommend you to browse through their respective websites.

1. SHAREit

Best File Sharing Apps for Android

You guessed it right. Our list of top free yet best 10 file sharing app starts with SHAREit. The app boasts of its 500 million downloads on play store. SHAREit tops the chart for being the best WiFi file transfer apps to share files irrespective of the file formats.

This means, SHAREit is the finest file sharing app for transferring photos, videos, apps, and much more. When user connects two device files are about to transfer between, a list of files to be transferred is populated. Now, the recipient at the other end can choose which files to receive.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Good with a wide range of Android smartphones
  • Share a wide range of files at whatever point
  • NO system restrictions
  • 200 times faster than typical Bluetooth association
  • Transfer files from various devices

The app lets users share files with a speed of up to 20Mbps. App’s CLONEit feature allows to copy data from the sender’s device. The app even offers users a way to share files to your PC by installing PC side software. A media player also comes integrated with the app.

2. Superbeam

Best File Sharing Apps for Android

Like Portal, Superbeam as well uses WiFi Direct to share files. This power packed file sharing app for Android comes in an aesthetic design with options to choose from light, dark, and AMOLED themes. Using the app, user can share files with recipients in three ways- via QR Code, via NFC, or by using a key to receive.

In case a user doesn’t have a WiFi router, Superbeam uses WiFi direct to transfer files. Usually, the app allows seamless transfer via normal WiFi connections.

  • Blazing fast transfer speeds using WiFi direct
  • Transfer unlimited number of files between Android devices
  • Supports Android 2.3.3 and later
  • Light and dark color themes
  • Send and receive files to/from your computer through SuperBeam for PC
  • Send entire folders and preserve their hierarchy
  • Share files with more than one device at the same time
  • Pair devices using manual sharing key

Superbeam file sharing app comes with an easy going web interface for sharing files with your PC. All these features are available on free version. App’s paid version let users perform more functions such as file transfer to more than one device and sharing entire folder.


Free password Manager Software

Top 10 Best Free password Manager Software for Windows

The Top 10 Best Free password Manager Software for Windows that we listed here protect important and sensitive data from hacking and breach. It’s always a better way to store your credentials on these password managers rather penning them down on papers and stickers.

A password manager is also called password vault or password keeper. This is software or an app (in case of mobile) that helps you store credentials in an encrypted format and provide the details whenever required.

10 Best Free password Manager Software

Mostly, these password managers are of three types. One that we install on our computer where data is stored locally, then comes the second that’s a web based password manager that store data on cloud servers and finally the third, a hardware-based option which is primarily used to store biometrics such as fingerprints, retina, etc

1. Last Pass

In the list of our top 10 best free password managers, LastPass comes at #1. This is just the random listing without any prior review. The software is most used password manager for Windows 10.  Besides its availability to the cross-platform devices, the program stores its password details and related database at on distant and secured cloud servers.

In case you are switching to LastPass from any other password manager, LastPass can help in data import from the software. Similarly, LastPass can also let you import password date from other web browsers installed on your computer.


  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Auto Form Filler
  • Mobile App Pin Unlock
  • Last Pass Authenticator
  • Fingerprint Login
  • Secure Digital Wallet App
  • Random Password Generator
  • User Vault
  • One-to-One Sharing
  • One-to-Many Sharing
  • Save and Fill Passwords
  • Security Policies
  • LastPass for Applications
  • Admin Dashboard

To make your digital life easier and secure, you can access LastPass extensions are available for all premium and popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Opera, etc. . In case you want to manage their accounts outside the browsers, you can download the LastPass Windows app from Microsoft Store.

2. KeePass

Best Free password Manager Software

KeePass, an ideal password manager for Windows, is currently being used as well for other OS such as macOS and Linux. This is open source password manager software developed in 2004. The USP of the software is its ability to store passwords and user names on user’s device in an encrypted and unbreakable file formats.

KeePass is a free password manager tool that allows import of password credentials in XML, CSV, HTML, etc. file formats. The features that the KeePass password manager offers are quite limited.


  • Strong Security
  • Multiple User Keys
  • Portable and No Installation Required, Accessibility
  • Export To TXT, HTML, XML and CSV Files
  • Import From Many File Formats
  • Easy Database Transfer
  • Support of Password Groups
  • Time Fields and Entry Attachments

However, you can always find the standard features of a password manager app in KeePass. Some of the noteworthy features of the software include autofill, two factors authentication, and a built-in password generator tool.

online project management tools

10 Online Project Management Tools for Remote Teams

Amid numerous tools available in the market, the biggest challenge for remote teams is to find the most appropriate ones. Here is the list of some of the reliable online project management tools online.

Best Project Management Tools Online

1. Google docs:

project management tools free

online project management tools

As a remote or flex workers, Google Docs is the most efficient solution and one of the best project management tools online to keep your files and documents secure. It’s easy to find and locate them with your Gmail account. There is no trouble caused if a virus enters your system and you can’t find your files anymore.


  • Talk instead of type
  • Clear formatting
  • Add more fonts
  • Suggestion mode
  • Tag someone in a comment
  • Bookmark more, scroll less
  • Offline mode
  • Roll your own substitutions

Also, it offers reliable privacy features, you can change the setting by restricting access or if shared a doc then keep it as view only if you don’t want any alterations. It’s up to you. Those who are invited to make edits can add comments, which are erased once you resolve the issue at hand.

2. Trello:

project management tools best

Trello is one of the best tools available to organize files and streamline task management or Task Assignment. Cards are created in boards and deadlines are defined within them. When the task is completed, you can attach the relevant file onto the card. This way your docs and files remain saved and accessible anytime.


  • Card Records Archive
  • Easy Upload (Local Devices, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box)
  • File Attachment
  • Detailed & Quick Overviews of Front/Back Cards
  • Easy, Drag-and-Drop Editing
  • Easy Organization with Labeling, Tags, and Comments
  • Progress Meter Checklist
  • In-Line Editing

3. Dropbox:

online project management tools

A cloud-based software, widely known and used globally. 15GB space is provided for free to store documents and files. You can share or edit them through an automated system. Offline access is provided and there are easy modes to share like email, text or chat. Besides its referral program is known as pioneer and trendsetter when it comes to these kinds of innovations.


  • 256-bit AES encryption security
  • Any device accessibility
  • Automatic organization and back-up
  • Automatic updates
  • Efficient syncing
  • File sharing
  • File storage
  • Large file sharing

4. Asana:

It’s one of the most effective project and communication management tools. It let you visualize your work and also use your timeline to expedite the workflow. Tickets, documents, and files are managed through it. It also permits you to keep track of your projects via every development stage.


  • Get notifications and reminders
  • Add assignees, attachments, and hearts to tasks
  • Automatic updates to email/inbox
  • Create custom calendars and views
  • Email bridge
  • Activity feed
  • My Tasks list and Focus Mode
  • Track tasks and add followers

5. Google Sheets:

Instead of old and redundant Excel sheets, Google sheets provide a much more secure and effective substitute. The biggest advantage is that it also protects data like Google docs within your email account. No fear of losing it from your system. Besides it provides lists for tasks and activity feed.


  • Create and edit spreadsheets online
  • Add charts and graphs to visualize data
  • Build formulas to manipulate data
  • Import and export spreadsheets in standard Office formats
  • Live co-edit spreadsheets with collaborators

6. Zapier:


  • Plans that start at $20 per month
  • Build one-to-one connections with your apps
  • Automate basic tasks
  • Create conditional workflows
  • Get priority support
  • Upgrade or downgrade at any time
  • Get help from our top-notch support team
  • Build more workflows with more steps

It is one of the most commonly and frequently used software. It’s easy to share and transfer your files and documents directly from the Gmail account to Dropbox through it. It makes workflow more expediently handled with the help of various integrations offered by it. Alerts are sent whenever there is a new email in the account.

7. Instapaper:

online project management tools

It’s an amazing tool to save long reads and documents to be read at another time when you are not busy. But when you came across them, you were too busy to read them. However, they are accessible through Instapaper whenever you like to retrieve them.


  • Full-Text Search
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Text-to-Speech Playlists
  • Speed Reading
  • Save unlimited articles, videos, and other pages
  • Sync your articles across web, iOS, and Android
  • Access to world-class supportAPI integration for third-party apps
  • API integration for third-party apps

For remote workers, it makes life easier they can read their saved files even when they are traveling and have no access to the network. That time can be consumed for research.

8. Slack:

project management tools free

It’s not easy to believe if there is an established firm that doesn’t use Slack for its communication. Connecting people at the workplace is a necessity. Team members need to stay in touch with each other. Emails are the laborious and time taking process, whereas this software gives an option to send immediate response even that without trouble. As a remote worker, time is a commodity that has to be saved.


  • Access to your tools and services
  • Robust company knowledge
  • Secure working environment
  • Channels
  • Direct messages
  • Notifications
  • Mentions

You can navigate through older conversations through its channels and can distribute or divide them according to projects, teams, and titles. It’s helpful in saving time as you don’t have to go through your message folders to search for the useful one.

9. Skype:

Direct communication is a central concern when you are involved in remote work. Skype is not only one of the most popular project management tools online, but it’s also cost-effective. If somebody doesn’t use it, that would be a surprise. You can deal with clients through it and take advantage of its variety of options like audio call, video call or even text messaging. A group call option is also available. Your workflow is brought on track through it.


  • Instant messaging and chat history
  • Calls between Skype and landline / mobile phone numbers
  • Skype Premium
  • Voicemail
  • Video calling and screen sharing
  • SMS text messaging
  • Wireless hotspot network access
  • Application features.

10. Buffer:

project management tools

For making a schedule of posting updates on social media, this is an ideal solution. It will cover all major social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and others. Buffer allows you to bring it all in one place.


  • RSS feeds connectivity
  • Informative social analytics
  • Multiple posts and tweets
  • Social profile sharing
  • Profile management
  • Multi-media format sharing
  • Agency/business planning
  • Analytics and insights.

You can assess the level of engagement your content has achieved and what effect it made. There are other