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Top 10 Best Android Cache Cleaning Apps (Updated)

Technically, cache is the place where data is stored for quick access. App scans through cache first and then the store storage when they need to access certain data.  In long run, the cache becomes so huge that it takes time to access and populate data. This makes the device drastically slow.

Top 10 Best Cache Cleaning Apps Android

We therefore recommend you to install a good Cache Cleaning app for Android that we are covering here. They can be really helpful in improving the device performance if it’s running slow. Find our list of top 10 best android cache cleaning apps here:

1. Clean Master– #1 Android Cache Cleaner

Best Android Cache Cleaning Apps

Let’s start with Clean Master, our first Android Cache cleaner app. The app is all-in-one cleaning application for Android users. It offers a decent user interface and is pretty easy to use.

Using the app, you can clear cache from individual apps or all at once. It’s a kind of task manager that lets you stop an app from running right fron the app.

2. Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster

Android Cache Cleaning Apps

This free android cleaner app is the best in crowed. Used and recommended by the millions, the DU Speed Booster helps you to optimize background apps, free up occupied chunk of memory space, and remove unnecessary junk files. All the cleaning operations are done on just a single tap.

The DU speed booster app comes packed with a CPU Cooler feature that notifies about apps that are consuming excessive resources. The feature stops and terminates CPU consuming app to keep phone cool and save some memory space.

3.Power Clean- Top Cache Cleaner

The power clean Android cleaner is another excellent app that lets users clean up their phone and optimize its storage. Just a single tap, and you can you’re up to clean junk files and optimize phone’s storage. The app even has capabilities to uninstall, backup, and share apps. Thanks to its built-in app locker.

4. Clean Master– Cache Cleaner with Antivirus

Clean Master is decently designed cleaning app with a bunch of classy cleaning features for Android smartphones.

The downside with the app is that you have to select individual app and clear cache or clear cache from all apps. The app doesn’t allow you to select multiple apps to clear cache.

The app comes packed with a built-in antivirus feature to scan and alienate virus from your android phone. The app has a utility feature called Photo vault that stores photos safe in your Android phone.

The app comes with power to detect fake WiFi and unauthorized connections. In addition, app’s game master features manage games and accelerate loading speed.

5. AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner

Cache Cleaning Apps Android

Meet the 5th participant in our list of best free Android cache cleaners. AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner is a product from security products company AVG. The app allows users to quickly clean cache and memory.

The app is relatively easy to use and convenient. Using the app, users can easily erase call and text history, browsing history, and cache from the Android phone.

6. Ace Cleaner – Cache Cleaning with Ace Boost

Ace Cleaner is another popular and recommended Android cleaner app for smartphone users. The app comes packed with all standard features required to optimize your phone for better performance.

Among other noteworthy features of the app, Ace Boost, Quiet Notification, Battery saver, and CPU Cooler are noted one. The app comes with the ability to remove duplicate photos to clean up some junk space.

7.Turbo Cleaner

Turbo Cleaner is also a notable app to boost your phone’s performance. It can clean background processes, stop stealthy running apps and free RAM for boosting performance.

It also comes with battery saver that can disable unnecessary apps that consumes lots of battery. It also has a CPU cooler that kills heavy resource consuming apps to avoid overheating the phone.

8.  All-In-One Toolbox – Best Android Cache Cleaner

All-In-One Toolbox, as name implies is a collection of over 30 cleaner tools at one place. All-in-one toolbox is an Android cleaner and booster app designed for boosting your phone’s performance.

This android cleaner app comes packed with awe inspiring features like cache cleaner, junk cleaner, CPU cooler, Memory booster and batch app uninstaller etc. App’s other noteworthy features include Quick Charge Master, App lock, Game Booster, Auto task, and more.


Top 10 Free movie Streaming Sites

Top 10 Free Movie Streaming Sites for Movie Lovers

If movie watching is your favorite pass time, explore our list of top free video streaming sites. They allow you to choose among hundreds and thousands of movie titles and related video content in both free and premium subscriptions. Read on the list and tell us one that you think you like.

Top 10 Best Movie Streaming Sites

1. YouTube– Top Quality Movie Streaming

Top 10 Free Video Streaming Sites

Meet YouTube, our first contender for top 10 free movie streaming sites. Google owned YouTube has recently rolled out its free movie streaming site that allows you watching your favorite movies and shows online.

You can watch over 100 full-length movie titles on YouTube. On many ways YouTube movie streaming service is at par with premium services like Netflix or Hulu.

Currently, YouTube offers a huge catalog of movies to watch for free, and has plans to introduce its own free web series in few months from now. The only downside is that the free watching is only available in the USA.

2. Sony Crackle:

10 Free Video Streaming Sites

Sony Crackle should be your absolute choice if you’re crazy about great collection of movies. The Sony owned movie streaming website lets you create account, watch movies and share movie recommendations to your community.

If you’re seeking a way out to watch premium movie titles for free, Sony Crackle is your bet among all top 10 best movie streaming platforms. The only downside of this free movie streaming site is its annoying ads pupating time and again while you’re watching the movie. The site is also available as app on Android and Apple play store.

3. Vudu Movie Streaming Platform :

Free Video Streaming Sites

Looking for movie renting? Vudu is the right destination. Vudu is both a video streaming and movie renting website. The website lets user watch unlimited free movies with the service. And if you’re ok with randomly populating ads, you may take refuge behind Vudu.

The video content available at Vudu is free and in good quality. With a simple registration, you can enjoy a huge collection of your favorite movies.

Some of the finest movies available with Vudu movie streaming service are Machinist, Drive Angry, Survivor, Resident Evil, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more.

4.  Popcornflix – #1 Movie Streaming Platform

Top 10 Free movie Streaming Sites

Ask me which one is the top free video streaming site that I would love to recommend, and I will answer- Popcornflix. The site offers a massive collection of original video content available for watching.

At Popcornflix, you may enjoy watching thousands of movies placed under various genres such as drama, action, comedy, horror, etc. Like Netflix, it serves its original content under the label Popcornflix Originals.

While exploring the website you will find its interface decently clean and clutter free. The website contains only two categories: Movies and TV Series. Upon scrolling further, you can see more sections and thumbnails to surf and pick free movies to watch online. Popcornflix is not available to the users in many countries.

5. IMDb Freedive: For Exclusive Video Streaming

Top 10 Free movie Streaming Sites

IMDb Freedive is our next entrant in the list of top best free movie streaming sites. Owned by tech Moghul Amazon, the service is available free of cost to Fire TV owners in the U.S. The website has a decently large collection of free movies that are not available on any other video streaming platform.

Among the favorite movie titles that you can enjoy at IMDb Freedive, Midnight in Paris, The Illusionist, Memento, Born This Way, Quantum Leap and Legally Blonde are a few.

6. Yahoo View:

Top 10 Free movie Streaming Sites

The platform offers an impressive range of several free movies online in collaboration with video content provider Hulu. The Yahoo View video streaming platform is accessible to users free of cost. The only disappointing thing is that the free content on this site is accessible to the US viewers only.

In terms of video quality and user interface, the platform fares well among top 10 best movie streaming Sites we are taking in the list. On the platform, movies and other video content are arranged in categories so that you can easily find titles you are looking for.

If you’ve cravings for free TV shows, documentaries, anime and trailers, come indulged with Yahoo View.