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Top 10 Private Cloud Storage Service Providers in UK

Business has now finally started switching to cloud from physical hardware for file and application storage to ensure uninterrupted data access. 

While businesses have wide range of cloud storage options to choose from, it’s crucial to rely on a right cloud service provider in the UK who offers low-cost storage, bandwidth, while still keeping your data safe.

Top 10 Private Cloud Storage Services in UK

The list below brings forth top 10 private cloud Storage providers in the UK. It’s up to you which one you choose.

The selection entirely depends upon your business requirements, quality of service you need and the budget you have allocated.

1. Thebunker.Net

Our list of the top 10 private cloud storage service starts with Thebunker .Net. Companies Private VMware cloud platform is best suited for the organizations that need own dedicated hardware hypervisors with guaranteed compute, storage and network resources.

They claim to have built its infrastructure with the help of Bunker’s experienced architects who take care of all sorts of patching, firmware and repairs.

In addition, The Bunker also provides Veeam backups to a Private VMware cloud, both in on and offsite modes.

They offer full fledged guarantee for managed endpoint protection against exploits and malware. (Top 10 Private Cloud Storage Services in UK)

2. MassiveGRID

MassiveGRID is UK’s one of the most popular private cloud storage service provider that offers Private Clouds, Virtual and Dedicated Private Clouds.

Company’s Virtual Private Clouds offers businesses the flexibility to manage their resources in their own Private Cloud as per their business requirements.

Company’s Virtual and Dedicated Private Clouds run in High-Availability mode to ensure cent percent business continuity and service uptime.

MassiveGRID consumers can run their own private clouds in any of MassiveGRID’s Clusters around the world with full control of their services and allocated resources.

3. InterCloud

Meet our third contender of top 10 private cloud storage services. InterCloud is is an application-aware platform that offers private access to any cloud provider, securely and efficiently.  

InterCloud Platform is physically connected to all major cloud providers. Since its private network is fully isolated from all public networks, it’s secure and safe from cyber attacks and vulnerabilities.

InterCloud connects to over 50 locations worldwide. They connect to all major infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, SAP Cloud, OVH.

InterCloud also delivers delivers access to the premier Software-as-a-Service vendors such as Salesforce and ServiceNow.

4. UKFast

UKFast’s eCloud® Private is an ultra-secure, high-performance private cloud hosting platform backed by reliability, high availability and redundancy. eCloud Private is built thoroughly and Hosted in company’s wholly owned ISO-certified UK data centre complex.

 eCloud Private brings together cutting-edge technology, company’s private cloud hosting expertise and dedicated support. (Top 10 Private Cloud Storage Services in UK)

UKFast’s eCloud portfolio runs on API-driven eCloud automation platform powered by enterprise-grade VMware hypervisor technology. It ensures consumers rock-solid stability and high availability.

 eCloud makes use of Cisco Nexus 10GB+ networking, dedicated Cisco M5 B200 blades with the latest in Intel Scalable CPUs.

With eCloud Private, users can connect to dedicated Dell PowerEdge servers into their private cloud environment, for any workload.  It eventually speeds up the end-to-end security of private solution with UKFast’s Threat Monitoring, DDoSX® and IPS/IDS technology.

5. CloudOYE

Meet the 5th in the list of top 10 private cloud storage companies in the UK.  CloudOYE cloud storage hosting powers companies with seamless scalability scalability, maintenance-free storage facility at an affordable price tag.

While migrating to cloud,  Consumers can access, store, manage and scale your data by availing storage hosting solution.

Company’s private cloud storage solutions are designed to safely store your files and media. It’s storage capability allows companies to store files of huge  volumes.

They can manage and retrieve the stored data managed from anytime and from any location.

CloudOYE has globally located data centers and tightly-integrated CDN to  distribute data to all locations.

Top 10 Business VOIP Providers in USA

Top 10 Business VoIP Providers List 2018

As landlines have started to go off the fence, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is now the new norm for making uninterrupted phone calls. Using high speed internet connections, VoIP providers let you skip your annoying telcos with an adapter box that converts convert analog signals to digital.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a smartphone marvel fully loaded with awesome features and incredible functions. With impressive features and looks, the phone comes with a relatively whopping and expensive price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features: The Best and the Worst

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

One can understand Samsung’s competitive compulsions, but the matter of the fact is that phone has its positives and negatives as well. Despite one of the most power packed Android phones ever, the phone has some downsides too.

The article brings forth 5 good and 5 worst things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display:

The majestic OLED display panel of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is par excellence. It turns phone’s display into a truly commendable asset. With 1440p OLED, the phone emits bright, colorful, and sharp display. With such a powerful display, it becomes easier to read even in the harshest outdoor lighting. Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s color accuracy is ideally perfect.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Accessory Ecosystem:

Your beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with finest range of accessories that complement your phone experience. With your phone, you can buy multiple accessories as well including buying cases, charging docks, screen protectors, and much more. These accessories add more to your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 experiences. The latest flagship brings with it best of Samsung accessories such as phone case options and screen protectors.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 New S Pen:

It’s unfair to boast of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 without mentioning all new improved S Pen. With the latest flagship device, Samsung has introduced many noteworthy improvements. Beyond making notes and drawing random lines, the new Stylus S Pen can now be connected to your phone’s Bluetooth for about 30 minutes. Its button can perform a lot of functions and can act as a camera shutter and a slide controller.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 headphone jack:

Thankfully, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t force you to carry headphone jacks. Samsungs seems to be the one of those premium phones that come with a 3.5 mm jack and a set of finest AKG earbuds in the box. If you’re interested in having SB-C audio, the Note 9 does support the feature as well.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera:

The best part of the device is its magnificent camera that captures shots beyond ordinary. The Note 9 comes packed with a pair of 12MP cameras where one is a standard shooter and the other offers a 2x telephoto lens.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 captures pictures in detail, and the color reproduction is spot-on. Other noted features of the phone camera are always-on HDR processing and super-slow-motion video capture.


Top 12 Best VPN Services (May 2019) Updated

VPNs offer true rescue in case you seek to have internet settings, hiding your true location online or looking forward to beef up existing privacy measures. Technically, VPNs connect two computers securely and privately over the internet.

Top 12 Best VPN Services Providers (Updated List)

VPNs act in a straightforward manner. As user opens up a web browser and enters a URL on the device, a request is sent to the VPN server. On receipt of the request, VPN mediates and forwards the request to web page further from the site and send it back to the user.

This way, website can see only the VPN server and not the client device requesting it. This is how you can conceal your internet activity from your IP address. You may have both free and paid VPNs available in the market, and it’s up to you which one to choose. (12 Best VPN Service Providers 2018)

Despite those many benefits, tech experts warn against the free VPN addiction. Not all but most of them have been found selling your discrete data to third parties.

In the list below we have sorted 12 most popular VPN Services providers you can choose from. They are inexpensive and safe too. Here we go:

1. ProtoVPN:

Best VPN Services Providers

ProtoVPN is one of the most popular private and secure VPN services meant for running on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS devices. The product comes packed with secure core architecture and DNS leak prevention.

Other features of the product include strong traffic encryption (AES-256) with 2048-bit RSA for key exchange and HMAC with SHA256 for message authentication.

ProtoVPN uses OpenVPN standard in order to ensure security and transparency. Based in Switzerland, ProtoVPN offers free plan that’s limited to one device. The plan can be upgraded to premium plans starting from €4 (£3.54) a month for two or more devices.

2. VPN Proxy Master:

If the makers are true, VPN Proxy Master is one among the world’s fastest best VPN services providers. The reviews however don’t substantiate the claim.

The app has scored 4.5 star rating on the Apple App Store from over 4,700 reviewers, and 3.7 stars on Chrome Web Store. The VPN Proxy Master is used by over 80 million users worldwide.

The VPN allows users to connect different servers all over the world with unlimited usage and fast streaming. (The Best VPN Services )

3. Betternet VPN:

Betternet is the next VPN in our list of top 10 secure VPNs. The service is available in both free and paid versions with cutting-edge features like unrestricted content access, access to your favorite films and channels anywhere in the world. Rated with 4.3 start rating on Apple’s App Store, the service can be accessed via any browser you’re using.

In addition to the premium services available at Betternet, the company offers free sponsored apps and videos.

4. Avira Phantom VPN:

Best VPN Services

With Avira Phantom VPN, users can browse the web securely and anonymously. Available in free as well as paid versions, the VPN is available on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Chrome.

It’s free service bundles 500MB data a month backed by noteworthy features including encrypted traffic, access to geo-restricted sites and DNS leak prevention.


Web Analytics for Better Content Marketing

10 Ways to Use Web Analytics for Better Content Marketing

Sometimes it’s hard to determine what statistical information is essential for promoting a website. In the sinking sands of hyperlinks, viewers’ rates, the duration of visitors’ stay on a web page and many other factors, one can be confused about how to designate priorities and which ones are to be focused on.