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Thank you for your interest in contributing a post for our esteemed readers. We work hard to bring about the best content that adds value to them. As you’re hoping to become a contributor, you’re bound to follow our Guest Post Guidelines. These guidelines have been put in place to bring the quality content in and weed spam out.

  • Alexa Global: 1.40 L
  • Alexa India: 23k
  • Organic Traffic: 1 Lakh+ / Month (Growing by 62%)
  • Organic Search: 40%
  • Pages Indexed in Google: 3550+
  • Facebook Page Followers: 8000+
  • Twitter Followers: 7500+
  • Email Subscribers: 10,000+ 

What You Will Get?

  • Relevent / contextual backlink.
  • Content must exceed 800+ words
  • Unlimited content updates
  • Bi-monthly free Content Distribution / Social sharing
  • No queues. 16 Hours publishing time

Our Email ID : bloggingrepublic@gmail.com

Post Submission Guidelines 

Every guest post that you publish at our portal is visited, read, and transacted by our huge audience base.  And the numbers are growing. Who knows a few of them could be your permanent customers !!!

1. What to Send?

–  A Post with 999+ words with links to be added

– Post must contain at least one H2 and two H3 subheads

– A featured image

– 3 lines of author bio (Optional)

– 300+ words of introduction (in case of infographics)

2. Where to Send?

Once you’ve checked the post for quality guidelines, send it to us at the following email address:

Send your docs at: bloggingrepublic@gmail.com

3. Categories to Pick:

Stories from the digital world, gadgets, and technology are the best fit for our domain. Posts that fall under the immediate sub-categories of the above are also welcome. Generally, we accept contributors’ posts under the following:

– Digital Marketing / Search Engine / Social Media

– Gadgets / Smartphones / VR / News / Reviews and Launch

– Ecommerce / WordPress / Web Development / Mobile Apps

– Other topics of your choice if appropriate to the sections of our blog.

4. Word Count to Ensure:

At Blogging republic, we hate spam. We strictly believe that a single post of thousands of words can bring more readership and value than ten posts of five hundred words. A post that contains less than 1000 words won’t be accepted for submission. That’s the standard word limit we have set for a post.

5. Backlink Policy to Follow:

If link exchange is all that you need, please excuse. We are bound with our stringent backlink policy aligned with Google’s Guidelines. Google has just introduced Link Spam Algorithm on July 26, 2021. Kindly read. 

6. Time of Publishing:

Though we put your post in the publishing queue immediately upon the receipt, it takes 24 (Min) to 48 hours (Max) to go live after review.

Accepting the post doesn’t really mean it passes the quality test, rather, it’s just an acknowledgment that your post is being queued.

If we don’t confirm the status of your post within five working days of the receipt of your document, please send us a reminder.

7. Changes in Policy:

The Blogging Republic makes timely changes to its guest posting guidelines and retains the authority to do so without any prior notice to our contributors.

– Only original posts will be accepted for approval.

– Write for humans, not for search engines.

– Articles or posts meant to spread nudity, religious disharmony or violence in any term will be rejected.

– Excessive and irrelevant links in a post will be summarily rejected. We are here to spread knowledge, not link farms.