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Tips to Choose the Right Keyword

Keyword SEO 101: Tips to Choose the Right Keyword

When doing digital marketing and SEO, it is essential to check whether you are up to date with the latest guidelines of SEO and keyword research.

Tips to Choose the Right Keyword

Tips to Choose the Right Keyword

For long in the history of SEO, keyword research remained an essential part of both website planning and content optimization.

Now, keyword research has more relevance in terms of social media optimization and also other forms of digital marketing. Moreover, smart marketers make use of keyword research findings in email marketing too.

However, when it comes to choosing the right key terms for Google SEO, it is always a troublesome task.

There a lot of changes frequently happening in terms of search behavior like the algorithms, search guidelines, and also the patterns web searchers use to find relevant information. Considering these facts, if you want your web pages, email marketing campaigns, and content marketing initiatives to reap optimum results, you need to do keyword research in a better way.

This guide will help you to understand the nuances of modern-day SEO and keyword research. The objective is to make the readers understand keyword research best practices and the challenges in searching for the right keywords to improve content creation and promotion.

What is the concept of Keywords?

At the core, keywords are:

  • Single or combination of words or phrases which identity what the users search for
  • The phrases which describe the topics for business writers to focus on
  • In the competitive marketing world, keywords are the same across the audience to help them find relevant content.

Keyword research is the function of identifying the most relevant terms which people used to enter into the search bar to find the most relevant web pages. On the other hand, these keywords help marketers to use it for web page creation and content creation.

The need for keyword research

As we have seen before, keyword research is a crucial aspect of search engine optimization. Keywords are considered to be very important in terms of SEO ranking, which Google also use to rank your webs page in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

If you get them right, then Google also will understand what your pages are all about, which makes it easier for the bots that crawl your website to list it accordingly and show it upon relevant search results.

Ideal keyword research will help the marketer to reach to customers by finding the most relevant topics to be included in their content strategy.

Once if you know what the target audience is most interested in, then it comes easier for providers like Philadelphia keyword fyrebird to optimize your website content for it and delivery the most needed answers for them.

All in all, keyword research may support not only content creation but comprehensive promotional and marketing activities like social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

Essential keyword research will also enable the better administration of the paid campaigns like pay per click advertising and also competitive research methodologies.

Checking your effectively against that of your business competitors may help you to be more focused and target on a refined content strategy.

There are many tools also available to help you in competitive keyword research and also to ensure the effectiveness of keyword utilization on your webs presence.

The relevance of keyword research in the current times

Many people are doubtful about the relevance of keyword research in the times of

Google’s AMP 2019: Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages

You may wonder that how much impact does the loading speed of a website has on the targeted customers of your website? You will be surprised to know that the page loading plays an important role in decreasing the bounce rate.

Ultimate Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages

Ultimate Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages

The page loading speed is inversely proportional to the profit a business can earn. The less is the page loading speed, more is the profit earned. If the page loading speed of your website is low, what to do? AMPs are to rescue you from this problem.

What Are AMPs?

AMPs are an open source project which is supported by Google and is made especially for loading the web page faster. It generally stands for accelerated mobile pages.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source network provided by Google which aims to create a better and faster mobile web experience.Technically, Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are the HTML copies of the existing webpage content which offers faster loading times than the HTML5 document.

AMP is  a small grey lightning bolt that appears next to some Google search engine results. The flashing AMP symbol denotes that website has been optimized for better loading of the website on mobile.

To make a webpage compatible with AMP, the page needs to structure with AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP Cache which is able to effectively reduce the load time.

What do Exactly AMP Plugins do?

The plugins are designed to reduce the load time of the website on smartphones which will directly enhance the revenue and increase customer satisfaction. Thus, with the help of AMP, we can optimize the pages to load them faster and make them rank higher based on mobile viewing.

How Does AMP Plugin Work?

In order to use AMP on web pages, a new version of web pages compatible with AMP HTML is required. The Amp generally removes the third party JavaScript to speed up the loading time of the page of mobile users.

Thus, the primary aim of the webpage is to speed up the page’s loading time so that the web page remains simplified for the mobile user.

The AMP is designed to improve the overall user experience so that desktop users and mobile users can enjoy your content.

Advantages Of Google AMPs

The primary purpose of AMP is to boost the speed of your website and its loading time on mobile phones. So, by implementing AMP we can speed up the website load time on cell phones which attracts more consumers to your website.

Further, using AMP also increases brand visibility and helps in increasing the revenue of that website.

The use of AMP also enables simple user tracking which is quite convenient to the user.


Relaunching Your Website without Hurting SEO

After spending months on end building a website, it is always time it served its purpose.  And given the fact that it is almost impossible to partake in any online business without a fully operational site, you would be looking forward to making it work.

But have you ever thought about the flipside of things such as when a website launch fails to pick momentum?

SEO-friendly tips on relaunching your website

Most inexperienced webmasters or amateurs with limited SEO Techniques that work will want to discard an existing site and maybe build a new one from scratch.

While their intentions are good; to launch a website that will quickly find favor among search engine spiders or web crawlers, you must ask some questions. For example; do you know why the first website failed to deliver on expectations?

It is something you shouldn’t go about without taking precautions in the hope that things are going to be better. Notably, professional web designers will help you get your site on the search engines radar, but they aren’t the only people you need when re-launching.

Website Re-launch

Now, instead of going back to the beginning, you can very well decide to re-launch your site. It is no rocket science.  If you don’t go about it the right way, many things can go wrong. Think about your SEO performance before doing this. This is important because you want to retain your site ranking.

The good news is that despite the delicate nature of doing so, there are tricks that will help keep you on the safer side. In fact, it is something you can do on your own.

Getting started

Think about the architecture of your website. There are probably areas that will remain intact as others change. This information will help you map out your re-launch project into stages. Here are some exceptional website re-launch tips:

Count your website pages

It is imperative to determine the number of your website pages. Google lets you do with great speed and efficiency.  When getting started, you have to conduct a domain search using Google by typing the domain after the prefix site. Something like this “site:”

The total number of pages that have been indexed is the size of the website. Now, it is up to you to decide the number of pages you want to include in the re-launch.

Crawling the website

With the right crawling tools, this helps with listing all URLs links. Some people consider it unnecessary but when you look at it from a value angle of the entire page URLs, doing away with poorly performing pages is something you might want to consider as a prelaunch strategy for better ranking after that.

There are website crawling tools that let you do this hassle-free, and they include the famed Screaming Frog and Xenu Link Sleuth. Even though the former will cost you a few bucks, it is worth the taking.

Determine SEO value and Ranking of different pages

You need a Google Analytics account to do this. However, there are many other tools like SEMRush that can help a great deal. You may want to ask; why is it important? Well, getting to know search phrases that help with WebPages ranking is a better planning strategy for a new site after re-launch.

It would be costly to lose this valuable information in the process and lose visibility online. According to Once Interactive, losing these important phrases will have a negative website thereof.

Page authority and Value

MOZ, internet software and SEO company, provides tools that will help you determine pages that have authority. Usually, they are those who have


Everything You Have to Know to SEO Like a Pro

The only organic way to generate traffic, other than receiving it at random, is to increase your visibility on search engines and social networks. Needless to say, this is only possible through extensive digital marketing campaign and SEO in particular.

Still, while a lot of people remain unaware that even some of their day-to-day actions in the digital world may be considered SEO techniques, there are those who started outsourcing their SEO even while they were still a one-person startup.

The reason behind this is the fact that some entrepreneurs were quick to understand and embrace the significance of SEO and try to use it to get a competitive edge.

Learn how search engines work

Regardless of all the tips and tricks, the truth is that, apart from all the business practices, there are no two digital marketers out there who approach this topic in the same way.

In order to tailor your own strategy and in order to differentiate useful advice from counterproductive one, you need to learn for yourself how search engines work. This means studying the algorithm and continuing to study major Google algorithm updates as they come along.

This is particularly important seeing as how the landscape of this industry shifts at an unprecedented speed.

It all starts with your website

When it comes to your digital marketing, at one point in your campaign you hope that people will visit your website. From that point on, you get them to buy your products, subscribe to your newsletter or merely leave you an email.

However, if your website is poorly designed and ill-constructed, you can’t hope for a great effect. Think about it, even the best article written by your copywriters has to link back to your website and if your audience doesn’t like what they see, it’s all for nothing.

As for the on-site optimization, meta tags and headline tags are important but if your page refuses to load at all or if it fails to load for quite a while, you stand to get penalized rather than rewarded.

Because of this, while most experts like those behind SEO Reseller Hub do suggest a custom SEO management system, you still need to support it with a proper infrastructure. Therefore, you need to rely not only on the on-page SEO but web design, as well.

Three pillars

Next, you need to address the perhaps most important issue of the SEO, the three pillars of modern digital marketing. Here, we’re talking about A) content, B) links and C) social media. The greatest problem with the three lies in the fact that they are seemingly so intuitive, that people often tend to underestimate them and pay dearly for this mistake later on.

After all, these three methods are the


Website Speed Influences Search Ranking

How Website Speed Influences Search Ranking?

Technological advancements have brought many benefits to people and businesses. However, technology has made people a bit more spoiled as well. This is becoming obvious with the ever-growing expectations that users have each year.

People expect from businesses to deliver everything they need quickly and accurately. One of the biggest expectations that users have is the demand for fast website speed.

Website Speed Influences Search Ranking

On-Page Optimization and Factors Affecting It

On-page optimization is supposed to be a part of SEO, dealing with almost all the factors found on your webpage that affect search engine ranking of your website. There are many a number of things coming under the province of on-page optimization and some of them include website URL, attributes of images, content, webpage title and meta description tags.

On-Page Optimization Factors

On-Page Optimization

Selection of Keyword

The first step for any of the search engine optimization processes is opting for the right types of keywords. Ideal keyword selection would surely make your on-page optimization a lot more convenient and fruitful.

Make sure that your keyword must be preferably long-tailed, but low in competition. For instance, think yourself as a customer who is surfing online for a specific product. Now, consider a word, which you would like to search on Google. Next, do a proper research on the strength and competition of your chosen keyword.

Page Title

The process of on-page optimization starts by optimizing your page title. Therefore, it is mandatory to include the keyword(s) in your title. Furthermore, it’s better to initiate your title with the keyword.

For instance, in case you are providing a “web development service,” you must start your title as “Web development that…”

Optimizing Meta Description

The meta description is always found to be dealing with page code. Mostly, search engines make use of meta description tags for the purpose of describing their results. According to the rules of on-page optimization, the keyword must be included in your meta description tags.

Optimizing the URL

Just like your page title, your website URL should also possess the keyword. When you are looking out for enterprises based on web designing, the foremost option that Google’s search engine will search for are the URLs equipped with the keywords. Therefore, you should optimize your URL as per the rules of on-page optimization, so as to receive the best of it. No one is going to prefer URLs that appear like po+54iit5. So, optimize it.

What does LSI mean for your SEO?

There are many theories on how to have a strong ranking within the search engines for longer, being able to predict your position and even use your own competitors keywords, content and backlinks against them. Think of LSI, your content and SEO as a strong foundation to build your business, blog or personal presence.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) In SEO

By now you would have read about SEO or more specifically search engine optimisation and how it improves website traffic which increases your sales leads.

There are other methods or types of SEO that can be used which apply just to the content on your website. One of these methods is Latent Semantic Indexing also known as (“LSI”).

LSI can be explained simply or in depth the definitions do not vary but the intentions, wording and language does. LSI is used by SEO companies to allow search engines to index your content and attribute it to other elements on your website without internal links, backlinks or hybrid links.

Top SEO Sydney has been in Search Engine Optimization Consulting for almost 16 years, in this time what we have learned is that duplicate content is extremely painful and does more damage in the short term and long term, rather than provide any benefit.

Here is how to apply LSI to your website and benefit:

  1. Delete duplicate content and replace it with content