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Top 10 Best Calendar Apps

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps for Businesses (Updated)

Calendar apps are helping us to organize our life and business with many features embedded into it. These calendar applications make our lives easier by allowing us scheduling events, marking reminders and organizing business meetings.

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps 2019

Finding out the best among the calendar apps available is tedious and time consuming. We are therefore listing here top 10 best calendar apps that you can install from the respective play stores.

1: Today Calendar

Best Calendar Apps for Businesses

Let’s start the list with our first calendar app, Today calendar. This is quite easy and user friendly calendar app. You will surely like its decent material design and beautiful build.

The calendar app offers a delightful experience with its bold colors, simple controls, and great functionality.

Being a lightweight calendar app, the app consumes less memory space. If all you need is a simple app with standard calendar features, Today calendar is all yours.

2. SolCalendar

Calendar Apps for Businesses

If frankly asked, SolCalendar is much more than just a calendar app. The application bundles basic calendar functionalities along with other advanced features such as weather forecast and more.

This calendar app offers seamless support for Google Calendar, widgets and Foursquare. Besides, the standard calendar features and utilities, the SolCalendar brings forth eye-catching widgets, smart stickers, and integrated weather reports in a beautiful UI.

3. Jorte Calendar App

10 Best Calendar Apps for Businesses

Meet Jorte Calendar, our third best calendar app for businesses in the list. This is one of the most downloaded calendar apps from Google Play store.

The app comes packed with many noted features and several configuration options. The app can be customized using many design alternatives available with the app.

Users can control the display of the calendar entries. They can adjust the entries sorted by month, week, or day (by hours). The app lets users perform key operations conveniently including picking the desired date, using task bars, and setting reminders.

In addition to all the standard features that app comes with, it packs a special cloud service called Jorte Cloud. The service lets users synchronize calendars, schedules, and task lists on multiple devices.

To make the best use of the app, you can import calendar data from Google Calendar as well.

Jorte Calendar has an in-built Jorte store that consists of styles and icons. You can buy these icons to personalize the calendar.

4. Google Calendar App for Android

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps

Google Calendar is Google’s official Calendar app comes installed with most Android devices. The app is used and appreciated by millions across the globe.

Google Calendar app for Android packs a slew of stunning features including a material Design, advanced event features, direct integration into other Google services and Exchange support.

If you’re a looking for a free and reliable Android Calendar app, no one can beat Google Calendar.


Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tools for Businesses

Any serious user of social media wants to know how their posts perform, especially businesses that aim for some ROI through social media.

Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tools

However, you’ll probably have some hard time finding answers to some questions such as, is your marketing strategy on Facebook converting traffic into leads? Which are some of your top performing tweets?, or at what time of the day does your Instagram post get high engagement? in case you are not using any social media analytics tools.

Most of the businesses and marketers understand the need to measure their efforts and effectiveness of their campaigns. This has led to the increasing use of social media analytics tools.

Hence, major social media networks today offer some types of analytics tools. With a wide variety of options available, it is essential to know which is the best social media analytics tool for your brand.

Here are 10 social media analytics tools that may add value to your purpose:

1. BuzzSumo

10 Social Media Analytics Tools

BuzzSumo is one of the paid social media analytics tools with a number of features such as competitor research, brand monitoring, content discovery and analysis, and influencer marketing. Although it’s a paid tool, this content analytics tool also offers a free trial for users.

2. Google Analytics

Social Media Analytics Tools

Google Analytics is a seemingly unrelated social media tool and is specially designed to analyze the performance of the website. However, it also offers insights about social media, for instance,

  • Details on conversions from social media posts
  • Source of social media traffic to the website, it can help find out what social media platform brings most of the visitors
  • Helps to discover if any of the social media platforms contributed to the conversion
  • Goal completion of the social media post, including analyzing the completion of the goals assigned

3. Cyfe– Social Media Analytics

Cyfe is a business dashboard tool and is also considered one of the best social media analytics tools. Cyfe syncs up data from many marketing tools in one particular place.

The available number of dashboards and integration makes Cyfe a powerful analytics tool. It not only covers social media analytics but also email, advertising, monitoring, SEO, sales, and website analytics tools. However, here we will focus on the social media part covered by Cyfe.

Cyfe can help you build the social media dashboard including various apps and data such as Bitly, Facebook Pages and Ads, Flickr, LinkedIn Company and Ads, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter Ads and Search, SlideShare, YouTube, Reviews, Publisher, and Vimeo. Also, you can try Cyfe for free!.

4. Sprout Social

Social Media Analytics Tools

Sprout Social is another one of the best social media analytics tools. You can use this comprehensive management tool to track your business performance on social media platforms.

It has plenty of features to analyze business performance and engagement on social media, it also allows the user to post a message or listen to the conversation about the company. Sprout social offers solutions for users to make it simple to track the performance. These solutions include

  • By Network- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn
  • By Business Type- For agencies, for enterprises, and for small businesses
  • By Need- for social marketing, for social management, for employee advocacy, for customer care


How CPQ Software Helps Produce Quotes

How CPQ Software Helps Produce Quotes Quickly?

Many aspects of the business world have become automated thanks to technology. No one misses a call for being out of the office since cell phones have become common in the workplace.

How CPQ Software Helps Produce Quotes?

How CPQ Software Helps Produce Quotes

You analyze data from Facebook and other social media websites to learn more about the needs of potential clients. Your smartphone has eliminated the need for an alarm clock, watch, GPS and eased life since you only have to learn to use one device.

One area that is finally being touched by technology is price quoting. Sending a quote in a detailed proposal has been the norm for years, but how long does it take your sales team to generate a quote?

Do you spend hours trying to find the content from a previous proposal? Or play the waiting game for updated pricing? Do proposals get sent if you don’t make it back to the office the same day?

There are too many variables that can hinder creating and sending an accurate proposal if left to chance. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software makes your sales team’s job easier by delivering the right information quickly.

You don’t need Captain Obvious to tell you, the faster you produce a quote, the more quickly you can move your buyer through the sales process and close the deal.

What is CPQ

Top 10 Productivity Apps For Android 2019 (Updated)

In this modern era, it is important to have a clear mind set in order to achieve our goals in life. There are many articles scattered over the internet, talking about various different types of Productivity apps.

Most of the times, we end up installing all the apps and later on, we have to uninstall them, because that was not something we actually wanted.

Top 10 Productivity Apps for Android 2019

After that, the thought of becoming productive gets lost somewhere at the back of our mind until next time. Therefore, before you download any app, make sure you are going to use it later on.

How Can You Know If You Actually Want A Particular Productive App Or Not?

First of all, is not as difficult as it sounds. We might never know what our next thought would be, so we might never be able to make a right or wrong decision. Therefore, any decision that you make is neutral.

The best way to know if you actually need a app or not, is to find the reason behind your search of productivity apps and then the reason for what you are looking for in a productivity app. There are thousands of productivity apps that are available online for Android devices.

We have created a selective list of top 10 productivity apps android based on various different benefits each of them provides.

You can easily go through the applications and check out the details provided on them. It is best to download a single app at a time, rather than clustering your mobile with a plethora of apps and using none.

The top 10 best productivity apps you shall definitely have a look at!

1. Five Minute Journal – Productivity app with difference

Top 10 Productivity Apps For Android

The most effective way of living a productive life is be saving your memories. Every day has its own story to tell and whether it be sad or good, it’s best to put up your thoughts and save them in journal.

This app also allows you store photographs and other media as well. There’s something good in every day, and it’s best to stay optimistic because when we are positive, we attract positive things in our life.

2. Todoist

10 Productivity Apps For Android

As suggested by the name itself, Todoist is basically a To-do-list for daily tasks. It helps to organize your day and help you to achieve the most out of your day. You can easily set all your goals on this app and get your day sorted out.

It takes the completion of task to next level by provided you the benefit of managing tasks with your friends and family. You can also assign and delegate tasks to your colleagues.

3. Headspace – Top Android Productivity App

Top 10 Productivity Apps

It is a fun app that is based on very deep knowledge and understanding about the human brain. The aim of this app is to help its users, live their life in the present moment rather than thinking about the past or the future.

If we don’t live in the present, it will be very hard to deal with all our thoughts that keep on popping in our mind.

Headspace is the best app among top productivity apps , if you’re looking for peace and calmness in your life.

4. Audible – Best Android App for Productivity

If you’re a good listener and have an interest in various novels and stories. Then Audible, might just be the right app for you.

It’s basically an audiobook which has a plethora of selected books from various different writers. You can easily search for the kind of book that’ll be good for you using the filter option.

5. RadioPublic

If you’re into learning new things, RadioPublic might just be the app you’re looking for. There are many Podcasts from various different experts on a variety of topics.

The best thing is that they’re all for free and you can download them easily for offline listening as well.

6. GoogleCalender

This app is best for you if you have a difficult time storing your appointments in your mind. In fact, it’s best to store your appointments somewhere so that you may not forget them and be reminded when the important time arrives using the notification feature.

The app is very easy to use and you can easily store your appointments in a very organized manner.

7. Evernote – Most Organized Android Productivity App

It is a very friendly application which helps you to store your notes. It is connected with your google account and in case, even if you uninstall the app, you can regain all your information.

It provides the best method to store all your notes in an organized manner and also allows you to store images as well.

8. Hootsuite

Are you a social media butterfly? If yes, you might know how difficult it gets to manage all your different accounts at the same time.

Sometimes it becomes too hectic, that we wonder if we are getting too addicted to social media and impulsively stop using them.

However, in order to have the positive side of social media brighten up your life, you shall use them accordingly. Too much of something is good for nothing and Hootsuite will help you live your life in the best productive way by managing all your accounts.

Best Indoor Navigation Apps for Android

Top 6 Best Indoor Navigation Apps for Android

Have you ever thought of reaching a new place without seeking help from GPS? Probably not! Do you think GPS systems are for outdoors or do they provide any assistance in those large building like airports, malls, or conference centers?

Best Indoor Navigation Apps Android

To prevent yourself from getting hopelessly lost, you need to consider some of the most exceptional Indoor navigation apps for Android.

What are Indoor Navigation