Penji Review – What makes Penji a Leading Graphic Design Service


A good way to make your ads more attractive and impactful would be through integrating on demand graphic design. Undoubtedly, graphic design has been a powerful tool for communication. It enables the brand to connect to its targeted customers.

With a plethora of graphic design services made available in the market, you would be confused about choosing the best one suitable for your specific needs.

On-demand services have been much in demand these days. The graphic design industry is no exception to the increasing demand for services. Let us delve into the Penji review for the popularity it gained in the present times.

Penji Review

Core Values of Penji

Penji has the following five major core values –

  • Putting quality work at top priority every time
  • Providing the best services to the community
  • Keeping honesty and transparency at all times
  • Being a reliable company for the team members and clients
  • Giving priority to their customers at all times

Penji is different from the other available graphic design services. They push others having the zeal to help others. They support non-profits by offering a monthly fee of $1 for their complete service package. Overall, Penji has been the leading name in the graphic design industry through its quick, quality, and affordable graphic design services.

Benefits Offered by Penji

Let us delve into some of the graphic design services offered by Penji.

  • The rates are relatively affordable compared to other graphic design services
  • Recruiters, marketers, and entrepreneurs do not have to go through the tiring hiring process
  • With unlimited designs and revisions, you could make the most of your monthly subscription
  • Quick delivery of quality graphic designs would ensure that you do not have to wait in your business operations and marketing strategies
  • Helps the companies subscribe and re-subscribe anytime without any contracts unlike hiring freelance graphic agencies or designers
  • With Penji hiring the best top designers, the clients would receive professional and high-quality designs

Who Can USe Penji?

When it comes to scalability, the business model used by Penji would help several brands if they enhance or reduce business operations. It would be pertinent to mention here that any company could subscribe to Penji.

The graphic design service is suited to the following kinds of businesses –

Startup and small businesses

Both startups and small companies tend to struggle for gaining traction in their respective niche. It would be especially true when their counterparts are prominent brands.

With graphic design deemed of great importance in marketing, small businesses or startups do not have adequate resources for hiring professional graphic designers.

Penji has the experience and understanding of the troubles of startups and small businesses. They offer graphic designs at affordable rates for scaling new brands.


In the event, you were running n agency, Penji could be your best bet for a design partner. They have a user-friendly design platform that could let you add up to ten team members of your company. Moreover, agencies having a steady flow of graphic designs would help maximize the unlimited graphic design offer from Penji.

Merch Sellers

They could make the most of the fixed monthly rate in exchange for personalized graphic designs. You could acquire as many personalized designs and illustrations. Rest assured that such designs and illustrations would sell. They would assign different designers for different projects. It implies that you would receive creativity and versatile skills.

Marketing teams

Penji could be a great design partner for the marketing teams. Marketers running on a tight schedule require whipping up different advertisements consistently. The quick turnaround feature would assist the marketing teams to stay on track.

Designs Offered by Penji

The graphic design service takes pride in hiring the best graphic designers from the industry. IT implies that the clients would benefit largely from working with designers having expertise and versatile skills. Moreover, Penji offers unlimited designs when requested by the clients.

Find below a few design types to request from Penji

  • Branding designs
  • Digital designs
  • Custom designs
  • Marketing designs
  • Illustrations
  • Print designs
  • Merch sellers

Unlimited graphic designs at a fixed rate

Penji offers a unique business structure specifically designed by entrepreneurs for the benefits of the entrepreneurs. The trouble in finding reliability, quality, and affordable graphic designers has been a problem for several companies.

However, Penji caters to changing it and provides a suitable solution that would cater to your specific business design needs. They work on a model based on subscription enabling your client to pay a fixed monthly rate for an unlimited graphic design service.

Popular as an on-demand service, Penji would cater to the clients, as and when the clients demand. The clients would not have to worry involving in a yearly contract or a per-project contract. Penji focuses on giving their clients adequate freedom to choosing their design patterns. You could make the most of a stellar outcome without the need to undergo contracts.

Companies subscribing to Penji could unsubscribe at any time. It does not cost them any kind of cancellation fees. They would be given the privilege of re-subscribing anytime they want. Penji has been the best for scalability.

Penji Pricing:

Penji offers three different plans available to the users. The pricing includes a slew of features and functions.


$399 a month

  • Unlimited design projects
  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited revisions
  • One designer
  • Two users


$499 a month

  • Everything in the Pro Plan
  • Website and app design
  • Custom illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Five users


This is the best option for established businesses and agencies that have a steady flow of design projects.

$899 a month

  • Everything in Team Plan
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Two designers
  • 10 users
  • Prioritized support

Design Process by Penji

Penji Review

Penji offers a seamless and user-friendly design platform where clients could ask for revisions, request designs, give feedback, and download files. It would take only three steps

Step one – Create

Creating a new project would require filling in the description form. It would help the designer know your exact needs. You could also upload links and images for inspiration. Rest assured to have the best designed for your project.

Step two – Review

With a turnaround time of 24 hours, you would receive quick but quality work. However, for slightly complicated designs, you may take nearly 48 hours. If you wish to make a few changes to the designs, you could ask for revisions. They offer unlimited revisions at no additional cost.

Step three – Download

When you download the design from the site, it would be saved on your computer automatically. You have the license and the rights for all created designs. Subscribing to Penji offers you a win-win situation. They take pride in offering a no-commitment and risk-free set-up.

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