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Best Nutrition Tech Gadget and Innovation

6 Best Nutrition Tech Gadget and Innovation 2019

There has been a major rise in consumers being attracted to health-related products and services.

Now more than ever. Investing in consumer trends is a goldmine for businesses and as you’d expect they’ve made the most of health-conscious consumers and began creating innovative products for them to cash in on.

6 Best Nutrition Tech Gadgets 2019

Best Nutrition Tech Gadget and Innovation

Now, we’re seeing plenty of nutritional brands promising us the solution in solving our unhealthy habits.

Whether it’s a new form of health supplement or smart juicer, there seems to be a resolution to every possible health issue. With a range of products to choose from, it can be difficult to understand which ones are the best for us.

So, how do we know which best nutrition tech gadgets will be beneficial? Here are some of the recent innovations that you need to know to continue your healthy habits in 2019.

1. Beko Vacuum Blender

 For a real health kick and efficient gadget to make the most of your smoothies, consider the Beko Vacuum Blender. The blender uses vacuum technology that helps to remove air from the blender before blitzing all your ingredients.

This helps to retain the valuable nutrients and minerals that you can find in the body. There can be instances when you might choose to drink the smoothies over a few days, storing it for later consumption.

With the vacuum blender, you can be sure that your smoothie will taste just as smooth as when you first made it. The vacuum process in the blender helps to retain the nutrients that help to keep food fresh for longer.

2. Hydrate Spark 2.0 Connected Water Bottle

 You possibly couldn’t ever imagine that something as simple as a water bottle could be made anymore beneficial than it already is. However,

5 Things You Dont Know About Online Presence in 2019

If a company is to weather competition in this digital age, it must maintain a strong online presence. Whether it’s through a website, social media pages, a website, an e-commerce platform or a combination of four of them, maintaining an internet presence is the key to staying above competitors and reaping major economic benefits.

5 Things About Online Presence in 2019

And while it is true that many start-ups don’t have the time and financial muscle to build a credible online presence, it isn’t as complicated as many may want to think.

There are multiple software development companies that can help business owners build customized websites at a very affordable cost. Additionally, there are free web builders that allow you to create simple websites and spruce them at a later stage.

Click on this content to see how you can collaborate with a development team in building your online presence.

But despite the availability of such tools and services, many companies still continue to operate in oblivion. True to this, a recent report by Blue Corona indicates that only 51% of SME’s in the US have a website.

Even worse, only 32% use social media to market their business while a meager 25% are engaged in any form of online marketing.

In this article, we are going to shed light on how to build an online presence, the emerging trends to look out for in 2019, and how you can embrace them to strengthen your brand.

But before we do that…

Online Presence Definition

As the name suggests, online presence simply means a business maintaining online platform/s that allow it to be found through an online search.

Importance of Online Presence and Why You Should Practice It

A Wider Reach

Are you looking to get a global customer base? Online presence is the way to go. Marketing has shifted from audience generalization or painting the customers with one brush.

Nowadays, people loathe watching ads on TV, immunity against billboards is at an all-time high, and newspapers have been relegated to lining car floors. The winning formula lies in looking for a target audience and selling them what matches their interests.

Thanks to powerful online marketing tools and platforms like Facebook and Google, you have a wider reach compared to placing an advert in the local dailies.


As we have already hinted, maintaining a digital presence can make or break your business. For example, if you are operating a pedicure and manicure shop, a referred customer can search for your business online, find it, and book an appointment.

This means you secure a new customer at almost zero cost and it also enhances your brand’s credibility and image.

Allows you to Create and Control Your Business Narrative

Another great advantage of having an online presence is the fact that you are able to control your own narrative. You may not have control over what others say outside but you certainly have the freedom to choose what appears on your platforms.

As such, you are able to create a

Top Video Marketing Strategies For eCommerce?

Top Video Marketing Strategies For eCommerce

When you come across with the decision about how to showcase products on your e-commerce website, you stuck with product videos vs product images.

A lot of e-commerce businesses would prefer using product images because e-commerce videos are expensive and time-consuming to create as compared to images.

Top eCommerce Video Marketing Strategies

Top Video Marketing Strategies For eCommerce?

Videos require specialized tools and resources to get you going. You can hire an eCommerce website development company to build an exclusive platform for you with product descriptions through videos. However, it will add additional cost to your eCommerce development project.

Moreover, in spite of the challenges, videos are always worth using as a marketing tool. E-commerce videos are usually in the form of product videos, which are utilized for showcasing value of the products offered by you and drive sales.

In this post, we will spread light on top video marketing strategies for eCommerce that will help leverage the potential of videos for the benefits of your business.

Why should you consider using eCommerce video marketing?

You can avail certain benefits for your business by using videos for product marketing which cannot be obtained with still images. Videos are engaging and provide users a better understanding of products as they can visualize how the product looks in real life.

While some still images of a bag gives a lot of information about it, a video can provide much deeper and strong visual cues about how much pockets it has, how it looks on a person and more.

So, videos can help you building confidence among customers in making a purchase. A trusted ecommerce website development company can help you implement the best product videos to showcase products.

Strategies for effective video marketing

Video marketing has become a major a part in the boosting online sales. 65% customers are more likely to purchase a product after watching its video online. Following are some strategies you can utilize for video marketing.

Share product videos at multiple places

Videos are effective and you can get the best results from videos by using them at multiple touchpoints online. You can use the videos on following channels:

Your site: You can include videos on home page, if possible, but product pages are the important place to put the videos. If videos are added to every product page and they are placed at the right place like when customers see ‘Add to cart’ button, then it will positively impact the purchase decisions of your customers.

Email newsletters: Videos can help increasing CTR and you can send them with email newsletters to convince people about products and persuade for purchases.

Social media networks: Videos added on social media can do wonders and they are shared, spreading to more and more people. You can harness this potential by adding videos that tell story of your brand and show your personality.

Ad campaigns: Videos are effective sales techniques for new and existing customers that can be used for diverse ad campaigns. It is a good tool for targeting new customers and retargeting existing customers.

Stick to a theme for every product video

Once you start creating a product video, you will find that there are different directions in which your video may go.

You should pick a theme for every video and stick with it, you can get more benefits by offering consistent videos for every product. You can pick any of the following themes for creating videos:

Video tutorials: This type of videos include “How to use” videos which tells customers about how specific features of a product works. By using how-to videos, you can inform a lot customers about your product.

Product close-ups: They are a popular type of video marketing which include literal close-ups of a product. It often displays the product from multiple angles. There may or may not be any narration or text describing varied features of a product in video.

Product manual – showing installation, setup and troubleshooting: This type of video may seem to fall under tutorial type of videos. However, there is a distinction, in this type videos not only tell about how to use a product, but also describe setup, installation and troubleshooting methods on more technical level.

Remember these tips while creating ecommerce product videos: 

Ready to create high-converting top video marketing strategies, read these tips given below for the best results.

Make it short:

The world is fast-pacing and no one has much time, so keeping product videos short should be your goal. A shorter video is always better for product marketing. However, there may be exceptions because many people love watching longer videos too, but you must ensure that the video length is optimal as per audience.

Though, tutorials may be little lengthy, but you want to keep them short. If you keep the video short, it also helps you manage your site loading speed as too much longer videos can make your site sluggish.

Quality is important

Quality always matters. Ensure that the video you create have excellent visuals and clear sound. The video should contain appealing visuals with a sound that can be clearly heard.

Remove sound from background

You will never want your customers to hear background sound like a mosquito buzz. Remove the sound from background as much as possible to provide a clear sound. You can add background music to make it more entertaining and engaging.

Wrapping up!

You can build an exclusive ecommerce platform that contains product videos with the help of an ecommerce website development company. Doing this may cost you more money and time, but it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run.

If it becomes successful, you will be receiving a huge amount of revenue by selling more and more products on your ecommerce website. Video marketing is an effective tool, if it’s utilized effectively it will result in


How Technology Helps Students with Writing Their Case Studies?

Academic writing was always hard — 100 years ago students hated it the same as now, no difference. All the advancements were met badly by teachers and the Internet and other technological methods of nowadays are of no difference.

How Technology Helps Students with Writing

The same goes for case study writing which can be academical and not. In this case, we will pay attention to academic case study writing and how technology helps students to deal with it.

More Information Faster

You could never get such an extended amount of information as you can now so fast. Hours and hours in libraries, talking with experts, often writing letters (actual letters, not emails!) to experts is long gone.

Of course, libraries are still operating, and you can find tons of valuable information in there, but still, your preliminary research will be done online. Very often, and the further the more, the entire research for case study writing is made solely online.

It is not surprising, as it is easier, it saves time and often it provides students with much more recent information than any library. It saves your time, so you have more time left to proofread your final draft, which helps you to get better grades.

Proofreading Gets More Professional