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14 Steps to Social Media Brand Building in 2020

Nowadays everyone is fighting for attention on social media since that’s exactly the place where most people put their attention.  Yet it’s not 2008 anymore and simply existing in the online space is not enough anymore – it takes much more effort than that to stand out from the competition and brands who are not willing to put in the work are missing out.

Ways to Social Media Brand Building in 2020

Social Media Brand Building

In this post, I will go over 9 different ways to differentiate from competitors and make your business stand out from the crowd on social media. Practically all brands today have their own social media accounts, but not all maximize them in making use of their abilities to help them engage with the social community. 

More than 1 billion people are active on Facebook, and there are more than 100 million people who are active on Instagram each month. Your brand can not afford to miss out on trying to engage as many of these users as it can.

1. Theme Your Accounts

Having a specific color palette and fonts are especially important for social media sites like Instagram where aesthetics play a huge role. Ideally, all your photos should have a similar look and feel, which is achievable by using the same filters or presets.

Instagram accounts with cohesive feeds are not only visually pleasing but also play a huge role in the brand identity. Your followers want to see visual consistency and if you fail to deliver that you’ll most likely lose followers or never gain many in the first place. One of my favorite examples of a well-themed Instagram account is Love Hair.

 Social Media Brand Building in 2020

Keep your theme consistent also on other channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube and others to reinforce brand recognition.

2. Use Storytelling

Storytelling essentially is the art of combining ideas with emotions. Tell stories that are captivating, inspirational and go along with the company’s values. The goal is to create a conversation instead of having a monologue about how great your Social Media Brand Building initiatives are. Tell your followers something that they will actually care about.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.” Seth Godin

However, make sure your stories are well thought out because our brains ignore cliches.

3. Choose The Right Social Networks

Getting your brands’ name out there can be challenging, especially in the beginning or if you simply have limited resources. Identify which are the social media channels where your target audience hangs around the most and out all attention and efforts there. You could be creating the most amazing content there is, but if you publish it on the wrong platform, it will be a huge waste, so do your research first.

4. Use Branded Short Links

Leave long, ugly links to the past because branded short links are the future. There’s a good reason why well-known brands use branded short links on their social media. They’re more memorable and aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, they improve brand awareness, brand recognition and really make the brand stand out. You can even start implementing smart URLs to create more personalized experiences.

5. Be Authentic

In this day and age being authentic has become something rare, especially when it comes to social media. Yes, it is tempting to create this seemingly perfect image of yourself/your brand online, but people are becoming numb to this and they can sense when others are not being authentic.

Moreover, always being perfect is not something most people can relate to. Keep a balance between sharing pretty images and also sharing stories that are interesting or funny. Don’t be afraid of adding personality to your Social Media Brand Building because that’s a surefire way to stand out online.

6. Leverage Influencer Marketing


Tools to Keep Your Data Safe Online

5 Security Tools to Keep Your Data Safe Online

Data protection is made out to be something only security experts can chime in on when it’s actually pretty easy to avoid most Internet threats as long as you know what to look out for. Once you check out these next five security tools, you’ll be fully prepared to face any online danger.

Security Tools to Keep Your Data Safe Online

Tools to Keep Your Data Safe Online

1. A Secure Browser

First things first: the one tool that allows you to interface with the Internet at large is your web browser. So, what better way to safeguard your data than using a secure browser, right?

Luckily, privacy-focused browsers are aplenty nowadays. Edward Snowden brought into the public consciousness just how little privacy you still have, so naturally, people worked against that. Browsers like Brave are built with ad-blocking capabilities by default, as well as the function of automatically upgrading all your connections to HTTPS wherever possible.

Why are those two important? Well, you might have heard that harmful ransomware was injected into ads on big sites like the BBC, the New York Times, and more. People already dislike intrusive advertising in general without having their systems infected and their files locked behind a criminal paywall. It’s no surprise that almost a third of all Internet users use an ad-blocker nowadays.

As for the HTTPS bit: HTTP is shorthand for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol that lets you view web pages in your browser. HTTPS is simply the secured version of that, using an encryption protocol to obfuscate the data you send and receive from a website. This includes but is not limited to account names and passwords. Using HTTP websites exposes your data to anybody snooping in, whether it’s a hacker on public Wi-Fi, your ISP, or a government agency like the NSA.

You can also add these functionalities to a browser you already use if you don’t feel like switching. Just use one of the following browser extensions and you’re set.

2. Security-Oriented Browser Extensions

We’ve already established that ads and HTTP are bad for your online security. Fortunately, you have three powerful allies to help out:

An ad-blocker like uBlock Origin – this one in particular blocks more than ads; it prevents known malware sites from loading, as well as ad trackers which are a privacy nightmare. It’s also low on resource usage, so you can clean up your browsing experience without any slow-downs.
A script blocker like uMatrix – this might be a bit overboard and has


How to Boost Content Marketing with Guest Blogging?

Over the last few years, Content Marketing has been the most talked about and popular marketing strategy to gain and retain the customers by creating relevant content within the niche.

Boost Content Marketing with Guest Blogging

It is estimated that the content marketing industry will be worth $412 billion by the end of 2021. You may be applying different content marketing strategies for your online business, but have you ever used the guest blogging to boost content marketing growth?

Guest blogging is a key strategy that you can implement to boost the content marketing growth of your business. In this article, we are going to discuss how to boost content marketing growth with guest blogging.

So, first of all, we will discuss what guest blogging is?

Guest Blogging is the process of posting your blog post on other authority blogs within your industry or niche. Guest blogging is often known as the guest posting, and it can also be said as one of the best content marketing strategies for your website if appropriately implemented.

Let’s bust the myth “Guest Blogging Is Dead”.

The digital marketing world has gone crazy after reading the ex-Google software engineer, Matt Cutts post about guest blogging. Some digital marketers opposed his opinion while some of them agreed what he was saying.

If you think the idea behind guest blogging is to build links, then, guest blogging is dead for you. But, if you see the other side of the spectrum and think that guest blogging can help you in increasing your authority and expanding your brand then, the same guest blogging can skyrocket your content marketing growth.

Hence, guest blogging is not dead, and it is the best marketing plan for your content.
Finally, that being said, the myth “Guest Blogging is Dead” is busted.

How will guest blogging help you?

Guest blogging helps you in several ways; some of them are listed below:

  • It builds your authority and credibility in your niche.
  • It helps you to get high-quality traffic to your blog or site.
  • It builds your community and reputation in the industry
  • It helps in your website’s SEO and also builds quality backlinks

Now, you can get all the above four benefits by


G Suite Organization Tools

G Suite Organization Tools Boost Company’s Productivity

G Suite Organization Tools can boost your company’s productivity and performance: Now is the best time to adopt it!

G Suite Organization Tools


In case you are still wondering whether you should switch to the G Suite organization plan that Google has made available for business executives, it’s highly probable that you are wasting on the golden opportunity.

Over the last couple of years, the implementation of G Suite in various industrial aspects has proven to be the biggest productive decision that small business owners, as well as larger enterprises, have made.

If you are confused whether G Suite for business is the best option for you, we believe you must not think twice about it and get started with the G Suite organization package, right away.

How it all started?

On April fool’s Day 2004, when Google first published their email app, Gmail, it hardly appeared to be an email app that could displace the company email industry standards set by Microsoft.

Google offered a generous 1 GB of storage facility, which was indeed innovative, and its mail organization capabilities and the quick searching abilities still distinguished it from other email providers. But for Hotmail and other private email service providers, Google seemed to be a threatening competitor.

The eventual construction of the G Suite Organization kit

However, piece by piece, Google has finally developed an organization-ready suite. Microsoft had developed the initial office suite; however, it was Google that brought the entire concept to the next level of excellence by making it available on the cloud, which took the concept beyond desktops.

Writely, an online writing app was quickly acquired by Google, and the product came to be known as the Google Docs.

Other applications quickly followed; bundled into a single package, which came to be renowned as the Google Apps for Your Domain, later re-branded as the Google Apps for Business, which was further rebranded as the G Suite.

Mass popularity for G Suite products

G Suite connects all the Google apps to the online office suite. The chances are high that you’re already accustomed to using certain applications from the house of Google for carrying out everyday tasks.

Maybe your private email is based on Gmail, or you might use


What should you look for in an SEO firm

What Should You Look for in an SEO Firm? 4 Point Checklist

Most entrepreneurs spend money and time in developing their website! However, this effort will yield no benefit if the site doesn’t generate revenue. Your site should generate a steady stream of high-end web traffic.

Some people are searching for the products and services that you specialize in. And a smart way to opt-in for this is by opting in for SEO, to make your site get an increased online rank organically.

How Should You Choose an SEO Firm?

What should you look for in an SEO firm

Most of the times, entrepreneurs make a mistake! They assume that SEO is a technical subject, which is best dealt by programmers and other geeks. Do you want to have a clear idea about SEO?

If yes, then you ought to know how Google assesses a site for online ranks. Google professes that a successful SEO for a website successfully makes it rank in a place where a neutral user wants to see it.  To execute a successful SEO process, you need to join hands with an ace SEO Company.

Finding an apt SEO firm is a challenging decision. You may use the steps that Google recommends.

1. Get a two-way review done

When you are selecting a service provider, a one-way interview is the most common process. Since SEO is dynamic, and touches of various aspects of an organization are marketing communications, it should have depth.

Your SEO Consultant should be genuinely interested in your business and attempt to make it a success. Here it’s essential to consider a few crucial questions, such as:

  • What is your brand USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? What’s the way you get customer value?
  • Do you know your users? How do they perceive you presently?
  • What is your site objective?
  • What are the various marketing channels you use?
  • Who are the other market players and your competitors? What are they providing as compared to your product and service?

2. Review the references

Once your SEO has successfully passed the initial test of concentrating on your complete success, there’s more to do.

It is essential to check if the brand has a successful SEO track record. Also, it’s necessary that they gained appreciation or popularity for the past three contacts. You can get talking with another and share pertinent points. You can ask questions such as:

  • How did the company rank on essential keywords? It is especially the case for renowned SEO agencies that have worked for other clients.
  • Were they helpful concerning work?
  • Did the agency deliver work on the committed time?
  • Did they provide a good suggestion?
  • Did they update your team about the way SEO search functions? If yes, then you have inputs to come up with additional links, content, and other navigation content.

3. You need to request for both search and technical audit

It is always better to do away with agencies that didn’t show concern for your company! It is also better to do away with SEO agencies that failed to provide you with adequate references. Now it’s time for you to assess the agencies individually.

You can ask them to conduct a search and technical audit. You need to have trust in these companies, as you will allow them to have a glimpse at some of your essential business aspects.

It’s a smart call to provide them with a limited view. They shouldn’t have the full access to Google Search Console as well as the analytics data.

Understanding search audit

Here the SEO agency should assess the website and its ranks! After that, it is essential to document the recommendations and findings, by simply starting a list of any problems that are making a site rank more. It gets followed by a recommendation list for resolving issues with appropriate actions.

Every problem and recommendation need to get supported with relevant references from published documents by Google. It includes the videos, articles, threads to ensure that this suggestion is current.

It will have a favorable impact on your search ranks. The recommendations should also consider all the technical limitations that an SEO agency might have found out from the development team. It’s essential to highlight the constraints in the audit.

The other things added in a search audit is the recommended place. It comprises of the expense for every step and the expected implementation time.

The search audit needs to infer with expected positive outcomes that you can anticipate in


Ways to Stop Your Business Wasting Money

The best ways to save money as a small business can be tricky at the best of times, but if you find yourself trying to work out where money is continuously being wasted, then you are going to need to take a look at many avenues of your business to see how you can cut back.

Going Green Saves Green

Not only will going green help save the planet, but it will also help you to reduce your outgoings dramatically. No matter what kind of space you work in, the more energy efficient it is, the less the bills are going to be.

Small changes such as using compact fluorescent bulbs can save three-quarters of a lighting bill a year.

Let Someone Else do the Hard Work

A company like Utility Bidder can help find the best business utility deals as they do all the hard work for you when trying to compare services used in business such as water, gas, and electric.

Paying over the

USB vs XLR: Choose a Microphone for Streaming

At the beginning of any streamer path, there are two ways you can go to understand all the nuances of high-quality sound: choose a USB or XLR microphone. And what is the difference?

USB vs XLR: Which Microphone to Choose for Streaming?

USB vs XLR: choose a microphone for streaming

Let’s start with the basics. A USB microphone connects directly to the same port on your computer, while an XLR microphone requires a connection via a recording interface or a digital interface. Read more useful information about microphones on microphonetopgear.

None of the above options can be called bad or good. Strictly speaking, most USB microphones use exactly the same components as their XLR assembles, and therefore the sound quality is comparable.

However, each of these types of connections will behave better in certain situations. In this article, we will look at the advantages of each configuration and help you decide on the choice for the streamer setup.

USB microphones

USB microphones such as Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti are the top choice for gamers. They sound great, they are easy to use and they do not require any additional gadgets. Blue Yeti, by the way, is a bestseller for gamers around the world; and this is no accident – it has simple control and plug-and-play connection (plugged in and forgotten).

USB microphones are ideal for single streamers and for gamers who travel a lot. But if your tasks are a bit wider – for example, you need to connect multiple microphones, a mixer or an external signal handler, then there is a small life hack with Yeti – you can choose the Pro version with USB and XLR.

Blue Yeti Pro is ideal for gamers who do not look for a compromise. These are the convenience of recording via USB, and the flexibility to connect via XLR. This is the first microphone that records a 24-bit/192 kHz digital signal in your home and can be connected to professional equipment in a studio.

Now you don’t have to choose from where to record – from home, studio or from the street – Yeti Pro has absorbed the best of two connection methods.


use web accessibility to improve SEO?

How to Use Web Accessibility to Improve SEO?

In the first place, you must remember that it is wrong to think that web accessibility has very less to give to web developers. The guidelines of WCA (Web Content Accessibility) and some of the practices of SEO overlap at times.

Use Web Accessibility to Improve SEO?

use web accessibility to improve SEO?

The percentage of users with disability stands at a rate of 25%. However, not all marketers have adopted this feature as essential, rather than treating it as an afterthought.

It is to note here that web developers that are considerate enough these new measures had their websites ranked higher than their competitors on popular web browsers.

If a website appears as inaccessible, it shows a lack of compliance and leaves a negative impact. Individuals with visual disabilities must have additional ways to consume content.

The feature of web accessibility is not limited for web developers only; even marketers must include as part of their strategies. So, they end up missing out on potential opportunities.

Web accessibility will not only improve the interface of your website but also make it more navigable. Thus, increasing the bounce rate with more such advantages.

Benefits of Web Accessibility on SEO

In the field of digital marketing, many such ways positively affect your SEO with proper accessibility. All such suggestions are listed below.

Following are a handful of the many benefits that you can bring forth. Have a look.

1. Small-Screen Compatibility

In today’s world, the number of mobile users has topped over desktop users. A larger amount of content is shared and generated by such users.

Therefore, this indicates the significance of mobile accessibility. Hence, you must ensure that your website is compatible with the smaller screen also. A lack of this practice can adversely ruin your SEO.

You must keep the resizable test option to that of 200% without the indulgence of third-party software. Also, keep in mind that the ratio of color contrast is essential for those suffering from color blindness.

2. Accurate Transcription

Non-text content such as pictures or infographics must include a brief analysis of the content that is to be displayed with alt attributes.

Assistive technology depends on alt attributes for the conversion of the content as per the convenience of the user. Hence, instead of giving a general description, put a more specific description.

For instance, if there is a picture of a baby, do not caption it as “a pic of a baby.” Instead, keep it as “a pic of a baby boy eating an apple.”

In case of video, you must provide transcribed and closed description, without relying on the auto-subtitles. Clips that have precise captions are encouraged by channels such as YouTube.

Thus, you must adhere to these strategies. Transcribing the caption into more languages is another great practice to improve the size of your viewers.

3. Persistent and Advances UI

Easy UI is one of the most striking elements of online marketing. Here, comes the importance of easy navigation. For instance, measures should be taken to make sure that your website is navigable utilizing just a keypad.

Also, ensure that there are numerous landmarks in the digital world of codes users are assisted in navigating a site without hearing to all of the texts.

This is a very important step. In fact, easy navigation is one of the prior targets of web accessibility. The inclusion of all these tactics will help you improve your SEO without any doubts.

4. Language Adaptability

The next important strategy is to ensure that every page has a descriptive and peculiar title. Along with that, it must also include proper codes of HTML that can identify the required language of that moment.

An application such as Screen Readers requires the above information to analyze the need and thereby communicate the content accordingly. Moreover, it is essential to make use of tools that are designed for the translation part.

In short, if you have a multi-lingual user, he/she should be able to analyze the displayed content without any difficulties. Hence, act to remove the language barrier, if there is any.

5. Regular Maintenance

This is the last, but not the least strategy that you must include. Developing a site with web accessibility is not enough. Measures should be taken to maintain it on a regular basis. It should never take a backseat after the initial set-up.

To occupy the top position, you require vigilance as well as consistency. Ensure that the flow of the content faces no obstruction.

Having a website that delves on these factors can make you stand ahead of others. It is a matter of huge responsibility and great pride.

Hence, you need to take special care so that there is no mistake in the information that is conveyed. You can conduct web accessibility testing on regular intervals for assurance.

A small note on ARIA

ARIA stands for Accessible Rich Internet Application. ARIA defines the set and ways of attributes to make online contents more accessible to individuals with disabilities. This set of instructions is developed with the JavaScript.

It works in a way to transmit information to Assistive Technology. For instance, it ensures that navigation landmarks in JavaScript appear from error texts and much more. ARIA attributes may be extended and updated utilizing JavaScript and also houses them directly.

Having Web Accessibility is a must

You must be familiar with the notion of web accessibility, especially if you are

Project Management Software

Top 10 Project Management Software 2019

Startups start with an Idea, a team and tasks that are aligned to achieve an objective. For startups, collaboration is the key. I am listing here top ten best project management software tools that you must be using in order to manage your project with greater efficiency and ease.

Best Project Management Software 2019

Therefore, they need a way to organize the process in a streamlined manner. Whether it’s to manage team mates or to assign specific roles to them, project management software does it all. They help in process automation and smooth execution of the project pipeline.

1. Wrike:

It’s free to use project management software and is currently quite popular among startups. The tool is ideal for a team that consists of up to 5 people and offers plenty of paid add-ons to let users use its advanced and exclusive features.


  • Organized File Management
  • Seamless Communication
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Easy Time Tracking
  • Reporting Using Real-time Data
  • Visual Timelines
  • Resource Management
  • Efficient Task Management

The tool enables real-time activity stream and offers an easy way to collaborate on group projects. The tool easily keeps track of task changes and discussions. Another key benefit of using best project management software Wrike is that it can be integrated with common third-party storage applications such as Box and Dropbox. Moreover, the software comes packed with private messaging service and extensive privacy settings for projects.

2. Trello

Trello comes second on our list of ace yet free project management software. Created by a former Toyota vice president, Taiichi Ohno, the tool allows you to create visual representations of the steps being carried out during the project.


  • Detailed & Quick Overviews of Front/Back Cards
  • Easy, Drag-and-Drop Editing
  • In-Line Editing
  • Easy Organization with Labeling, Tags, and Comments
  • Progress Meter Checklist
  • Card Records Archive
  • File Attachment

The software represents every task as a card and the free version of the software gives easy access to unlimited boards, cards, members, checklists and attachments on its free plan. This is a lightweight tool and consumes only 10 MB of storage space.

3. Orchard Collaboration

best Project Management Software

The Orchard Collaboration is an open source collaboration suite that centralizes project management by bringing together project workflows, content management and ticketing management.


  • Activity-Stream per project, user
  • Add custom sub-sections to projects
  • Cardwall
  • Customizable project dashboard
  • Discussions per project
  • Follow / unfollow project items
  • Invite customers to projects
  • Milestone Planning
  • Milestones per project
  • Permissions controls per project
  • Tickets and issues per project
  • Wikis per project

The software offer fully customizable project management features with varied range of project authorization. Using the tool, you can also create individual project dashboards and create planning milestones.

4. TimeWeek

Let’s have a look at third tool. TimeWeek is ideally best for you if your team strength is 5 or less. The software is a cloud-hosted project management tool that provides features like basic time and expense tracking, timesheet management, a mobile application and integration with QuickBooks. Besides easy to use dashboard, TimeWeek offers unlimited storage and excellent online, phone and email support.

5. Hubbion

Hubbion is an absolutely free task management and collaboration tool. Ideal for small to medium-sized business, the software offers features for delivering standardized projects without burning your investment. It’s an open source tool with all features and functionalities such as quick-view dashboard, task planner, unlimited collaboration and more for free.


  • Quick View Dashboard
  • Visually Interactive Indicators
  • Export Active Tasks
  • Third Party Collaboration

6. Workep

Workep is a project management tool that’s designed and developed for professionals who use Google’s G-Suite. The tool works fine with most of the Google apps say Sheets, Calendar, Docs and others.


  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Gantt Chart
  • Time tracker
  • Budget tracker
  • Voice notes
  • Templates
  • Roles
  • Integration with G Suite
  • Inbox

The tool is available for free for users with active Google account and offers features include instant search, automated graphs, task tracking and more. The software even allows users an option to integrate Google Drive files into different projects, sync all schedules and events with Google calendar. Users can also collaborate with other members using Google Hangouts.

7. Gantter

Top 10 Project Management Software

Gantter is a web-based project management tool and free to use. This free project management software tool can be integrated with Google apps and Microsoft’s own project management software, Microsoft Project.


  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Collaboration
  • Google Drive integration
  • Real Time View

Key features of the tool include task tracking, cost tracking, resource & workload tracking, interactive Gantt chart and risk management.  It’s a cloud based app and available in 20+ native languages.

 8. KanbanFlow

KanbanFlow helps Managers measure project performance and dive deeper into full view of how the projects are progressing. Free version of the software offers powerful features like customized workflow, WIP limits, subtasks, swimlanes, filter and more. Moreover, KanbanFlow offers rest-based API to enable users connect with third party providers.


  • Add tasks from email
  • Analyze and improve your process and workflow
  • Assign collaborators
  • Built for speed
  • Collaboration in real time
  • Copy boards
  • Data import and export
  • File and document attachment
  • Filter and search
  • Integrate KanbanFlow with other systems

9. Taiga

Best Nutrition Tech Gadget and Innovation

6 Best Nutrition Tech Gadget and Innovation 2019

There has been a major rise in consumers being attracted to health-related products and services.

Now more than ever. Investing in consumer trends is a goldmine for businesses and as you’d expect they’ve made the most of health-conscious consumers and began creating innovative products for them to cash in on.

6 Best Nutrition Tech Gadgets 2019

Best Nutrition Tech Gadget and Innovation

Now, we’re seeing plenty of nutritional brands promising us the solution in solving our unhealthy habits.

Whether it’s a new form of health supplement or smart juicer, there seems to be a resolution to every possible health issue. With a range of products to choose from, it can be difficult to understand which ones are the best for us.

So, how do we know which best nutrition tech gadgets will be beneficial? Here are some of the recent innovations that you need to know to continue your healthy habits in 2019.

1. Beko Vacuum Blender

 For a real health kick and efficient gadget to make the most of your smoothies, consider the Beko Vacuum Blender. The blender uses vacuum technology that helps to remove air from the blender before blitzing all your ingredients.

This helps to retain the valuable nutrients and minerals that you can find in the body. There can be instances when you might choose to drink the smoothies over a few days, storing it for later consumption.

With the vacuum blender, you can be sure that your smoothie will taste just as smooth as when you first made it. The vacuum process in the blender helps to retain the nutrients that help to keep food fresh for longer.

2. Hydrate Spark 2.0 Connected Water Bottle

 You possibly couldn’t ever imagine that something as simple as a water bottle could be made anymore beneficial than it already is. However,

Top Video Marketing Strategies For eCommerce?

Top Video Marketing Strategies For eCommerce

When you come across with the decision about how to showcase products on your e-commerce website, you stuck with product videos vs product images.

A lot of e-commerce businesses would prefer using product images because e-commerce videos are expensive and time-consuming to create as compared to images.

Top eCommerce Video Marketing Strategies

Top Video Marketing Strategies For eCommerce?

Videos require specialized tools and resources to get you going. You can hire an eCommerce website development company to build an exclusive platform for you with product descriptions through videos. However, it will add additional cost to your eCommerce development project.

Moreover, in spite of the challenges, videos are always worth using as a marketing tool. E-commerce videos are usually in the form of product videos, which are utilized for showcasing value of the products offered by you and drive sales.

In this post, we will spread light on top video marketing strategies for eCommerce that will help leverage the potential of videos for the benefits of your business.

Why should you consider using eCommerce video marketing?

You can avail certain benefits for your business by using videos for product marketing which cannot be obtained with still images. Videos are engaging and provide users a better understanding of products as they can visualize how the product looks in real life.

While some still images of a bag gives a lot of information about it, a video can provide much deeper and strong visual cues about how much pockets it has, how it looks on a person and more.

So, videos can help you building confidence among customers in making a purchase. A trusted ecommerce website development company can help you implement the best product videos to showcase products.

Strategies for effective video marketing

Video marketing has become a major a part in the boosting online sales. 65% customers are more likely to purchase a product after watching its video online. Following are some strategies you can utilize for video marketing.

Share product videos at multiple places

Videos are effective and you can get the best results from videos by using them at multiple touchpoints online. You can use the videos on following channels:

Your site: You can include videos on home page, if possible, but product pages are the important place to put the videos. If videos are added to every product page and they are placed at the right place like when customers see ‘Add to cart’ button, then it will positively impact the purchase decisions of your customers.

Email newsletters: Videos can help increasing CTR and you can send them with email newsletters to convince people about products and persuade for purchases.

Social media networks: Videos added on social media can do wonders and they are shared, spreading to more and more people. You can harness this potential by adding videos that tell story of your brand and show your personality.

Ad campaigns: Videos are effective sales techniques for new and existing customers that can be used for diverse ad campaigns. It is a good tool for targeting new customers and retargeting existing customers.

Stick to a theme for every product video

Once you start creating a product video, you will find that there are different directions in which your video may go.

You should pick a theme for every video and stick with it, you can get more benefits by offering consistent videos for every product. You can pick any of the following themes for creating videos:

Video tutorials: This type of videos include “How to use” videos which tells customers about how specific features of a product works. By using how-to videos, you can inform a lot customers about your product.

Product close-ups: They are a popular type of video marketing which include literal close-ups of a product. It often displays the product from multiple angles. There may or may not be any narration or text describing varied features of a product in video.

Product manual – showing installation, setup and troubleshooting: This type of video may seem to fall under tutorial type of videos. However, there is a distinction, in this type videos not only tell about how to use a product, but also describe setup, installation and troubleshooting methods on more technical level.

Remember these tips while creating ecommerce product videos: 

Ready to create high-converting top video marketing strategies, read these tips given below for the best results.

Make it short:

The world is fast-pacing and no one has much time, so keeping product videos short should be your goal. A shorter video is always better for product marketing. However, there may be exceptions because many people love watching longer videos too, but you must ensure that the video length is optimal as per audience.

Though, tutorials may be little lengthy, but you want to keep them short. If you keep the video short, it also helps you manage your site loading speed as too much longer videos can make your site sluggish.

Quality is important

Quality always matters. Ensure that the video you create have excellent visuals and clear sound. The video should contain appealing visuals with a sound that can be clearly heard.

Remove sound from background

You will never want your customers to hear background sound like a mosquito buzz. Remove the sound from background as much as possible to provide a clear sound. You can add background music to make it more entertaining and engaging.

Wrapping up!

You can build an exclusive ecommerce platform that contains product videos with the help of an ecommerce website development company. Doing this may cost you more money and time, but it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run.

If it becomes successful, you will be receiving a huge amount of revenue by selling more and more products on your ecommerce website. Video marketing is an effective tool, if it’s utilized effectively it will result in


How Technology Helps Students with Writing Their Case Studies?

Academic writing was always hard — 100 years ago students hated it the same as now, no difference. All the advancements were met badly by teachers and the Internet and other technological methods of nowadays are of no difference.

How Technology Helps Students with Writing

The same goes for case study writing which can be academical and not. In this case, we will pay attention to academic case study writing and how technology helps students to deal with it.

More Information Faster

You could never get such an extended amount of information as you can now so fast. Hours and hours in libraries, talking with experts, often writing letters (actual letters, not emails!) to experts is long gone.

Of course, libraries are still operating, and you can find tons of valuable information in there, but still, your preliminary research will be done online. Very often, and the further the more, the entire research for case study writing is made solely online.

It is not surprising, as it is easier, it saves time and often it provides students with much more recent information than any library. It saves your time, so you have more time left to proofread your final draft, which helps you to get better grades.

Proofreading Gets More Professional

How Instagram has Transformed the Fitness Industry?

What are the chances of you opening up Instagram and at least one person on your feed has posted a photo of their fitness regimes, healthy meals or new workout attire? The answer is high.

Fitness Industry and Instagram

Instagram’s popularity has been growing significantly over the last few years, particularly within the fitness industry. Whether you are repulsed or encouraged by it, Instagram has started a fitness revolution that cannot be avoided.

Our social media feeds have been flooded with images of the ideal which is perpetuated through society through a multitude of digital actions such as the ‘double tap’, shares and screenshots.

Why is Instagram so Popular within the Fitness Industry?

Instagram has provided personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts with a platform to offer advice and support for other that are trying to reach their fitness goals.

People are attracted to the photo evidence that highlights progression and results which gives people the encouragement and attitude that anything is possible.

Whether you are working towards a bikini body, training towards your next bodybuilding competition, or simply just trying to lose/gain weight and tone up, Instagram has become society’s go-to platform for fitness inspiration and motivation with evidence that makes the impossible seem possible.

How Powerful is Instagram?

How Instagram has Transformed the Fitness Industry

With over 1 billion monthly active users and over 95 million photos and videos uploaded every day, Instagram has an immense power to connect people from all over the world. Such power has enabled Instagram to become a platform for large businesses and organisations to gain more coverage for their brand and products.

It has also become such powerful platform within mobile and app developers that personal trainers, health experts and fitness enthusiasts can capitalise significantly on.

Diet plans, workouts and health supplements are increasingly promoted across social media, particularly now public figures and influencers can promote such brands on their Instagram accounts just by the upload of a photo and use of a hashtag.

Each day, our feeds are showered with images of what is sought to be the ‘ideal’ figure which promotes sculpted curves, defined abs, peachy glutes and solid muscles.

Although this can be seen as problematic as some deem it to be promoting unrealistic goals, the images can be used positively to show off personal achievements or as inspiration to encourages others to continue living a healthy lifestyle in order to see results.

Fitness Apparel

Instagram has also caused significant movements in the fashion industry by infusing the world of style and sport, creating a hybrid style we now know as ‘athleisure’ which is currently one of the hottest trends.

Athleisure (the combination of gym wear and casual wear) has turned leggings, hoodies, sports bras and running trainers into one of the biggest areas for market growth as people have begun wearing them for social purposes as well as fitness purposes.

The athleisure explosion has been fuelled by the Instagram led cult of healthy living and clean eating. Influencers are constantly posting pictures of themselves modelling new protein shake whilst wearing their latest gym apparel.

This trend can now be seen in popular high street shops such as H&M and Primark which have released fitness ranges in an attempt to keep up with the Instagram trends.

Instagram Food Revolution

In our Instagram era, one trend that has proliferated in recent years is the obsession with food photography.

It has now become the normality to sit and eagerly await your order, but not to eat it, to take a picture and upload it to Instagram. Let’s be honest, by the time we’ve got it Instagram worthy, the foods usually gone cold!

Instagram has transformed societies eating habits by displaying tonnes of delicious pictures of healthy food and recipes that are posted by fitness fanatics, encouraging people to eat healthy.

We are all now used to the idea that the camera eats first and thanks to Instagram, there is a lot of knowledge and information out there about healthy eating which has turned vegetables which were once something you would try and hide under you knife and fork, into delicious dishes that we can wait to eat.

The Influence of Influencers

Influencers have become extremely popular within the world of Instagram. The concept of an influencer is only possible because of how social media has changed how we perceive and process digital media.

Fitness influencers have become some of the


Google budget planner forecasting tool

Google Has Just Rolled Out Budget Planner Forecasting Tool

Google has reportedly rolled out a new Budget Planner tool for Google Ads campaigns. Advertisers and digital marketers spotted this new feature under the Tools menu in Google Ads.

Google Budget Planner Forecasting Tool

Google Budget Planner Forecasting Tool

Probably, this is gradually rolling out so it may take some more time to reflect in your Google Ads accounts.

Using the Budget Planner forecasting tool, advertisers can choose clicks or conversions as a key metric in order to plan their advertisement.

The Google budget planner forecasting tool offers other targeting options as well including ‘clicks and spend’ or average CPC if you choose clicks as the primary metric. Similarly, when you use conversion as your key metrics, you may choose conversions and spend or average CPA options.

When you choose a target, you can manually enter a target amount, or you can choose existing amount from “