Is SteamUnlocked Safe, Legal and Legit?



We all love steam games. Playing these games is a truly enthralling experience. The only downside that disappoints us is the fees that we pay to unlock game content as it advances through stages. Gamers always want to explore ways to access and download Steam games for free. Torrents are probably the finest way to download steam games for free.


Unless you have chosen the right torrent website, the download may be risky and lead to virus attacks. For safe and simple Steam game downloads you can rely on SteamUnlocked. This is a very popular platform where you can download zip files of your favorite game for free.

What is

You have rightly guessed it. SteamUnlocked is a very popular platform that allows you to download games. They are different from ordinary torrent websites as the games available for download are pre-installed. Gamers needn’t download and install the game.

Instead, just download the game’s ZIP file, extract it, and start playing the game. The website hosts video games in multiple categories including shooters racing, simulators, action, and VR.

Is SteamUnlocked Safe to Use?

One question that scares gamers is whether or not SteamUnlocked is safe to use. And the answer is- it’s absolutely safe. There is no doubt about it. Gamers who frequently use this platform for downloading the games have never raised any safety or privacy concerns with the service.

We suggest you not confuse Steamunlock with Steamnlocked. Steamunlock is a scam, a fake platform with malware risks involved. On the contrary, Steamunlocked is a completely legit website with no malware threats.

However, it’s recommended to use an extension like nova to notify if the website redirects to any suspicious site.

While using SteamUnlocked, you may encounter unwanted ads and pop-ups that are sometimes accidentally clicked and create a nuisance. To prevent these unwanted ads, you can use an adblocker.

Some gamers complain about frequent notifications on the website. If this is the case with you too, you can remove this by just right-clicking on one of the notifications. In case you want to block all notifications, you can do it from the website.

There are multiple signs that establish the platform’s safety. Even if you’re new to the platform, you don’t need to signup or register an account. The platform doesn’t ask for any money to download the games.

If some websites offer tricks for free Steam game downloads from this website, they are fake.

Is SteamUnlocked Legit?

Gamers who can afford to play paid games usually look for legit websites. But why waste money if these paid games can be downloaded and played for free via SteamUnlocked. After all who doesn’t want to enjoy services for free.

However, game developers invest resources, efforts, and money to create games and make them available for download by paying a few bucks. Ethically, downloading the paid games for free is wrong.

Most people use torrent websites to download games. These websites are legal in some countries. But instead of relying on this website, you should rely on Steamunlocked.

The platform provides the solution way better than a website. Since you are downloading the game without paying any money, it’s treated as illegal and a clear case of content infringement.

Is Steamunlocked a virus?

Not at all. Any game that you download from SteamUnloked is safe to download. The platform runs regular checks to find and fix malware and trojan viruses. Though the game content is virus-free, downloading it for free is illegal.

The content being downloaded is pirated, copied, and decrypted from the original source. The practice of illegally downloading games from the platform is a complete injustice to the developers who have developed these games.

What are the Good Things about Steamunlocked?


There are multiple good things about this platform that make it distinct from fake websites that claim to be a SteamUnlocked competitor. These signs indicate that the website is genuine.

It Never asks for Signup:

The platform never asks gamers to sign up or register an account to download and play the games. The website is free to use. In any case, a website is asking for signup before proceeding further, it’s a fake website. Leave it immediately.

There are No Profit Testimonials:

If someone claims that he has won good profits on SteamUlocked by downloading and playing games, it’s a fake claim. Ignore such a website. This platform doesn’t endorse any such crap.

SteamUnlocked Doesn’t Disclose User Details:

Steamunlocked do not disclose any personal details about users since the content available on the platform is pirated and downloading such content is illegal.

No Redirections:

While you’re on the platform, it doesn’t redirect you to malware sites or links. If you’re redirected, the website is fake.

No Virus Threat:

As we already said, the website is free from any kind of virus. The content on the platform is safe and verified. If you find multiple pop-ups or unwanted redirections while browsing the site, you’re probably on the wrong site.

Why is SteamUnlocked not banned?

Unlike SteamUnlock, SteamUnlocked is a genuine website. SteamUnlock is a scam and a cheap clone as well as a dangerous rip-off.

Despite a platform offering game downloading services for free, SteamUnlocked is also a pirated games site. However, it is much safer and entertaining.

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