Freshbooks Review [2020]: Top Accounting Software

# Last Updated On: December 4, 2020 #

Do you run a small business and aim at growing it into a big venture? You need to have the best accounting system.

Technology has made things very easy for you. With Freshbooks software, you will never miss track of any single dollar from your business. The software offers you accounting and invoicing abilities that you will not find in other accounting software.

Freshbooks Review [2020]

Here is a Freshbooks review that will help you understand why it is the best choice for your business.

Key Beneficial Features of Freshbooks

Freshbooks has the best features that are tailored to suit your invoice accounting requirements. The inbuilt automation of the processes helps you to save time. The latest version of this accounting software allows you to enjoy the features below.


Those who have used this software will attest to you that it has a stylish dashboard you can use to get essential data about your business finances very fast. On the dashboard, you will find graphs that simplifies your expenditure as well as the outstanding revenue.

That is not all. It gives you revenue streams, your unbilled time, and total profit on the same dashboard. Are you in need of a quick vital report? You can access it on the dashboard from the side menu.

Go to the top-right-hand corner of your screen. There is a create button. Look at the bottom right-hand corner and find a help button, and you will have the report you seek. Isn’t it simple and amazing?


Are you done with your services item listing? Go on and embed the prices along with each item. That way, you are set to create your invoices within a few minutes. It will save you time and focus your effort on other pressing issues.

Freshbooks review from others attests you don’t have to use excel sheets or PDF forms that will consume your time in creating invoices. You can send professional invoices and manage them with ease. All you need is Freshbooks software.

Expense Tracker

If you need to see whether your business is making positive progress, you have to monitor income and expenses. With Freshbooks expense tracker, you get every detail of the money spent.

Freshbooks review on the app is something that will excite you. You may want to take pictures of all the receipts received and then log them as expenses. Freshbooks app allows you to take very clear images that capture all the essential expense details.

Once you have taken pictures, sort them into credit card transactions. You can even classify them into transactions imported from your bank accounts. Are you done? Go on and include them into invoices once you have marked them as billable.

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The software allows you to attach the expenses to your projects or clients. That way, you will remain within your budget plan since you can review all that you spend.

Time Tracking

Since you use billable hours, Freshbooks allows you to track all the time you have used on your projects or your team. You can download a chrome extension if you are using a desktop and begin tracking your time with ease.

If you want to track your time data even when on the go, you can install the Freshbooks app on your mobile device. In case you forgot to stop your timer, the software offers you an option to use a manual process to input your time data the moment you complete your project.

Freshbooks Proposals and Estimate

Your client may require you to give proposals and estimates. That helps them to create proposals and generate invoices that have a direct connection with the projects. Freshbooks software has a feature that allows you to perform that task with ease.

Freshbooks Projects

You aim to make a good business deal. That will require you to manage and track the entire project. Freshbooks software has a feature that enables you to attain that. You can create a space where you collaborate with members of your team and other clients.

If you want to chat with your clients and team members, you can do it through Freshbooks. It is also easy for you to share important files with them whether you would like to engage your group in discussions or set the project deadline, all that is possible with this feature.

Freshbooks Payments

Freshbooks review from clients about payment options has been positive since it was launched. Are you looking for, safe, quick, and easy payment process? You can trust this software.

The system offers you the option to accept payment online via tripe or Freshbooks payments. You can use it to allow transfers. Expenses are recorded instantly. If you are waiting for international payment, you can receive it through stripe.

Any payment from a client is received within the invoice. That makes the payment fast and simple. If you are a client t and you wish to make payment via credit cards, it can be done. Among the most significant advantages is you can accept payments from anywhere across the globe.

Freshbooks Reporting

To prosper in your business requires you to stay on top of the game. Freshbooks review on reporting is fantastic. You will create all kinds of reports that will help you know how your business is faring. It is also easier for you to print and distribute the crucial report to your teams and clients

Contact Management

With Freshbooks software, you can add crucial clients’ info. You can use it to include critical notes. In case you want to create a reminder for your customers, you can have it done with ease. The stylish Freshbooks client’s page shows you graphs with outstanding amounts, the draft amount, and all the money overdue.

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What about Freshbooks Pricing?

Besides the unique features you are offered by this accounting software, the company gives you quality services at a friendly cost. There are many different pricing plans, and you can select the one that suits your business most.

Any plan you choose, the payment will depend on features that come with it and the active clients you have. With as low as 15$ in a month, you can begin enjoying the lite plan. But you are offered a 30-day free trial before you can make your purchase decision.

If you have many clients and want to enjoy many Freshbooks features, it will cost you higher than other plans. But you are assured of the best services. The advanced program offers you the best, and it is worth the price.

Freshbooks Customer Service

You are guaranteed excellent customer services through the company’s support team. Anytime you need any assistance, you can call or email them. Besides, their online website offers you clear information, technical or just inquiry.

Pros of Freshbooks

  • User friendly and easy to use interface
  • You can use its dashboard to control multiple accounting functions
  • It offers you quick and detailed customer service 24/7
  •  You can easily track the time spent on the project.
  • Allows you to use a mobile app


  • Restricts usage. You can only make a single entry
  • The cost is a bit high compared to others.


The above is a simple yet educational Freshbooks review. I hope you have gone through it and seen what the software offers. If you were to make your decision today, it is the best accounting software for your business. You can use it to create invoices and track all aspects of your business with ease.

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