17 Best Money Making Apps of 2020 That Pay Real Money

Do you know that you can earn extra money from the comfort of your mobile phone? It doesn’t matter whether it is a side hustle, a real job, or just something to keep you busy during your free time. There are several money-making apps that can earn you supplemental income.

17 App to Make Money Online

money making apps

Although the apps will not make you rich instantly, they help you have some cash in your pocket most of the time. Here are great money-making apps that will help you reach your goal in 2020.

1. Foap

Foap money-making app provides you with an easy way to earn money by selling your photos and videos. All you need to do is create a profile and begin uploading your photos. Once the interesting brand or agency buys an image, you will have to split the income with the foap app owner. Being an easy app to earn money, it has \over2.9 million selling their images on this platform.

2. Ipoll

If you are interested in taking surveys using an app to make money online, then this is the place for you. It is the top choice money making an app that you need to consider. It is similar to Google’s rewards. You only need to answer a question to earn money. The question concerns either a product or service that you are using.

3. Swagbucks

This money-making app offers its users with points upon online shopping. Browsing, surveys, or even watching videos are other activities that will earn you money through Swagbucks.

4. Sweat coin

Did you know you can earn money for walking? Sweat coin is the best money making an app that you can use. You need to keep it running in the background of your smartphone every time. That way, it will keep track of your footstep, and you will earn a certain amount for the steps you make. Several brands have partnered with this app to make it possible.

5. Fluid market

Not everyone has a car, or let’s say a vehicle. If you have one, you can use this money-making app to rent your vehicle to another person for tours for the agreed time. This app is available on either Android or iOS devices. With the tool’s help, people will know when it is available, and they will reach out via the app.

6. Uber

I am certain you have across uber, one of the best money making apps in india. It is among the great money-making apps that offer you a great chance to take a ride. You can use the app to get paid after driving your clients. You can use your car in your free time to carry people and earn. All you need to do is turn on the Uber app every time you are ready to work.

7. My points

This money-making app is similar to Swagbucks. You earn rewards in point, but you can later convert them into money. You can use the point to make purchases from the online store. My points program has been added to many online stores like Walmart, Amazon, etc.

8. Ibotta

The ibotta money-making app has a unique twist when it comes to cash rewards. You are supposed to pay for the purchases you make via this app to all physical stores. Besides, you can upload your receipt of the purchased goods so that you can earn your rewards. However, its network is not extensive, meaning they have few ibotta partners and not many compared to other money-making apps.

9. Mercari

This is a marketplace app for selling goods. It is more of the Offer-up app though it doesn’t have the in-person meet-ups option. You can list the item immediately after you download it. It’s among the great money-making apps that offers you with printable labels for shipping through the email. You do not need any fee to use the mercari app.

10. Survey junkie

Are you looking for legitimate money making apps? Get on board with survey junkie and earn extra cash. Any time you may be, it’s the best app to help you earn with ease. All you will be required to do is sign up and begin taking surveys.

11. Inbox dollars

This is a cash rewards website that will pay you in exchange for doing some online tasks. It can be filling questionnaires or playing games. It’s one of the money-making apps that helps you to get money right from your phone. Just verify your email address, perform tasks given, and get up 5 dollars as a first time user.

12. Pluribus

Have you bought something online, and the cost of the item went down sometimes after? The store may be owing you a refund. With this app, you can get a refund for the items you already bought. It’s among the best money making apps that will help you save costs.

13. com

Some of the best money making apps enable you to link with investors that can help you grow. Punlic.com has the best features that can help you get money. It offers you the ability to invest in slices even if you don’t have thousands of dollars. Through slices, you can buy fractional shares, and that makes everything easy as you start.

14. Wikibuy

It’s a shopping app and browser extension that allows you to compare the cost of items from multiple retailers. Do you shop online through Wikibuy? You will earn credits based on your purchases. Saving money is making money. Just begin buying through this app, and you will earn good rewards. It’s among the top most trusted money making apps that will help you save and grow your financial base.

15. Acorns

Want money-making apps that help you to invest? This app will offer you the best. With this app, the little you save after purchasing something is taken and invested. That way, you will begin getting dividends, and before you know it, your pocket will be full. Just download the app and round up to your nearest dollar.

16. Stash

Stash is also a good app that can help you to earn money. It has made it simple for you to invest. The app will round your purchases. Then whatever you save, you can invest. Get the app today and increase your chances to earn more with ease.

17. Helo app

Do you seek money making apps with millions of users you can chat and make a friendship? You will never go wrong with this one. You can get 350 rupees for recruiting just one user.


There are the best apps to make money fast. You need to be very cautious when handling these apps. First of all, you need to conduct due diligence before downloading any of the money-making apps.

Ensure the app you download has several positive reviews from different users. You also need to read through the negative reviews to be sure reasons the users are unhappy with the app.

From there, you can easily sign up to create these apps by use of an email address. Avoid those apps that ask sensitive questions as they could be a potential scam. Use the list of the money-making apps provided to get started in 2020.

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