10 Best Free Invoice Generators For Contractors

As a contractor, generating invoices could be a serious headache because you already have too many things on your plates. However, you cannot take it for granted as the invoice you sent to your client shows professionalism.

Best Free Invoice Generators

Thus, the invoice generator comes to the rescue. Want to know the good part about this invoice? All of them are budget-friendly and provide free invoice templates for certain limited invoices.

1. InvoiceOwl

The first one on our list is InvoiceOwl, an efficient online invoice generator. The software allows you to generate professional invoices for free within a few clicks. InvoiceOwl offers primary and advanced features in a budget-friendly price range.

InvoiceOwl helps to generate estimates and other features like purchase orders, quotations, tracking, payments, and reports. It helps to send a real-time notification when the clients get the invoice. The seamless process helps to make payments faster and enhances customer experiences.

The invoice records and saves your client information like name, contact number, and email. You can download the professional invoices in PDF, MS Word, and MS Excel. The InvoiceOwl allows you to accept multiple payments through multiple platforms like credit, debit, online payment, or stripe.


  • Free 14-days trial
  • The premium version starts from $9.99/ per month

2. Invoice Generator

Free Invoice Generators

Invoice generator is one of the best cloud-based invoice software. The reason why it stands out at the top is because of its effortless features and easy to create invoices. It lets you create a customized invoice such as the company’s logo, fonts, customer details, and more.

Invoice Generator is quite helpful because it allows you to fill in all necessary information about payment and job tasks. Moreover, you can add discounts and shipping rates from the total payment which you can save a copy of.

Also, you can send your copy directly to clients with third-party integration or in the form of PDF files.


  • Free Invoice Template
  • Plan price starts from $500/ per month

3. Zoho Invoice

If you are in the business for a quite long time, you would have heard of Zoho once. It is quite old and renowned software for generating invoices. Zoho Invoice helps to remain about the developing payment.

The automated process provides online payment, GST-compliant invoices, a faster payment process, time-tracking, and estimation. Moreover, you can set auto-reminder emails for customized payments.

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Zoho invoice allows you to track expenses with its workflow automation process. It also operates in multiple languages. The invoice generator assists to create estimates of discounts and rated prices. It is available on the web, Android, and iOS.


Free to use with 5 customer limit

4. FreshBooks

Another one on the list of best online invoice generators is FreshBooks. It is a good software for contractors as it allows you to create professional and customized invoices. Moreover, they have options of hundreds of free invoice templates to download.

FreshBooks also lets you do bank transfers and accept credit cards with their invoice generators. It assists you to keep a track of overdue invoices and setting reminders of payment.

From time tracking to expense entries, you can get multiple templates with FreshBooks.


  • Free 30-days trial
  • Multiple pricing plans
  • Starts from $6/ per month up to 5 clients

5. Wave

Free Invoice Generators

If you are looking for invoice generators that help you to manage seamless cash flow, Wave is for you. The cloud-based invoice software has important features like invoicing, payment tracking, billing management, receipt scanner, accounting, and payroll management.

The easy-to-navigate function helps businesses to manage invoices and generate customized invoices including logo, company detail, and color. Wave is integrated with third-party companies like PayPal and Etsy; thus, the operation becomes easier.

It allows you to store and back up numerous data on the cloud. By adopting Waves, you can get insight reports of sales, tax, profit, and loss. So, the decision-making turns quicker.


  • Sign up is free
  • Credit card service cost starts with a $1 minimum fee

6. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most used payment software. But PayPal is not just limited to being a payment account, it is also an effortless invoice generator. PayPal is quite popular among freelancers and small businesses.

The generator is easy to use and provides high security when it comes to information on credit cards and payments. You can also cancel payment effortlessly within a click. It is the only invoice generator that helps to secure your money from online fraud.

You can get PayPal on iOS and Android. Another useful feature of this software is that you can send money to anyone through email or contact number with PayPal.


  • Free for sign up
  • Processing fees are 2.9% per transaction.

7. Invoice Ninja

Free Invoice Generators

Invoice Ninja is different from other generator platforms because it provides an inventory feature along with an invoice generator. The cloud-based software provides invoices, payment, and billing. As it is a cloud-based platform, your data can easily be synced and accessed through multiple devices.

You can create professional invoices with customization, the generator provides a template as well as the option of creating from scratch as per the user’s choice. The invoice can be downloaded directly or printed from the web or mobile platform.

Also, Invoice Ninja is synced with third-party integrated apps like PayPal for the payment gateways. It supports multiple languages and currencies.


Free up to 100 clients

8. Square

Another free invoice generator that will help you to grow in business is Square. The cloud-based software functions a little differently from others. Like in this software all you need to do is fill in the customer’s email and amount details.

You can customize invoices such as adding a logo, attachment, color, and fonts to add a personal touch to your invoices. It can get easily synced with multiple devices and platforms. The information you will add will also get synced in this free software.

Square provides a customer portal, scheduling invoices, time-tracking, and invoice history. You can get insightful data reports and with that, you can analyze business performance. It is available on the web and mobile platforms.


  • Free mobile software
  • Unlimited invoice starts from $20/per month

9. Invoice Simple

Free Invoice Generators

As the name suggested, invoice simple is one of the simple platforms to generate a professional invoice. The software is popular among small businesses as it helps to organize and manage financial transactions.

The cloud-based software allows having a streamlined workflow by accepting all forms of payment for transactions such as credit and debit cards, cash, and cheques. Invoice Simple synced your data, and let you add a signature, due dates, and discounts.

It saves your invoices so you can access them wherever you go. Also, notify you about the payment and expenses.


  • Free up to 3 invoices
  • Unlimited invoices start from $6.99/ per month

10. ZipBooks

ZipBooks is the most used invoice generator for small businesses. The cloud-based invoice software provides a time and expense tracking feature so you can create an efficient invoice. The easy-to-use software allows you to pay faster with its invoice quality score feature.

It is easy to operate because of its attractive intuitive design that helps to manage the business. The ZipBoooks calculate invoices automatically based on the workload, thus it makes contractor work easier.


  • Free to use
  • $15/ per month for 5 team member
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