14 Song Finder Apps Online to Discover Your Favorite Songs

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2021)

You may have installed and used many music streaming apps to enjoy your favorite tracks. But most of the apps don’t display the song’s lyrics alongside. This turns into a spoilsport if you missed the lyrics of the song or didn’t notice the artists while listening. This is when best free song finder apps for Android come into the picture.

These apps can help you identify songs by name into your smartphone’s built-in mic. Some apps even help you collect samples of the listened music and compare the audio fingerprint to sort your favorite songs from a massive online song database.

All these apps we brought here are common in a way- they let you find your favorite music on the go. These song apps are meant to help you identify and play the music. Just name the song online and these song lyric finders will get the full lyrics for you in no time.

Best Music Finders to Discover What Song is This

The apps listed here are able to identify “Which song is this?” or “What’s playing in the background?” Just read on the list to ensure that in future you won’t miss your favorite songs.

You might have faced some situations where you fear a soothing song and before you find the lyrics or first line of the song the music stops or gets changed. So, this will keep disturbing your mind to find what song it is. Find the list of popular apps below that you can use to find the details of those songs effortlessly.

  • Genius Lyrics Finder
  • Soly Song Finder
  • Shazam
  • SoundHound
  • Musicxmatch
  • Music ID
  • Google Music Recognition
  • BeatFind
  • Spotsearch
  • Music identification
  • Sound Finder for Google play
  • Anysong Chord Reorganization

Lets get into the details of these song apps for Android. They can help users to find their favorite songs via smartphone and in-build microphone.  We hope this updated list of free apps that help you how to find a song.   It will streamline and organize your music search. Here we go:

1. Genius

Song Finder Apps


Our first  song finder is not that powerful, yet contains great features. The app will surely impress you with its easy to use user interface. This makes it smoother than ever to discover a massive library of songs and top charts. With this music finder app, you can explore real-time lyrics, discover songs and can easily know “what song is this”.


  • Genius allows users to watch music videos along with reading their lyrics
  • The app is compatible with other music platforms like Spotify and Google Play
  • ‘Identify Music’ by just holding the phone up to the music
  • Enables Emojis ‘Lyrics are the New Emojis’ in iMessage
  • Know track facts
  • Highlighted Annotations
  • Genius IQ
  • Upvotes
  • Follow people
  • Original artists on Genius

Using the genius app, you can also play the video, download lyrics and browse an entire video library.  With Genius you can easily navigate the songs that are ruling the top chart. The app can also let you play the video of that song with the lyrics. If you are participating into singing competition and looking to have an app that can help you in rehearsals, Genius can help you.

Just locate the soundwave button in app. Tap the button to download the song lyrics. The app comprises verified content from popular artists from the industry.

2. Soly Song Finder:

Song Finder Apps

Download Now

This is another most preferred app to find song by partial lyrics. The app lets users discover song from the humongous songs library alongside their lyrics.


  • Song and lyrics finder
  • Song lyrics generator
  • Edit videos
  • Add music to videos

The app comes with an embedded music player to allow users play the songs stored in the library. Another important feature of is its lyrics search column where one can manually look for lyrics. Download Now

3. Shazam

You must have used this app at least one if not uninstalled. There are two things that make the app best among the song lyrics apps. Shazam is one among the best music recognition apps so far.

One is its three-panel intuitive interface and other is its superb ability to recognizing songs. Once user finds a song he searched, this app presents him different choices to go including playing an excerpt of the song, watching watch its YouTube video or singing along with the lyrics.


  • Preview songs with Apple Music
  • View music lyrics and YouTube video
  • Recognize songs in the background with Auto Shazam
  • Visual recognition provides information on posters, magazines or books
  • Follow artists to see what they’re doing on Shazam
  • Buy tickets of your favorite artists
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If you still don’t know how to find the key of a song, this app will help you. In addition to that, Shazam comes with pop-up tool Shazam which identifies music while using other apps. Its offline version automatically tracks the song once the user comes back online.

Shazam’s embedded QR code reader can scan posters, magazines to find movies matching with the posters. Using app, listeners can discover popular song playlists in there are and tap on to listen them.

4. SoundHound Music Finder

Similar to other music streaming apps used by music lovers, the app showcases different music categories from where users can choose their favorite songs. The app has a music genre finder feature that can play music videos unlike other lyric finders listed above that play just music.


  • Immediately identifies the song
  • Integration with Spotify and Pandora
  • LiveLyrics feature for finding out the lyrics
  • Supports hands-free use
  • Offline assistance
  • Built-in virtual assistant

The app is available in both free and paid versions and comes with an inbuilt own song assistant. Just say – “Ok Hound”, and the app will start searching for an artist and play songs. The fact that the app can even identify the humming of a song makes the app a superb choice.

In addition to the features listed, this lyrics finder app is also a song finder app with partial lyrics of the songs. While using the app, users can also connect to Spotify and buy songs on Google Play. Download Now

5. Musicxmatch

Song Finder by Sound


Musixmatch, our next from our best song lyrics finders for Android aims to simplify lyrics search and recognizing song playlist. The app packs a floating lyrics feature that can showcase song lyrics in bold characters.


  • Lyrics Display
  • Synchronized Lyrics
  • Lyrics Search
  • Translated Lyrics
  • Lyric Videos
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Royalties administration

This is an app that even offers translated version of the lyrics that’s limited to select songs. Using the app, users can create flashcards of lyrics and can search a song by humming. The flashcard lets users quote an excerpt from the song and share it on social channels.

6. Music ID Music Finder

Music ID is like any other music finder app with a Minimalistic look and features like music recognition and soundtracks tags. The app comes loaded with a feature called” Explore tab.

  • Add notes and locations to your IDs
  • Learn more about your favorite artists

The feature presents information about top songs and different artists. The app doesn’t let you discover lyrics, rather it allows users to add comments on the identified songs.

7. Google Music Recognition

Google Music recognition isn’t a song identifier actually. It just caches on Google’s revolutionary search feature. To identify a song using music recognition feature, you need to just open the Google search assistant and say – “Ok Google.”

What seems interesting is Google music recognition doesn’t have any song charts on its own. Instead it will prompt to search results when identify a track where you can look up for lyrics, play it on Spotify and YouTube, etc.


  • Tap & pay with your device
  • Discover what music is playing near you
  • Connect automatically to open Wi-Fi networks
  • Find & set up devices near you

To track music via Google music recognition, you need not to install any of the old song lyrics finder online listed above. If you have Google search installed on your smartphone, it’s fine.

More Song Finders to Explore What Song is This

By now, you might have got an idea of the overall best music finder as per the reviews and ratings of the users. However, you can find the ultimate one only by using them in your smartphones. Download now and start using it! Read on a few more that should be in your list of popular lyrics finder.

8. BeatFind

Beatfind Download 

You do not need to search for the music and it will just sync with the tune and brings you the flashing light effect. Beatfind is a unique song discovery app that allows you to have a new kind of new music streaming experience.

We have added Beatfind into our list for a reason. The Beatfind song key finder can recognize the songs and display the artist’s biographies when requested. The app houses a beautiful search box that can be used to find a song of your choice.

Another feature of the Beatfind is that it keeps the history of recognized songs. You can also listen to songs on Spotify and Youtube right through the app.


  • Get sound data from microphone and synchronizes with music
  • Strobe light effect using device flash
  • Music recognition mode
  • History list of recognized songs
  • Identified song can be previewed
  • Listen recognized songs on Spotify, Deezer and Youtube
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At the home screen of the app, you can also find the dynamic equalizer animation that clubs with the beat of the song you have detected. The app ranks top in the list as it offers the best user experience with an amazing choice to listen to the track on YouTube or Spotify.

9. Spotsearch

It is the other best and free song finder online. Being highly integrated with Spotify, Spotsearch offers the best platform for the users. You just need to type any lyrics of the song that you are looking for, the app will and find the link and help you to identify which song is this.


  • Select & Search
  • Realtime Dashboards
  • Highly Secure
  • AI Based Suggestions
  • Voice Search Ready

When you do not have Spotify on your mobile, it will be linked to YouTube through which you can hear the song. It is simple for working even for new users.

10. Music identification

Music Finder Online

One of the reasons for the Music Identification to occupy in the music finder list is that the app incorporates around 130 million hits all over the world.  Another unique feature is the link generation feature. It offers the link to the web page of the song that you are trying to find. Thus, this song is different from the other apps and become a must-try app when you need to find the music.

11. Sound for Google play

Sound Search for Google Play is an amazing song finder by sound and a music discovery widget. The widget will be added to the lock screen and will help you to listen or identify the music that is been playing in or around the room.


  • Boost quiet and reduce loud sounds
  • Carry on conversations in loud environments
  • Personalize your listening experience
  • settings with the simple tuning UI
  • Reduce unwanted or distracting noises
  • Audio visualization

This song key finder offers you instant results where you do not need to wait for a long time. Thus this high-quality application does not waste the time and offers a cool look with easy interface where you can find what song is this or which song is this.

12. Anysong Chord Reorganization

Music Finder Online

Anysong Chord Reorganization is another special song key finder app that will help you to find the song using the guitar chords just within 40 seconds of playing from your SD card.


  • Support for YouTube media
  • Support for mp3, mp4, ogg, wma, flac, aac, 3gp, wav formats
  • Extended customizable chord dictionary
  • Rendering three subsequent chords at a time
  • Tonality/Tempo controls

When you upgrade the software, it will also help you to process the entire song.  When the song is being played, it will extract the guitar chords and display them on the tab on the screen.

13. Tunebat

Tunebat is will help you in discovering songs. All you need to do is upload audio files to find the key and tempo of the tracks in your songs library. This is a unique app and very popular among DJs interested in harmonic mixing, and remixing songs.


song finder

The app lets you find a song by humming is bit different from other music finder apps as it lets you enjoy and listen to a bird song. Just download and install the app. Now you can explore its massive database to find name and other interesting facts about the bird that sings. The Bird Song app can accurately determine the bird that sings. If you’re a bird watcher, it’s a must have app.

Conclusion: – 

Here is the list of apps to discover and enjoy your favorite movie tracks on the go. Now you will no more ask this question to yourself – what song is this or which song is this? With these app all these details will be on your fingertips.  Once you find the best app your choice, don’t forget to tell us via comment box. Do tell us your choice of the best song finder for Android that we should be adding to the list.

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