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When you lose all your energy, music comes as a fuel. It is something that swings our mood within a second, and it makes us joyful, relieves stress. It also works well even when we feel guilty or sad. Songs are the literature of our heart and where the words fail to convey, music wins it flawlessly. The blog comprises ten Song Lyrics Finder App that you can download today to satiate your music cravings.

Find Me a Song by Lyrics – Lyric Finder

1. Lyrics
2. Lyrik
3. Genius
4. SoundHound
5. Quick Lyric
6. MusixMatch
7. Lyrics Mania
8. Lyrically
9. Tune Pro
10. Lullaby Lyrics

Music is everywhere, whether you are outside or at home, even it touches all your life events as no celebration completes without music, whether it is birthday or marriage, convocation or invocation celebration. Music adds a magical fragrance in your daily life or any special occasion.

Best Old Song Lyrics Finder

When you sing music with the perfect lyrics, it’s just like icing on the cake but today as songs are becoming more complex to understand, but with the help of few song lyrics finder apps, you can easily find the lyrics of any songs. 

Here we have listed the top old song lyrics finder that makes you more confident about the song’s lyrics and enables you to sing your favorite song, effortlessly.

1. Lyrics

song lyrics finder

As the name of this app depicts, Lyrics is an easy to use app which helps in finding lyrics of any song with its excellent search feature. Also, it supports all major music libraries like Google play music, Spotify, android music player etc. 

Features of this popular music lyrics finder online: 

  • Allows synchronization of lyrics
  • Floating lyrics features
  • Quick lyrics download
  • Night mode and multiple themes
  • Allows song lyrics offline

This lyrics finder app for android  provides original lyrics of your song with scrolling and also stores your favourite track within recently viewed lyrics folder.

2. Lyrik – Lyrics Finder by Words

song lyrics finder

Lyrik is an instant search engine for your urge to find lyrics as it comes with an easy user interface. It has a simple search box where you need to put your desired song’s keyword or a title name, and within a few seconds, you will get all suggestions related to the keyword, choose your one and get the lyrics. 

Features of Lyrik music lyrics finder: 

  • Allows music control from your lock screen
  • Notify new lyrics when available
  • Find all your favorite music on your profile
  • Preview songs
  • Collect your identified songs in a Spotify playlist
  • Fetch song info and cover art for your songs. 

See how easy it is! You can also save your favorite lyrics offline and browse it offline after saving using song lyrics finder app.

3. Genius – Lyric Finder

song lyrics finder

Genius has the biggest collection of songs lyrics with 17 million+ songs but the highlight of this app is that it has an integrated and verified story behind the desired song. If you want to get detailed knowledge about artists, producers and any other facts of the specific song, you are on the right lyric finder app for android.

Features of Genius any song lyrics search: 

  • Search from 1.7 million+ Songs from gallery
  • Tap highlighted lines to read annotations
  • Get details information behind all the tracks
  • Find lyrics for your favorite songs

You can also spread your knowledge by simply tapping on the Annotate icon. Just search the lyrics on Genius and delve into the ocean of music.

4. SoundHound Lyric Finder 

song lyrics finder by words

SoundHound powered by Houndify, is a voice-enabled song lyrics finder app that enables you to identify the music playing around you, whether you are at home or in the car, just tap on the big orange icon or simply say “Hey SoundHound” and give the command to the app and get the lyrics.

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Features of SoundHound lyric and song finder: 

  • Identifies the song;
  • Supports hands-free use
  • Offline assistance
  • Built-in virtual assistant
  • Spotify and Pandora Integration
  • LiveLyrics feature for finding out the lyrics

It has 300 million+ downloads and billions of songs discoveries that provide you with an incredible experience of lyrics search with its easy navigation, and you can also share your music on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

5. Quick Lyric – Any Song Lyrics Search

song lyrics finder by words

As the name Quick Lyric, this old song lyrics finder Hindi app provides instant lyrics of the song you’re listening to in real-time because it fetches all songs saved on your device. It is an open-source song title finder using lyrics that enables you to search for lyrics in 12+ languages, including English, Hindi, Japanese, Russian etc.

It shows your lyrics in a floating window, or you can split your screen with a built-in split-screen mode of Android to do other things while listening to music.

6. MusixMatch – Old Song Lyrics Finder

song lyrics finder by words

MusixMatch gives you synchronized lyrics with multilingual translations including 60 languages for all songs in your music library. You can also identify the music or lyrics by only one tapping. Further, you can share your favorite lyrics with amazing backgrounds with its LyricsCard feature.

MusixMatch Features: 

  • Song lyrics with music from Spotify, Youtube and Pandora
  • Tap on the real- time notification
  • Displaying the translation of the lyrics, in time with music
  • Identify and get the lyrics to any song
  • Search for your favourite song by title 

This song finder using lyrics notifies you about new lyrics sung by your favourite artist, whenever it’s available.

7. Lyrics Mania Lyric Finder

Listen to your favourite song and nurture a hold on lyrics with Lyrics Mania. This lyrics finder android  app is featured with identifying song near you with complete information related to artists, title, producers etc. You can add a widget of Lyrics Mania in the notification centre of iPhone, iPod and iPad. 

Lyrics Mania Features – lyric lookup by words

  • Huge lyrics database
  • Listen to music and get lyrics in real-time
  • Integration support with external players
  • Quickly identifies the song playing
  • Supports MusicID

This app has various customized backgrounds of lyrics playing that gives you a fantastic feeling while operating.

8. Lyrically – Find Me a Song by Lyrics App

Lyrically has an elegant and user-friendly interface powered by Lyric Manica that highlights the lyrics of the song playing on your device, you need to just tap on it, and you can enjoy the music with lyrics, play, pause and forward songs within this lyrics finder application app. Also, you can share the lyrics with your friends.

Lyrically Features – Old Song Lyrics Finder

  • Add your favourite partical system
  • User friendly UI
  • Beautiful and attractive video effects
  • Download video song, add your photo, adjust photo using fingure
  • Select a song of your choice
  • Larger library of video song
  • Apply text, text color, text size

9. Tune Pro – Song Lyrics Finder

Tune Pro lyric finder segregates your favourite music in a variety of genres such as classical, instrumental. Hip-hop, rock etc. Tune pro music has a smart search engine for lyric lookup by words with thousands of songs and its intelligent lyrics fetching feature makes it a must-have lyrics app on your device.

10. Lullaby Lyrics

Lullaby Lyrics featured 20 popular curated selections of lullaby songs for free with many lullabies in Spanish. This song lyrics finder by words is basically for kids songs. It is a plain and simple app for lullabies, and you can get the instant view of your favorite music lyrics finder within the app to keep your baby entertained!

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Lullaby Lyrics Features: 

  • 11 award winning songs – a whole CD
  • moon glow nightlight
  • Go to sleep timer with automatic volume decline
  • Gentle wake up with soft start music
  • 2 easy to use, full function playlists

11. Lyrics Library: Popular old song lyrics finder

lyrics library

Lyrics library is our next lyrics finder in the list. The USP of the app is that it can let you write save and edit lyrics. In addition, users can also add chords or markers over lyrics. This is probably the reason, this song lyrics finder app made to the list.  

To use the app, you have to register an account either using your Facebook account. You will find the app organized into Genre, Artist, and Album.

 Features of Lyrics Library: 

  • Write, save, edit, arrange, read and share lyrics
  • Add chords over your lyrics
  • Search lyrics online and download
  • Organize your lyrics by folder
  • Backup Lyrics.

The downside of the app is that it lacks songs in its song library. Despite offering a large database of genre based lyric and music, it doesn’t have all the songs in its kitty that you always wanted to have. Its hamburger menu is another thing that could turn into spoilsport since it’s the place where all the app settings are available.

12. Lyrics Grabber lyric finder

Lyrics Grabber

If compared to other lyric finders in the list, Lyrics grabber lacks at features and functionalities. But, the app makes to the list because of its diligently made user interface and super simple user friendliness.

 This Lyrics finder app for Android imitates features from top lyric finders from our list, but disappoints when it comes to song discovery and advanced features.

Features of Lyrics Grabber: 

  • Lyrics to Songs
  • Artist full Tracks
  • Favorites – Offline Lyrics
  • Play Songs

However, finding your favorite old song lyrics on Lyrics Grabber is easy. The app can quickly identify the lyrics of the song playing on your Android phone and shows the list of all the songs available on your phone. Download Now 

Old Song Lyrics Finder: Conclusion

Music works as a magical key to open the most closed heart. It dissolves your perplexities and nourishes your character so just live in the truth, move towards your dream and give an extra spunk to your scheduled life by dancing and singing like a pro.

So we hope that in this list of 10 best lyrics apps, you must have found the most engaging lyrics finder app for your next song lyrics search.


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