Best Phone Number Tracking Tools for Android 2020

we are listing here 11 mobile number tracker with location tracking features. Sometimes, you really want to know whose number is this but don’t really have a tool that could tell you the origin and destination and face behind the call.

Getting a call from unknown numbers is annoying and real spoilsport. It feels sick when phone keeps ringing while we are in a meeting, with friends or watching a movie. These calls may be from sales people, cyber crooks or from a known person whose contact details have been removed from the phone for any reason. 

Best Mobile Number Trackers : 

Thankfully, we have advanced mobile location trackers now. In this article, we have listed 11 apps for Android device that will help. These super awesome tools will help you fetch complete information about a given call and caller.

1. – 

Mobile Number Tracker

This is the first app in the list. This is India’s most popular and commonly used tracking platform. The website allows users to track the number through its location along with the provider’s name behind the number. The website can also track landline number.

The  website is fully compatible with mobility platforms like Android, iPhone, and Nokia. The website is available free of cost and can be downloaded without paying any money. The website comes with a clutter free interface so that anyone can use the website without any hindrance. Visit website 

2. Trace Phone Number 

Mobile Number Tracker

In our list of mobile number tracker with google map, Trace phone number is the next. The website helps users to track mobile and landline numbers.  In addition, the website also displays the name of the user/ owner of the number that’s being tracked. All you have to input the number and fetch the details.

The website has a delightfully classy and innovative user interface. It also provides a search option that can be used to access the information about the target number. The search results are displayed with network service provider name, owner name, and the location of the number. Visit website

3. Free Phone Tracer

Mobile Number Tracker

Like other apps in the list with current location, as well provides accurate number tracking features to the seekers. The platform helps users to track the target phone number using their mobile phones or desktop computers.

For security, the platform uses renowned malware software Mcafee. The platform has a clutter free user interface and available for free. To fetch the number details, you have to register first. Visit website

 4: GPS Cell Phone Locator 
Mobile Number Tracker

The platform lets users track mobile phone and landline numbers. The service is free to use and to use the service you needn’t to install any app.  The platform comes packed with a simple and attractive user interface and can be operated by even novice users.

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The tool comes with location tracking feature and can be accessed from anywhere and it supports Apple and Android mobility platforms. The only downside of the website is that it doesn’t work with browsers like Firefox, Symbian, etc.

5: Online GPS Phone Number Tracker

Mobile Number Tracker

The tool is used to track the number from your mobile phone. The website also provides the exact location of the target phone number. You can use the service to track the numbers across the telecom providers.

The mobile location tracker website uses GPS feature to track the location of the mobile and landline numbers from even a remote location. The online service is available 24×7. The only limitation with the service is that it can’t track the phones that are stolen or switched off. Visit Website

Other Phone Number Tracker: 

There are several other  apps as well that can serve the same purpose. Find our five GPS mobile location tracking apps that you can use for free.

6. Highster 

Let’s start with our first mobile phone tracker app, Highster mobile pro edition. The tracker helps you monitor a targeted device from remote locations.  The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. Basic version of the app is available at $29.99, while the cost for the pro version comes at $69.99.

The mobile location tracker online free with location is currently the most popular among GPS enable phone tracker apps.  The app is powered by geo-fencing, GPS phone tracker, keylogger and live call recording features etc. Visit Website

7. mSpy

Mobile Number Tracker

MSpy mobile location tracker can be a perfect choice due to its range of spy features. The USP of the phone is that it can locate the target phone without actually accessing it and it’s compatible with mobile devices like Apple iPads and iPhones. You have to pay $16.66 per month to access the mSpy software.

MSpy is undoubtedly an ideal phone tracker that comprises a number of noteworthy features including: Visit Website

  • Text message monitoring
  • Call monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Satellite address locator & GPS tracking
  • Quick and effortless installation

8. Auto Forward 

Auto forward comes loaded with the most power full location tracking and spying features you ever anticipated. The app can be used to track and monitor other mobile phones with ease. You have to pay $29.99 for the basic version of this tracker and $69.99 for the Pro version.  This spy software comes very handy for the business owners as they can use this smart cell tracking app to track and monitor their employee’s actions. Visit Website 

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9. Spyzie 

Spyzie can fulfill all your phone location tracking needs with its ultimate spy features. The best feature of the Spyzie, that I personally like is the ability to track and monitor mobile phones used by children remotely.

The tool It lets anxious parents have a round the clock watch on their kids’ activities online on social media or internet. It’s a handy tool for parents as it helps them to protect kids from cyber bullying or other kind of online threats. The software is available for download and install at $39,99. Visit Website

10. Number Locator

mobile number tracker

 If you’re an iOS user, this mobile tracker online free with location could help you track locations easily. Just input the number in the box given and press the search button. The app Works fine in both online and offline modes and comes packed with a delightful user interface with all the area codes stored.

You’ll really appreciate its user-friendly and attractive interface of this . The app can provide accurate results with or without internet. The tool can work fine with iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Download Now

11. Mobile Number Tracker Pro

It’s the mobile number tracker with google map. The app is quite efficient in providing the details of the owner. The app boasts of its database of 200+ countries. It helps the app popping up accurate mobile location results. The app offers an elegant user interface and sends notifications it founds the searched number.

The tool can track numbers all over the world. Alongside tracking the location, you can also make calls and send text messages using this location tracking app. You can also customize the color of the app theme as per your interests. Download Now

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