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Adam Cole Termed as Mr. November

The current NXT Champion, Adam Cole has been enjoying his fair share of the limelight at WWE’s black and gold NXT brand, especially if we take into account the events that took place last month in November.

Adam Cole Termed as Mr. November

Adam impressed with his recent WWE Results to such an extent that he has recently been dubbed ‘Mr. November’.

Almost three weeks ago WWE faced a crisis as they needed someone to save a Friday Night episode of the SmackDown which was being aired on Fox, on which WWE had just debuted a while ago. This is when ‘Mr. November’, the NXT Champion Adam Cole came to the rescue.

Post the Crown Jewel PPV, when the vast majority of the “SmackDown” roster was stuck on a tarmac in Saudi Arabia, the following episode of SmackDown seemed highly unlikely. At that point, the responsibility to save the show fell on the shoulders of Triple H and his priced wrestlers from the Black and Gold NXT bran.

The episode was not only saved but was beautifully choreographed and executed which paved the path for the WWE storyline to enter the Survivor Series phase.

When Adam Cole along with Shanaya Baszler, Rhea Ripley, and Tommaso Ciampa and were rushed to the live Fox show, they went there with a purpose. And at the subsequent invasion, we saw Adam Cole beating and retaining his NXT championship against Daniel Bryan.

What Cole and the other NXT superstars did, it was the demand of the situation. But the WWE storyline couldn’t allow the Red and Blue brands to be a victim without any attempt to avenge themselves. As a result, we saw Superstars from RAW and SmackDown invading the NXT.

The main event of that day was again involving Adam Cole as he squared off against Dominik Dijakovic in a WarGames Advantage Ladder Match. At the end of the match, it was Cole who was at the top of the ladder with the prized briefcase.

Adam Cole not only the current face of NXT but he is also the face of The Undisputed Era ever since its inception in 2017.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Adam was asked about his idol CM Punk and whether or not he would invite Punk to the Undisputed Era if he ever returns to the ring. To which the decision of the NXT Champion sounded crisp and clear.

Android Phone Into a Wi‐Fi Hotspot

Importance of Android Development for Businesses

Having an online presence is essential for the survival of a business in the modern era. Without one, the company is harder to find and harder to contact on the consumer’s behalf. However, the majority of consumers aren’t jumping on a desktop computer anymore to find the information they need.

Importance of Android Development

According to BuildFire, there are more than 2.7 billion mobile device users across the globe and 90% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent on apps rather than traditional browsing. This goes to show how influential that apps as a specific medium hold sway over audiences.

There are a number of reasons that mobile apps do more for a company than a traditional website. The following reasons all build a great case for businesses to reach out to Android development services and get started right away.

Increases Consumer Convenience

A company wants to make working with them as accessible as possible. The more convenient it is to work with a company, the more likely a consumer is to do so. Apps have a distinct advantage here because they’re easy to use and they’re always handy.

When a consumer can just jump on their mobile device to order what they need and stay up-to-date on their favorite businesses, it will build up brand loyalty.

Keeps Consumers Engaged

Apps also offer unique benefits because they have a consistent presence in a user’s periphery. Even if they aren’t opening the app every day, they’re constantly seeing your company’s logo on their phone. With the addition of features like push notifications, apps can draw customers back in.

However, developers have to be careful with the features they use. If features like push notifications are overused, they’re going to annoy customers more than encourage them to use the app.

Increases Chance for Targeted Marketing

When someone is logged into an app, it’s standard for businesses to get a better look at individual consumer habits. In turn, this information is used to create targeted marketing campaigns.

If a company knows what a customer is viewing as well as purchasing consistently, they can start to recognize customer interests and buying patterns. From here, companies can design targeting notifications and app news feeds that will prompt users with products and services that cater to their preferences which increases sales.


Personal Brand through Content Marketing

Brand Building with Content Marketing and its Benefits

Building a brand is a basic part of marketing for each and every enterprise. You should do the similar thing on your own. It isn’t important if you’re a brand new designer, freelancer, or even a UX in a great agency–you need to see yourself as a company and craft your own personal brand that reflects your character, communicates what you are capable of, and establishes you as a professional. The article captures the essence of Brand Building with Content Marketing and its Benefits. Read on to Build Your Personal Brand through Content Marketing.

One low-cost, high-leverage approach to get your brand out there: “content marketing.” Content does not just consist of blog posts–it is also videos, podcasts, and infographics. And by discussing them, you are providing value to people who will see you as an authority in your field and be more likely to recall your brand.

How to Build Brand through Content Marketing?

Brand Building with Content Marketing: 5 Ways to Excel

A number of the world’s main brands are currently turning to content marketing to draw in potential clients, using complete teams specializing in writing articles that are appealing for readers and producing the very best audiovisual content. This reinforces the confidence between consumer and brand, which contributes to earnings later down the line.

1. Getting started using a site of your own

Sharing your job on social media and on design websites is an excellent idea, but if you are only doing this and anticipate customers and companies to bang your door down, you may be waiting for quite a time.

That is the reason why so many designers write about their job along with simply showing their job. Write about your own personal experiences. Or perhaps your productivity. Maybe even how that you lay out your own desk. Content marketing makes it possible to form your private brand and find new design opportunities.

Establishing a brand with content marketing is a wonderful way to create some community.When you begin, your audience might just be a few different designers, but if you continue you are very likely to spread your reach and become noticed. It is now easier than ever to make your own private blog. WordPress is an easy setup in your domain name.

2. Craft content that is unique for you

Before you begin writing, ask yourself: why should anybody read my content? Unlike cheap content marketing companies, you don’t want individuals to turn up only, but also want to provide them a reason. What are your preferences? What are you currently ten times better at than everybody else? You could always find an exceptional angle that will keep people reading.

Additionally, think about the sort of content you will create. Got expertise on camera or with sound recording? Use it for your benefit and make something distinctive.

3. Consider what happens once they leave

Visitors should remember your own personal brand as soon as they’ve left your website. If you would like to keep them coming back, think about building an email list so that you can remind them that you are still around–you cannot expect people to do this independently.

By collecting the emails of visitors, you are in a position to send out content digests every time that you publish, if that is monthly or weekly. Perhaps you could even compile a curated collection of layout articles from all over the net. Sending a consistent flow of content into the inbox of a reader makes them more inclined to consider you later on.

4. Documenting your Process

Your portfolio is something that will help you land that big customer you have been pursuing. Create content whilst you are designing. Write articles about your design procedure.  Do not worry, it does not need to be a routine. Even it is only a journal of the procedure, it is going to attract more subscribers in. It is going to increase your rankings in search engines, which means you are going to receive


How Movers Can Take Advantage of Blogs for Business?

A ton of companies rely on blogging as a means of expanding their audience reach. After all, everyone loves reading an entertaining and informative article. And in terms of marketing, getting audiences to read your pieces can open potentials not just for leads, but for customers.

How Movers Can Take Advantage of Blogs?

If you own a moving company, a part of you might think you don’t necessarily need blogs. After all, for as long as anyone – be it a family, or a business – needs stuff moved around, you’ll be in business, right? Thing is, you can take advantage of blogs if you want your business to expand and get to more people. How do you do this, though?


what is 9apps

What Do You Mean by 9apps? Why Should You Check it Out?

There is no doubt that applications make your mobile phone or device worth and happening. Once you have the correct applications in hand, you can get the finest experience.

You can come across so many applications that are fulfilling, exciting and as per your requirement. If you are bored with the regular applications and you are not getting anything new and thrilling in applications then you need to switch to 9apps.

what is 9apps

9apps: What to know about this platform?

You know what just like Play store; this platform is a place that is more powerful, dynamic and satisfying. You can do download it and get the applications you want in no time. You would not have to do compromise with your taste and preference.

These applications that you find on this platform are satisfying, smooth and free of cost.  Actually, there are so many applications in Play Store that is paid right? But what if you get to know that these applications can be installed on your device free of cost through this platform?  Yes, you guessed it right. The no matter what type of application you want, you can easily get them all on this platform that too without spending any money.

Reliability is impressive

You know what you can find this platform absolutely reliable. Once you try it out, you would find it really useful and effective. The platform is easy to use, really effective and the coolest thing is that you can trust it. No matter what type of app you want to install, you can get it with ease here. The trust that you have everything here would be intact.  After all, the play store has earned users on the basis of its reliability.

Smooth and quick

The application is absolutely smooth. Since the size of this play store is never exceeding 10mb, you can experience lightness. Since there is lightness, there is speed and smoothness.

You would never encounter any sluggishness or heaviness in this play store. no matter how often you use the play store to install or walk through different options of categories; it would never disappoint you in any sense.


Types of Phishing Attacks

7 Types of Phishing Attacks and How to Protect against Them

Just like ransomware attacks, phishing attacks have also become a common occurrence in today’s digitized business environment. As per a 2019 report on phishing trends, phishing attacks have seen a surge of 40% in 2019, which may rise in 2020. Read on 7 Types of Phishing Attacks that you shouldn’t underestimate.

A large number of organizations, especially financial institutions and internet companies, have been a target of these malicious attacks. No wonder, then, organizations all over the world are gearing themselves up to find ways to counter the menace of phishing attacks.

7 Types of Phishing Attacks

Types of Phishing Attacks

Since phishing attacks represent a grave threat to all types of organizations, the latter must be able to detect some of the most common phishing scams if they are to survive and thrive in today’s competitive business environment.

Here are the 7 major phishing attacks and the ways to protect against them.

1. Deceptive Phishing

It is thus far the most common type of phishing scam. In this type of ruse, impostors mimic a genuine company in a bid to steal people’s personal data or login details. Those emails often use threats and a sense of urgency to alarm users into doing what the hackers want.

As an example, fraudsters could send out an attack email that tells recipients to click on a link in order to correct an inconsistency with their account. In fact, the link redirects to a fake login page that gathers a victim’s login credentials and sends them to the hackers.

To protect against this attack, users should inspect all URLs prudently to see if they redirect to an unfamiliar and/or suspicious website. They should also look out for generic greetings, grammar and spelling mistakes strewn throughout the email.

2. Spear Phishing

In spear phishing attacks, hoaxers modify their attack emails with the target’s name, position, business, work phone number and other data. The object is similar to deceptive phishing: deceive the victim into clicking on a malevolent URL or email attachment.

Considering the volume of information required to create a convincing attack effort, it’s no wonder that spear phishing is a common phenomenon on social media platforms where hackers can use several data sources to craft a targeted attack email.

To protect against this scam, companies should organize employee security awareness programs that deter users from publishing key personal or corporate information on social media.

3. CEO Fraud

This type of phishing attack occurs when cybercriminals misuse the compromised email account of a chief executive officer or other important executive to approve fake wire transfers to a financial institution of their choice. These attacks work because managers often don’t attend security awareness training with their employees.

To protect against the threats of CEO fraud, companies should make sure all company employees—including top-ranking officials—take part in security awareness training programs.

Organizations should also think about incorporating multi-factor authentication (MFA) channels into their financial sanction procedures so that nobody can authorize payments via email alone.

 4. Vishing

Email is certainly a popular tool among phishers, but they do occasionally turn to other media to commit their attacks. Vishing is an example.

Unlike other types of attacks, in vishing an email is not sent out; a phone call is placed instead to conduct this attack. A cybercriminal can execute this attack by setting up a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) server to impersonate several entities in order to pilfer sensitive data and money.

To shun these attacks, you should never reply calls from unidentified phone numbers, nor should you give out personal information over the phone and use a caller ID app.

5. Smishing

Digital fraudsters resort to several novel methods to perpetrate their malicious attacks—including smishing. This method influences malicious text messages to dupe users into clicking on a malicious link or giving out personal information.

To protect against this smishing, avoid clicking a reply link or phone number in a message you’re not sure about. Also, never store your credit card or banking information on your smartphone. If the information is not there, cybercriminals can’t steal it even if they do inject malware onto your phone.

6. Pharming

This technique of phishing influences cache harming against the domain name system (DNS), a naming system that the Internet uses to translate alphabetical website names, such as “,” to numerical IP addresses so that it can find and thus direct users to computer services and devices.

To avoid these attacks, companies should encourage employees to enter login details only on HTTPS-protected websites, while


10 Financial Tools Everyone Needs in 2019

Be it out of curiosity, easy organization or actual education on the subject, it is always nice to have some help in your pocket. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Financial Tools that will help you gain more knowledge, organize your finances, and maybe even earn a few bucks on the side.

Top 10 Financial Tools 2019 : The List

  • Coinbase
  • Trading Game
  • Acorns
  • Mint
  • Clarity Money
  • Prism
  • Ibotta
  • Spendee
  • Oanda
  • Robinhood

#1 Coinbase – Buy and Sell