12 Killer Tactics For Creating A High-Performing IGTV Series



What Is IGTV?

Instagram is flourishing. Instagram IGTV is a modernish TV for today’s world. IGTV is one of the great features for marketing the business in well explained long video format. IGTV is used to heighten your brand’s exposure; it offers you more opportunities to engage and start conversing with your audience.

If you want to accomplish a greater engagement rate and connection with your audience, then go for the IGTV series. It is like a regular series of video parts which is published in a scheduled time.

IGTV is a recent addition to Instagram; it allows the user to post videos in a long time to 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Tactics To Follow While Creating IGTV Series


Find Your Audience

There are 500 million active users on Instagram daily; you can find both men and women equally here. Your audience may be any part of your world and also have different demographics. Using Instagram insight, you can find your audience.

Track people who follow your related content and hashtags similar to your business. By following them, you can get your audience. Once you get your audience, a survey about their demographics, based on that, you can construct your series.

Work On Editing The Content

Make sure all your videos are in vertical format; IGTV is designed only for vertical format. So it’s a better idea to shoot or create video vertically or edit your horizontal video. Before you post, confirm it has good quality images and appropriately edited. Include captions, hashtags, links, any discount or offers, product details properly.

‘Also, check you have added all the stuff you wanted to include in the caption part and make it short and concise. Next is a title that holds the major part to attract your audience and makes them click your video.

Use catchy words as your title; when people spot your title, it must feel to them that your video will be useful and beneficial to them. Next, coming to cover photos which can be question type along with the result of that question. It must be captivating and eye-catching. Your cover photo must express your audience what is inside your video.

Your followers will only see your titles and your cover photo to decide whether to watch your video or not. Within a second, your followers will avoid or select your video, so your title and cover photo have to arrest your audience and drag them to view your video within a short period.

Be A Instructor

Instructing or educating style tutorial content will grab huge people’s sight. You can come up with a series of these types of content in your IGTV.

Uploading these kinds of videos has the power to build constant engagement and to develop communication between your audience. You can create different content with “how-to” type questions that promote your brands vigorously.

Create Your Funny Bloopers

You can add bloopers as part of your content; it holds a lot of attention among your followers. People always love or enjoy seeing others’ funny mistakes. You can post after the edited content or create a series to post bloopers videos regularly with a fixed time.

For instance, if you are a makeup artist or cooking blogger, you will make some mistakes while shooting your video. Sure, you can use them to express it as a hilarious moment. It will receive more interaction from your audience side.

Behind-The -Scenes

When your followers are attached to you, they want to know everything about you and your company. You can utilize this opportunity to show off more about your organization and your products. Any events or special occasions take place in your company; sure, your employees will be working on that particular event.

So you can show what they are doing, like decoration, a preparation made for the events. For instance, if you are under an ad shoot for your brand, you can cover the background setup for your ads, models for your brands, and all the stuff you used there. These tactics will gain massive connections and engagement with your product or brands.

Promote In Different Methods

Avoid using direct promotional content for your brand; instead, try in different methods. Your goal is to expand your brand visibility, maximize your sales, and your engagement right!. You can create a series like a chit-chat with your followers’ questions.

Collect all the questions from your followers and answer their questions and post them as a separate video. Make videos with your influencers, celebrities like discussing the field and industry of your business.

Or you can try further ideas, create a discussion with your Customer, who is willing to participate in your discussion. And you can select the Customer,who is one of the followers who use your product, giving feedback about your product with you directly.

Include Subtitles

On IGTV, you can include subtitles, adding it will be beneficial for some reasons. Every person will not watch your video with sound; maybe they prefer to watch your video without sound. Or you may create a video with your own language. For these reasons, you go add subtitles for your video.

Bring Pop-Up Text

The pop-up text will produce instant attention, which is placed in between your video while you are making your videos. In that pop-up text, you can provide important notice or fun text about your performance.

Share Your Skills

You will be an expert in your field, industry; you can share your knowledge with your audience. Sharing your skill may help many people like you or those who want to develop their skills. Making this type of content has two benefits: you are indirectly influencing your product; second, it will create a good impression.

Promote Your IGTV Content

You can create alertness or promote your IGTV videos in your Instagram feed post or with Instagram stories. People will get aware of your upcoming series or videos. If you are publishing a new series of anything you can promote or advertise like “coming new,” “the wait is over” title on your Instagram stories.

Drag Other Media Audience

If your video gets a large number of engagement within 24 hours, it builds positive impacts. To achieve this, advertise or promote your IGTV videos on other media. So that you can drag that group of people to your videos.

Monitor Your Performance

This is one of the most important steps to follow, to monitor your activities on your IGTV. With the help of Instagram analytics, you can find how your content and videos perform is engaging with your audience. Here you can rectify your mistakes and work on that to improve your progress. Besides, you can get details about your audience.

Summing Up

We believe that these 12 tactics will be informative and beneficial to enhance your IGTV series.

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