10 Types of Videos to Promote Your Product or Service

With advances in technology and widespread access to mobile high speed internet connections, video content has taken over as the top form of communicating for personal and business applications. Whatever products or services you provide, videos are an effective digital marketing tool to make the biggest impact on the widest possible audience.

The power of video can be used for a wide range of marketing and internal business applications including:

  • Promote a product
  • Introduce a company or brand
  • Build trust with a testimonial
  • Explain a concept with an animation
  • Sell more product with a social media video
  • Increase conversions with a website video
  • Increase customer satisfaction with a tutorial video
  • Build thought leadership with educational videos
  • Much more

The Power of Video Production

The most amazing aspect of the uses of video production for business uses is that we are still in the early stages of the impact of the medium. Video consumption is increasing at a rate of 100 percent from year to year and there seems no end to consumers’ voracious appetite for engaging, entertaining, and informative video content.

Some statistics that show the impact and long-term implications of utilizing the power of video content include:

  • 85 percent of US internet users watch online video content on computers, cell phones, or tablets (Statista)
  • 73 percent of consumers say they have been influenced by social media content when making purchasing decisions (Animoto)
  • 80 percent of customers have purchased software or an app after watching a branded video online (Wyxowl)

Types of Video Content for Digital Marketing Success

Before heading out to produce marketing and internal business videos it is important to know your marketing goals and objectives. Depending on the products, services, and industry standards, videos can help to generate targeted audience traffic to your website and increase awareness and loyalty to your brand.

1. Product Video

Videos are excellent for demonstrating the benefits, features, and inner workings of all kinds of products. Product videos typically run anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes depending on the complexity and features of the product line. These videos can be used on your website, social media marketing, and email promotional blasts.

Here is one of our favorite product videos:

2. Explainer Animation

Complex products and services can be more easily broken down and explained through animated explainer videos. Viewers get a simplified explanation of complicated or confusing information they can replay and archive for future reference. Explainer animation is an effective tool to expand your reach to a more diverse customer base.

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Here is one of our favorite explainer animations:

3. Television Commercial

Television commercials are among the most expensive video forms but remain among the most effective at reaching a mass group of audiences. Videos for commercial and streaming television needs to grab the attention of the viewer before they change channels or mute the sound. While TV commercials are effective at reaching large audiences, you cannot target them to specific audience clusters as you can with digital marketing options.

Here is one of our favorite TV commercials

4. Hosted Video or Spokesperson

Add a human touch to your message and bring a face to your business with a video hosted by a spokesperson. Using a host to explain certain aspects of your products or services provides the information with credibility. Celebrities are still effective at bringing notoriety and attention to your business.

Here is one of our favorite hosted video: 

5. Unboxing Video

Unboxing videos have become incredibly popular social media networks like Facebook and YouTube. Clearly show the details of your product with the energy and excitement of someone opening it for the very first time. Getting one of the many professional unboxing channels and groups to do your unboxing video will allow you to tap into large existing audiences.

Here is one of our favorite unboxing videos

6. Comedy Videos

Videos with comic elements are far more likely to be shared across popular social media networks like Facebook, exponentially increasing your reach to wider audience. Comedy is very subjective so remember that what may be funny to you might not translate to your audience. But finding the right balance and humor can help you expand your online presence and brand awareness.

Here is one of our favorite funny commercials

7. Character Based

Creating or using a relatable and likeable to associate with your brand will make your videos far more memorable. You could bring out the next Flo from Progressive, Chester the Cheetah, or the most interesting man in the world campaign that will bring worldwide attention to your brand.

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Here is one of our favorite character based commercials

8. Comparison Video

A direct product or service comparison between you and your closest competitors can help consumers make the decision to become a new customer. Talk about what sets you apart from the competition, highlighting features and benefits that no other business can match.

Here is a great example of a comparison ad


9. Customer Testimonials

It is one thing for you to tell your audience how great you are, but when a satisfied customer shares their positive experience with your business in a video testimonial it adds a certain level of credibility and reliability to it. Customer testimonials present your business as a trusted industry resource.

Here is a great customer testimonial example

10. Proof of Performance Videos

Highlight the success stories of your products and services using real world experiences and eye-popping statistics. Show how your business is the best solution for common problems related to your industry.

Here is one of our favorite proof of performance video

Unleash the Power of Marketing Video Production

Finding the right combination of video content produced by talented production professionals who understand video marketing to add credibility and visibility to your brand and your business. The creation and marketing of video can generate significant web traffic and help to grow your business to great heights.

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