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Smart and Easy Facebook Marketing Ideas In Pakistan

As online marketers we know the importance of the presence of your business’s Facebook presence. It is getting increasingly challenging to get ahead as there are more than a billion users and somewhat million businesses aiming to capture their target audience.

Smart and Easy Facebook Marketing Ideas

Now when it comes to Pakistan social media is the biggest online marketing tool, and Facebook remains at the front of all social media channels. It is all about who is smarter and calculated in their Facebook marketing strategy.

But we have some tricks up our sleeves that we would like to share with you by which you can stand out in the sea of social media.

1. Target a Specific Audience

When it comes to targeting audience on Facebook it allows you to target an absolutely specific audience. Like you can easily find male aged 25-30 in Gulshan Karachi who are looking to buy fat burner supplements. It is that accurate

This sniper like efficient and accurate ad targeting with Facebook makes it one of the most powerful marketing tool.

All you need is the time to analyze the market and what your customer wants to create a buyer persona; with those personas you now target exactly that audience who would be most interested in your product.

But do not get too carried away, keep an eye out for the rest of the audience also, this will allow you to create an ad which will target both your basic target audience and a specific target audience.

2. Run a fun Contest to Up Engagement

Take advantage of Facebook contests, it will


The Best Time to Post on Instagram & Facebook in UK

We all believe that we are creating great content. To be honest, we will do everything we can to create one. However, Voy Media points out that only 40% of efforts should be used to create the perfect content; the remaining 60% should focus more on how you plan to sell it.

We live in an era and era when social media becomes a social norm. It has become a unified and centralized source that unites people from all over the world.

Now, in a small village in Australia, even seemingly insignificant news between Alaska college students is easy to hear. All of this is due to the ultimate power and incredible growth of social media technology.

We all want to see the posts we post have the biggest impact on our audience. The best way to do this is to find the right time when most viewers are online. Some people may say that it is probably around 6 pm.

Every day, because everyone gets rid of the workaholic life and is working. Therefore, they are likely to use a smartphone to post on social media. This statement is correct to some extent. However, Hubspot said that there is no best time to post on social media. It seems that we have no choice now, are we?

Not really. Here’s how you can find the best time to publish great content on different social media platforms.

How to find the best time to post UK on Instagram

In my experience, personal marketing experts can find the best time to post content on Instagram in the UK in different ways.

Use planning tools

Most organizations use different planning tools to reach their target audience at the right time. Although there are several tools on the market, there is one such tool that can help users find the best time to post on Instagram.

How does How Later help you find the best time to post?

It comes with the best release time feature that automatically calculates your 7 best release times. It then evaluates which posts are the best performing on the personalized screen.

If you have already purchased their business plan, the best time to post will eventually be highlighted in your weekly content calendar.

It started as a simple Instagram marketing tool; however, over time, it became one of the fastest-paced visual marketing platforms, not only for marketing marketing strategies, but also for content creators on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Promote its content on social channels. Today, it has accumulated more than 2 million globally active users.

Build powerful parameters

One way to calculate the validity of an Instagram post is to conduct a 30-day experiment. Most marketers spend a lot of time collecting information and tracking each post individually to find the best time to post on Instagram. However, they are not completely accurate.

The best time for Facebook UK

If you want to track your time on Facebook, the best way is through Facebook Insights. This tool is really the value of adding tools to your Facebook marketing strategy.

In fact, with recent updates, Facebook has just provided better features for its users. To access the Facebook Insight feature, simply go to the top right corner and click on the drop-down menu on the Facebook business page.

Check your fans or online

In Facebook Insights, you can find two charts in the Posts tab. Here you can find the average number of people viewing posts by week and the average number of people viewing posts by hour.

These charts don’t show how many people have visited your business page, but instead show how many people are currently online at a particular time on Facebook.

However, these metrics can help users find the best time to post on Facebook.

Although, some would say that the best time to post on Facebook is when your audience is most active. However, in my opinion, if you are a niche-specific business, you must find the best position when your fans are mostly online and your competitors are not released at all.

You can filter out by studying the coverage and participation of each post.

There is also an interesting analysis called “All posts posted” in the Posts tab. In this section, you can view all published posts in reverse chronological order. This segment allows you to quickly understand your post reach and engagement.

The best part about this feature is that you can organize your posts based on the following:

  • Reach (overall)
  • Reach: Organic / Paid
  • Impression: organic / paid
  • Coverage: Fans / Non-Fans
  • Post clicks/responses, comments and shares
  • Reaction / Comment / Share
  • Post hidden, all posts hidden, spam reports, disliked pages
  • Participation Rate

If a particular post observes a large amount of impact without any involvement, the news feed algorithm identifies the post as a low quality post and automatically pushes the post to Facebook.

Understanding these metrics will help you track


Social Media Impacts Business Success

10 Reasons Why Social Media Impacts Business Success

The role of social media on the success of your business is imperative. In a highly competitive world, businesses have to get along with the latest trends and technologies to foster their growth.

How Social Media Impacts Business Success?

Why Social Media Impacts Business Success

If they don’t adapt themselves with the latest trends of social media then they can’t survive and their popularity and sales will start diminishing with time.

Therefore, every small to medium sized sector must employ the latest trend to boost brand awareness, increase sale and leads or to flourish on the online landscape.

If you are a business owner who is running a boutique and needs an in-depth guide that why social media can become a major success factor then read on the entire article and walk through the steps outlined to be a successful businessman.

1. To humanize the Brand:

Do you know, half of the adults do not make a purchasing decision unless they research the relevant product on social media.

Therefore, to humanize the brand and show the authenticity you must have a strong social presence. It helps you to connect with the existing and potential customers more professionally.

2. Increase brand awareness:

Trillions of people use the social network and to have your brand recognized you must promote it on social networks, it helps you to get more brand awareness since half of the population of the world is on social media.

When the brand builds reputation and awareness then the next step is obvious – increased leads and sales.

3. Increase website traffic:

One of the topmost benefits from the social network is that it helps you drive more and more traffic to your website or blog.

Businesses share their blogs, press release and other valuable content to the social network that can ultimately redirect them to your blog. Increased traffic is synonymous with more leads and sales for the business.

4. Go viral:

We know that people like to comment and share the posts they find interested, and that help business in gaining more exposure.

When the content is uniquely engaging and especially attention-grabbing it takes very less time for it to

LinkedIn Updated with Photo Tagging

LinkedIn Updated with Photo Tagging and Video Messaging

LinkedIn, the Microsoft owned social professional network has announced a slew of new features on its platform.

These features include photo tagging, video messaging and more. We already have these features with other major social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Brings Photo Tagging and Video Messaging

Seems like LinkedIn taken a cue from their popularity and decided to iterate them.  Recently, the network has added Reactions and live-streaming features to its platform.

LinkedIn announced theses new features via its official blog post. Have a look what’s new on the LinkedIn now:

1. Photo Tagging:

LinkedIn Brings Photo Tagging and Video Messaging


Though the feature was already available with a select group of users under beta, the network has finally marked its global rollout. The feature is nothing different from what you think of it. Now when you post a photo of your new office, you can tag people or colleagues in it.


Why is Social Selling Important?

What is Social Selling and Why it is Important?

As digitalization impacts marketing, innovative marketing techniques leveraging technology are emerging. One of the sales strategies that has emerged as a game changer in recent times is “social selling.”

What is social selling?

Social selling implies searching for prospects, connecting with them, understanding them and nurturing them with the help of social media channels.

Social selling is a technique of selling which helps sales personnel to target prospects and establish a rapport with them. Social selling can be said to be the “final nail in the coffin for cold calling.”

Social selling is not just limited to finding leads and building relationships with them but it also entails understanding your leads and connecting with them at the right time.

For this, it is important that the marketer listens to his leads carefully and is alert to their needs. This will enable him to identify the best time to start a conversation with them. And, this will avoid unsolicited conversation when the lead is not interested.

Reasons to use social selling:

In today’s world, buyers spend a lot of time on pre-purchase research on the product/service online.

They look for answers to their queries online or ask their peers or online sources. If marketers network with the buyers on social platforms, they can build relationships by addressing the issues the buyers may have.

  • Stats reveal that 61% of the organizations that used social selling in their marketing strategy experienced a boost in revenue.
  • Social selling makes the sales process faster.
  • Social selling has simplified prospecting which is considered the toughest part of marketing. Buyers reveal a lot of details through social platforms such as LinkedIn. And, these details can be effectively leveraged by sales teams for prospecting through social channels.
  • Today marketers can get a lot of information about their buyers such as their need for a specific product/service, their preferences, their pain-points, etc. This has saved a lot of the time of the marketers which would otherwise have been spent on researching about the lead.
  • Social selling enables you to retain your customers. This is because you can maintain contact with your recent and past customers in a non-invasive manner. The marketing team can build long-term relationships by sharing customized content and answer specific queries of their customers.

Now that we are aware of the significance of social selling in the current market scenario, the next important thing is to train your sales personnel in social selling.

Organizations now include a social selling training program to equip their sales teams to leverage social selling effectively.

Social Selling Program entails:

1. Define Objectives

Define the goals you expect to achieve with the social selling program. For instance, do you plan on shortening sales cycles, or generate leads or any other specific goals you expect to achieve? Establish your goals and metrics.

2. Make Teams

You will need to make teams


Social Media and Psychology : 4 Principles for Marketers

You cannot achieve success in social networks if you do not learn to understand your audience. The best way to do this is to use the principles of psychology.

Social Media and Psychology

Social Media and Psychology

Experienced marketing specialists are well aware that this approach is indispensable when distributing content.

The article presents the most critical aspects that you should take into account in your strategy:

  • Why do people distribute content on social networks?
  • How to use color to influence the audience?
  • How to create trust-based relations with users?
  • Why is it essential to control emotions when promoting a product?

Below are the answers to these questions from the psychology point of view.

Reasons why people re-post:

The New York Times did extensive research and found out that there are five main reasons for this:

– The desire to improve the lives of others:

Almost all respondents (94%) said that they want to help their friends improve life with the help of reposts. Create content that can be useful to your audience (and their subscribers).

– Self-identification:

Two out of three respondents (68%) are sharing records to “create the perfect online person.” Your content must be in the interests of the audience so that they proudly make re-post.

– Strengthening and supporting relationships:

Four out of five contributors share content to stay in touch with subscribers. Think about how your posts can help them interact.

Ask users to tag some friends on comments, encourage reposts. Accompany this with a compelling call to action (“Share this video recipe with the best chef of your friends — and get a chance to win a new set of dishes!”)

– Self-realization:

Everyone is pleased to receive likes, positive feedback, and confirmation of self-worth. The study showed that “consumers get more pleasure from the content they shared, and they get more pleasure from the content they shared with them.”

Create informative posts that will help your audience experience this pleasure regularly.

– The desire to talk about what is important:

Four out of five respondents (84%) say, “Sharing information is a way to support a business or company that is important to them” for them. Think about what activities your brand promotes, and create posts about it.

These five points demonstrate that the reason for sharing content is the relationship with other people, not with your brand. Keep this in mind if you want to create customer-oriented posts.

The choice of color affects the behavior of the audience:

Perhaps you do not consider color as an essential part of the social media promotion strategy. However, psychology says the opposite.

The results of the study “The effect of color on marketing” states that “people form their opinion within 90 seconds after the start of interaction with other people or brands. Between 62 and 90 percent of the estimate is based on flowers only. ”

It is not so much about a particular shade, but about whether it is suitable for the brand and the product.

According to Entrepreneur, “almost every academic study of flowers and branding will tell you that it is much more important to match the colors and personality that you want to present than the observance of stereotypical associations.”

When making a strategic decision about the color to promote content on social networks, think about what corresponds to the ideas of the brand.

What message do you want to convey and what colors will help with this?

There are general associations (for example, green – calming, yellow – happiness, and so on), but the context is much more critical.

Audience confidence is a necessary condition for sales:

You will not buy anything from someone you do not trust. Your audience does the same. Chris Graves, general manager of public relations at Ogilvy, conducted a webinar in which he described how marketing specialists could earn the trust of their customers.

Chemical oxytocin plays an essential role in the formation of relationships. Called “confidence hormone” by economist Paul Zak, oxytocin is released when a person feels part of something.

“People are more likely to change their thoughts or behavior if the result allows them to feel better, which often means belonging to a group,” explains Graves.

He described the experiment conducted by the energy company. According to reports, people who have shown the habits of their neighbors in energy consumption want to copy them (regardless of whether they spent more or less energy).

As Graves explains,

“this is an example of social proof … this shows consumers that their” tribe “has already become convinced of the benefits of certain behaviors.”

You can apply this theory to your strategy to create


How Instagram has Transformed the Fitness Industry?

What are the chances of you opening up Instagram and at least one person on your feed has posted a photo of their fitness regimes, healthy meals or new workout attire? The answer is high.

Fitness Industry and Instagram

Instagram’s popularity has been growing significantly over the last few years, particularly within the fitness industry. Whether you are repulsed or encouraged by it, Instagram has started a fitness revolution that cannot be avoided.

Our social media feeds have been flooded with images of the ideal which is perpetuated through society through a multitude of digital actions such as the ‘double tap’, shares and screenshots.

Why is Instagram so Popular within the Fitness Industry?

Instagram has provided personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts with a platform to offer advice and support for other that are trying to reach their fitness goals.

People are attracted to the photo evidence that highlights progression and results which gives people the encouragement and attitude that anything is possible.

Whether you are working towards a bikini body, training towards your next bodybuilding competition, or simply just trying to lose/gain weight and tone up, Instagram has become society’s go-to platform for fitness inspiration and motivation with evidence that makes the impossible seem possible.

How Powerful is Instagram?

How Instagram has Transformed the Fitness Industry

With over 1 billion monthly active users and over 95 million photos and videos uploaded every day, Instagram has an immense power to connect people from all over the world. Such power has enabled Instagram to become a platform for large businesses and organisations to gain more coverage for their brand and products.

It has also become such powerful platform within mobile and app developers that personal trainers, health experts and fitness enthusiasts can capitalise significantly on.

Diet plans, workouts and health supplements are increasingly promoted across social media, particularly now public figures and influencers can promote such brands on their Instagram accounts just by the upload of a photo and use of a hashtag.

Each day, our feeds are showered with images of what is sought to be the ‘ideal’ figure which promotes sculpted curves, defined abs, peachy glutes and solid muscles.

Although this can be seen as problematic as some deem it to be promoting unrealistic goals, the images can be used positively to show off personal achievements or as inspiration to encourages others to continue living a healthy lifestyle in order to see results.

Fitness Apparel

Instagram has also caused significant movements in the fashion industry by infusing the world of style and sport, creating a hybrid style we now know as ‘athleisure’ which is currently one of the hottest trends.

Athleisure (the combination of gym wear and casual wear) has turned leggings, hoodies, sports bras and running trainers into one of the biggest areas for market growth as people have begun wearing them for social purposes as well as fitness purposes.

The athleisure explosion has been fuelled by the Instagram led cult of healthy living and clean eating. Influencers are constantly posting pictures of themselves modelling new protein shake whilst wearing their latest gym apparel.

This trend can now be seen in popular high street shops such as H&M and Primark which have released fitness ranges in an attempt to keep up with the Instagram trends.

Instagram Food Revolution

In our Instagram era, one trend that has proliferated in recent years is the obsession with food photography.

It has now become the normality to sit and eagerly await your order, but not to eat it, to take a picture and upload it to Instagram. Let’s be honest, by the time we’ve got it Instagram worthy, the foods usually gone cold!

Instagram has transformed societies eating habits by displaying tonnes of delicious pictures of healthy food and recipes that are posted by fitness fanatics, encouraging people to eat healthy.

We are all now used to the idea that the camera eats first and thanks to Instagram, there is a lot of knowledge and information out there about healthy eating which has turned vegetables which were once something you would try and hide under you knife and fork, into delicious dishes that we can wait to eat.

The Influence of Influencers

Influencers have become extremely popular within the world of Instagram. The concept of an influencer is only possible because of how social media has changed how we perceive and process digital media.

Fitness influencers have become some of the


Instagram Brings Pause All Notification Feature

Receiving constant notifications about every new Instagram post, Instagram Live-stream and Story are too much of annoyance and real turn off. Facebook owned Instagram is now giving users a way to control the notification.

Instagram Pause All Notification Feature

Instagram 'Pause All' Notifications

The platform has brought in a ‘Pause all’ option that lets users to stop any and all notifications from the app for a given period of time.

To mute the notification, user can tap on the ‘Pause all’ toggle. Doing so will switch off notifications for up to eight hours.

User can also silence the app notifications completely by using the feature. Now you won’t be needed to individually switch on and off specific notification types one-by-one.

The ‘Pause all’ feature was earlier spotted by social media expert Matt Navarra. The feature is now reportedly being rolled out for iOS users, and if speculations are true, the toggle may soon hit Android beta app.

Since we are the social media creatures spending a chunk of the day on social networks, shutting down the notification will be a life saver.

Latest Telegram Update: Deleted Chat Recovery, New Animations

Telegram, the famous messaging app brings a slew of more innovative features to its platform to make the platform even versatile.

Latest Telegram Updates

The latest version update to Telegram dubbed 5.2 brings a host of new features. With the latest update, Telegram gets unified group settings that give powers to group admins to set important permissions.

Moreover, with the latest update 5.2, Telegram allows users to recover deleted chats and history for about five seconds both on Android and iOS platforms.

In addition, the platform has brought in a new sorting option in Contacts menu to enable users sort contacts by name or by last seen time. Furthermore, new animation has also been added to the platform.

Despite the fact that the Telegram offers quite identical features to Facebook and WhatsApp, its the encryption and privacy features set it apart from the crowd.

Telegram is probably the only social network that provides timely updates on all platforms. The platform beats WhatsApp on group chat and animations front. Notably, admin users of the social network can add more than 1000 users in a group.

You can download Telegram 5.2 (that consumes 149.5 MB (on iOS) from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.