10 Tips to Deliver 10x ROI in Your Social Media Marketing

In terms of marketing, social media is universally recognized as one of the most important and powerful mediums available to executives. Yet social media can be utilized in so many ways that, often, approaches are not maximizing this incredibly broad-reaching method of communication.

Tips to Deliver 10x ROI in Your Social Media Marketing

ROI in Your Social Media Marketing

In terms of accessing markets and engaging the relevant users, social media channels are unrivalled, but like anything else, you need to ensure you are maximizing your ROI. Fortunately, by following these ten top tips, that’s exactly what you will achieve.

1. Recalibrate your goals

Is the way that you are currently marketing via social media truly indicative of your organizational goals? Somewhat surprisingly, perhaps, for the vast majority of companies the answer to that particular question will be ‘no’. Sit down and hammer out with all key stakeholders exactly what you want your social media approach to achieve.

Do you want more conversions, more engagements, more presence, or are you seeking to market particular elements of your business? Be careful you are not failing in all of those things, and are just posting on social media because it’s there. Be sure to know exactly what your goals are for social media before you set up any new drastic marketing interventions.

2. Reassess your audience

As your business develops, your target users may evolve and change. That’s natural, but be careful that you are still not targeting the audience that used to be right for your business. Perhaps your company used to make specific toys, but now your target demographic has grown up.

If this is the case, be sure to alter your company’s advertising accordingly, with nostalgia-inducing phrasing and emphasis on sophistication, rather than your previous emphasis on how new and how fun the toy would have been.

If your company finds itself in a similar situation to this, with lost sales due to targeting the wrong people, make sure you are reaching out to the audience that you want to engage as of this moment.

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3. Assess your social media channels

Once you have reassessed your targets and your audience, it may well be that you are not using the right channel anymore.

Things change so quickly in the world of social media, and there are so often new kids on the block when it comes to the apps and channels that users are actually using that you don’t want to be left behind.

In general, Instagram is the most popular site accessed by teenagers. However, in China, a teenager might come to prefer WeChat for ease of use and for increased functionality. As well, YouTube and Snapchat are popular with this age too, so if you are targeting this demographic, you may end up developing a widescreen video ad for YouTube, a screen-filling mobile video ad for Snapchat and a square video ad for Instagram.

Therefore, teenagers can be quite a tedious demographic to target. But if you use the same video ad for all three platforms, it just won’t look right and won’t stand out to people.

4. Use influencers

There is so much buzz regarding influencer marketing because it actually works. However, be very careful that you are using the right influencer for your business, which really means that the influencer you choose fits in with your target audience and specific goals.

5. Consider your tone

Is the tone and voice you have decided to use the right one? This will all come back to your target audience, and the goals you have identified from your social media marketing approach. Ensure that all posts and engagements are carried out through the prism of this tone and voice, and don’t deviate from that.

6. Be consistent

It all boils down to consistency: consistency of message and consistency in the tone and voice that you use. An erratic approach confuses that all-important audience.

7. But diversify your content

Consistency does not mean posting the same old thing, time after time, however. Use an eclectic and exciting range of content in the form of videos, images, infographics, articles, checklists and so on. Although a diverse content approach is definitely desirable, once again ensure that what you are posting is always to the same end.

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8. Encourage user-generated content

In terms of generating your content, encourage your users to contribute through a clever use of competitions and giveaways that reward users doing just that. Utilizing user-generated content wins on two counts: it creates engagement, and it creates revenant content that keeps your social media marketing approach alive and ticking.

User-generated content is also a handy way to automate and reduce your workload, as we’ll discuss later in this post. It means that you get high quality content and reviews for very little effort from people who are the most motivated in the world to create this – the existing fans of your products. Other customers will inherently find these types of ads trustworthy, because they come from real people.

9. Automate

These days there really is very little reason no to automate your marketing approach across all facets, which includes social media. Explore the software options available to you, and seek to not only identify a more consistent approach, but one that is as efficient as possible, leaving your team free to target other goals.

10. Measure

And through it all, consistently measure using all the analytics that are available. Failing to measure your social media activities, or indeed any aspect of your marketing approach, is folly.  In fact, you might just be wasting your time completely, because smart marketers base everything they do on what the numbers tell them. Assess what you are doing, and seek to constantly evolve by what your results say.

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