10 Ways to Use Videos for Social Media Marketing

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Social Media marketing has become quite popular these days. Social media has become a major source of marketing. Specifically, the videos can be used for marketing on social media. The article covers 10 ways to use videos for social media marketing. Using these tips you can create engaging videos and skyrocket your social media campaigns.

Nowadays, you can interact with potential customers by posting fun and creative videos on social media. Anyone can make a video, even kids can do it, and you don’t need to take any course to learn video making skills.

If you are going to record a video, you should do your best to make it interesting. It isn’t wise to waste your time uploading a lousy video and hoping people will watch it.

10 Tips to Use Videos for Social Media Marketing?

Use Videos for Social Media Marketing

1.   Make  Short Videos

The videos can attract many of the people on social media. There can be different lengths of the videos that you can use for marketing. You can use the short videos, and you can use the long videos.

However, there must not be pretty long videos because people often ignore any video exceeding five minutes. You must choose an ideal length for the video that urges the people to watch the video.

A pro tip is that you must alter the lengths of the videos when you are posting more than one video. There must be the videos of different length posted on social media.

For example, when you are marketing a vehicle, there must be a couple of different length videos. In a short video of around two minutes, you must express the vehicle and its model.

In a long video of five minutes, you must determine its features and how it benefits over other vehicles. Hence, this is the way you can use the outstanding camera to make different lengths of videos and post on social media for marketing.

Also, for different social media platforms, the length of the video must be different:

  • Facebook: the length of the video must be no more than ten minutes.
  • Twitter: the length of the video must not exceed one minute.
  • Snapchat: the length of the video must be around 30 seconds.
  • Instagram: the length of the video must be 60 seconds.
  • YouTube: you can add the video of around an hour.

2. Focus On Your Message

One thing must be kept in mind while using the videos for social media market. You must focus on one message in the single video. A video must contain the content that emphasized the audience towards one thing. You should not cover a lot of things in a single video. This would have a bad impression on the audience.

The audience keeps in mind one thing or moves in one direction. You must not distract them with another message in the video. Therefore, make the different videos when you want to give more than one messages. One video must contain a single message. The other message must be communicated and focused in another video on social media.

3. Make Entertaining Video

The biggest advantage of using the videos for marketing on social media is that you can grab the attention of the audience pretty easily. The audience at the social media is always attracted towards the video.

People like watching different videos when surfing through the social media. In fact, the people regard the social media as one of the greatest platforms for entertainment. This determines that your videos must be entertaining to grab the attention of the audience.

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First of all, you must use a good camera to make the videos. Then, you must add interesting things to your videos to make the people watch the videos. There must be some entertaining features in the videos.

Also, you must optimize the video for the search engine. This is the most significant thing. Presently, rather than ricocheting around the Internet from site to site, maybe halting on the infrequent message load up or discussion, individuals, are investing energy in social systems.

What’s more, when they’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so forth, they’re accomplishing something they didn’t do earlier: They’re leaving content afterward. The search engines know this, and know this substance as Tweets, Facebook posts, and even YouTube remarks are maybe more profitable to consider in search calculations since it originates from real buyers having discussions.

Like composed substance, video can be optimized for search. Be that as it may, it can likewise be optimized for social. While the two strategies are comparative, there are some unpretentious contrasts, as well. To comprehend them, we initially need to comprehend the two gatherings of people you’re optimizing for.

You must include a call to action as well. The video you create must have some takeaway or message. Have a go at making videos that propel watchers to accomplish something, regardless of whether it’s experimenting with a free demo of your item or agreeing to accept your pamphlet.

Make it energizing and drawing in and you’ll see that they will complete your CTA. Toward the finish of your video, you need to guide your watcher. Regardless of whether it’s to call, email or even subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Very regularly special videos simply end when whatever story or data has been conveyed. When utilizing video for deals or advertising purposes, you should incorporate a call to action. So it is vital to guide the watcher to the subsequent stage, for example, “call us now,” or “email for more data” or visit us at a certain location.

4.  Do Live Streaming Often

You must also utilize the live video streaming on the social media. You must use a professional camera for the live video streaming. The reason for live streaming is “everyone loves to know the most recent events or scandal around them” so many social media platforms allow the feature of live video or streaming.

It is a different thing altogether. It allows you to address your audience live and the video would also be posted. Facebook is the best option for this purpose. You can communicate your message through the live video, and the video would also be saved on Facebook for a longer period of time.

You will also receive live notifications and comments from the people. You can respond to them quickly or at the same time. This enables the audience to ask certain questions from you to get them answered at the same time.

  • Much the same as duplicate, thevideo should be connecting with, intriguing and one of a kind to be viable.
  • Make your video without a reasonable concentration and watchers are probably going to block out.
  • Make it with a reasonable objective, and you’re much more prone to accomplish your goals.
  • Besides using an outstanding camera and adding the best features to make the video a compelling one. The short and long videos must be used.

For effective social media marketing, make the videos to give your message to the people.

5.  Planning the Video

Planning is the first step – ask yourself what the video is for, what message you want to convey and the goal you intend to achieve with the audience. Then, craft an outline for the video – the intro, main video content, and end.

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You can make it interesting by crafting a storyline that features voice acting. A storyboard can be used to help you brainstorm ideas for the storyline.

The first few seconds should be a branded intro to captivate the attention of the audience.  If your intro is boring, people will immediately have the impression that the video content will be boring too and switch to another video.

6. Keep the Video Short

When people are watching videos online, they usually have a few minutes to spare their attention. The key is to make your video short if you want people to finish watching your video.

According to research, the audience attention span varies on each social media platform – 26 seconds for Instagram, 45 seconds on Twitter and 2 minutes for YouTube. Ideally, the video should be kept to 10 seconds. You must be able to capture audience attention within 30 seconds, otherwise, you have lost the chance to convert.

7. Tweak the Audio Quality

The audio in your video must be clear and the volume loud enough for the audience to make out what you are saying. Lousy audio quality is the reason why people turn their attention to other videos. If you notice some flaws in the audio quality, you can use a video editor to remove background noise.

8. Use Video Recording Equipments

You don’t have to let expensive video equipment stop you from making your video. You can capture a video with just your smartphone. Many smartphones have a video recording function.

You may have to invest in a video camera tripod and phone holder in order to record the video steadily. It is also necessary to find a quiet location where you can record the video, for example, a room in the basement. Instead of using a built-in microphone, you can get an external microphone so that the video will have improved sound quality.

9.  Add a CTA in the Video

The video should include at least one behaviour changing goal. The practice is called “Call to Action” (CTA), which tells the audience what to do next when they finished watching the video.

It can be as an annotation tag to certain objects in the video, for example, a tag on where you can buy the product featured in the video. More commonly, the CTA is placed at the end of the video like sign up, and try it now.

10.  Add Subtitles to Video

You may want to consider adding subtitles to your video because many people like to watch videos with the sound turned off. This is especially true if they are in a place where no noise is allowed or in the office and they did not bring along their earphone. Without subtitles and sound, there is no way someone can understand the video and they will soon find it boring.

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