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WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature for Android is Live: How to Use?

Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp has finally updated its app with dark mode feature. It has been the most anticipated feature on the platform users were looking at. Feature’s access has been granted exclusively to Android beta users.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature : What We Know So Far?

WhatsApp Dark Mode for Android

The feature, though isn’t officially rolled out by WhatsApp, Android users can get exclusive access of it by signing up for the beta program. To access WhatsApp dark Mode feature for Android, a user needs to update his WhatsApp version to the 2.20.13 Android beta update.

Despite updating the app if you won’t be able o access the dark mode feature, we recommend you to back up your chat history and install WhatsApp again on your device. Still if it’s unavailable, wait until there is an official rollout of the WhatsApp dark mode.

Steps to Active WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature?

  • Open WhatsApp (latest version) on your phone
  • Head to Settings by tapping on three-dot menu on WhatsApp
  • Tap on the Settings, choose Chats and there you will get an option to choose the theme from Dark’, Light’ and System Default’
  • Select Dark’ to enter the dark mode
  • Get back to the normal mode choosing Light’ in place of Dark’.

Now enjoy chatting and talking to pals in dark mode. Interestingly, WhatsApp’s dark mode is slightly different from Instagram’s dark mode. You may be disappointed if comparing the two. Instagram’s dark mode is far better than the WhatsApp’s.

Once dark mode is chosen, app’s status feed, the Chat feed and the usual layout get darker. However, change in settings doesn’t affect the color of reading mode when WhatsApp is being used on its web app.

WhatsApp Dark Mode: Yet to Roll Out Officially

Using Dark Mode for Android has its own benefits for users. If you are ardent user of WhatsApp you can find it quite handy as it reduces the light emission from the devices. It eventually helps in saving the phone’s battery as it consumes less battery power than what it consumes in a normal bright mode.  Stay tuned to get more updates and details about the feature.

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