19 Ways to Grow Startup Using Social Media in 2020

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses. Not buying into it is no longer an option, as social media platforms rapidly become a priority for a wide range of businesses. To give visibility and traffic to your Startup with social media marketing, we bring here a guide covering nineteen Steps to Grow Startup Using Social Media in 2020.

Grow Startup Using Social Media
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19 Steps to Grow Startup Using Social Media

Social media marketing strategies offer amazing opportunities to reach your potential customers. Due to this reason, it has shown some amazing progress in the past decade or so.

If you are running a business and want to add to the list of your customers then you should introduce Top Social Media Marketing Strategies. This blog discusses ten ways by using which; you can revitalize the social media marketing strategy for your company.

To help you bring your social media potential up to speed use this useful list of tips so that you can ensure that your social media efforts are adding value to your startup:

1. Define your goals and create a strategy

Firstly, before you even think about how to progress your social media marketing campaign, you need to define its purpose. What are your goals? Who are your targeting? Many organizations feel overwhelmed by the need to create content for every social media channel and this why you need a social media strategy.

You should define your channels, your audience, your goals, and things like the tone and the structure of your content. Create an editorial plan to optimize your social media strategy.

2. Sign-up for the right social media platforms

Unless your company is a big brand, which is not the case for startups, it’s unlikely your customers are scattered across all social media platforms. You should make the most of your limited resources, and find the channels that are more populated with your ideal customers.

The options are countless, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. Depending on your strategy, you should be able to determine which social media platforms are right for your startup.

3. Find a social media manager

Managing multiple social media platforms is a job itself. Before you start posting content and adding followers, find a platform such as HootSuite that allows you to organize and manage all your social media channels on one site.  If you are really investing on social media marketing think about hiring a social media manager that would be focused on this job only.

4. Post updates and create quality content

It’s crucial to have content on your social media before you start adding followers because your content can help them decide if they wish to follow you or not. Great content is essential.

Think about the content your target audience will enjoy and the right formats. Creating a content marketing plan and calendar is key for you to stay organized and produce high quality content regularly.

Provide valuable information about your company and industry.  Deliver content consistently. High levels of consistency have been proven over and over again to be one of the most effective ways to boost your follower counts and user engagement rates.

5. Create a content library

One thing that holds many startups back from actively posting on social media is having to come up with ideas for what to post.

Get some inspiration from sites like Forbes and put strategies in place, for example, whenever you create a piece of content for your website, come up with a list of 10 to 20 social media posts at the same time related to it. This way you create a library of content that you can use when appropriate.

6. Create a community

Find friends and followers. On Facebook, share their links on your wall and comment on them. Wish them a Happy Birthday. Maybe even offer them a discount coupon for a birthday treat via Facebook. To find fans on Facebook, it’s best to start with real friends and family. On Twitter, follow or favorite all people retweeting your articles to grow your audience.

Mention them in a post. Retweet their stories and comment on them. Reply to each and every message. Keep the conversation going. Get them to trust you. On Google+, comment on one of their posts immediately.

On LinkedIn, the best way to engage with potential followers and costumers is by joining industry groups and starting group discussions. In every social media platform, find a relevant person to follow, and then dig into their lists. By investing proper amounts of time into this activity, you’re likely to find a wealth of users who are willing to follow your page back.

Remember that your first priority should be building that relationship with people, not pitching your service or product.

7. Optimize visual content with links

Many times, visual content can act as a “gateway” to more valuable content. When planning visual content such as videos, pictures and infographics, to post on social platforms, think in terms of how it can drive traffic back to your website, products and services. Use a call to action asking people to click on the link in your descriptions.

8. Host events

The success of your social media profiles is all about connecting with the right people. It can be a good idea to host a dedicated, private event for specific followers and broadcast it to get more attention. Selling is increasingly personal, so face-to-face time with your community makes a huge difference. (contd.: How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Startup?)

9. Check your strategy regularly

Once you have established a social media presence, it is essential to re evaluate your social media strategy regularly. Startup companies can get overwhelmed by the fast pace and constant changes in social media but it is important to schedule regular checks for all your platforms to maintain a steady and relevant online presence.

Use platforms such as Social Media Examiner to get reports about the social media industry and stay relevant.  In this modern era, the stage of being a startup company is one of the most challenging stages you’ll ever have to face.

Using social media platforms as a tool and by implementing the right techniques in the right places, you’ll be able to advertise and spread awareness of your business with very little financial input.  By using these tips as a foundation of knowledge, you can boost your online presence which can, in turn, build up the success rates of startup.

10. Link all of your social media accounts:

Businesses can bring the online connectivity to their use by increasing the number of their social media accounts and then linking them together. As a marketer looking after the social media marketing strategies of multiple companies, you should ensure your client’s presence on all social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the many websites where your business account should be present. Apart from this, you can maintain a video blog on YouTube as well and share informative videos regarding your business.

Once all these social media accounts are up and running, the next thing you need to do is link them with one another. This increases your online visibility as more people tend to open your page. This will ultimately increase your number of followers as well which will result in a better lead generation for your business.

11. Vary content on every social media page:

The nature of each social media website is different from the other. The audience which uses Twitter more frequently will be different from the one using Instagram. This is why you should look to tailor content for each social media account according to the needs of the audience.  Apart from this, these social media accounts vary on the basis of their outlook and the content they hold.

For instance, you should focus on uploading pictures and small video clips on Instagram account of your business whereas, on the Facebook account you can upload lengthy videos and detailed descriptions about your products. Similarly, you should use infographics along with brief descriptions on Twitter.

12. Use Visual media

Video are an immediate source of attraction. People like to watch interesting videos over the social media. In fact, they tend to follow the pages too which upload such videos. Similar is the case with pictures.

So, you should try to produce interesting engaging videos and pictures about your business and them upload them to your social media accounts. This will increase your general following. From these general followers, you will easily find a plethora of long lasting customers.

13. Use Social Media Insights

Social media isn’t about making random posts and hoping that people will like and follow. Social media insights allow you to take targeted actions keeping in view the preferences of your potential customers. You can reach the targeted audience using multiple tools and software.

Secondly, you can also find out about the trending keywords for your social media SEO. Using these keywords, you can improve your ranking on any given websites. Lastly, you can monitor the progress of each post you make on social media.

This helps you know which sort of material generates more public response so that you can use it in future as well.

14. Avoid endorsing your products directly:

One thing which social media marketers should avoid doing is endorse their products and services directly. People use social media for recreation. So you should approach them accordingly. Never go straight all out on your social media followers when it comes to promoting stuff.

Instead, come up with engaging feed/posts and in between these posts promote your work. This isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. But with practice, you will understand how to urge social media followers to benefit from your products without directly endorsing them.

15. Engage with your customers:

Engage with customers on your social media accounts as it will increase their trust on your brand, thus keeping them from turning to another company. The secret to a lasting relationship between a brand and its customers is trust.

You need to reply to your customer’s comments on your posts. Answer their questions and queries in private messages. Moreover, respect their views and try to improve your company in the light of their suggestions.

16. Organize online polls on your accounts

Hefty social media attention leads to increased traffic on your business website which results in lead generation.  A very good way of gaining social media attention is to organize online polls. Polls encourage people to interact on your social media accounts which increase your online visibility.

17. Arrange giveaway sprees for your customers

Who doesn’t like getting freebies? Everybody does! You should announce giving free items to your customers. However, ask your customers to share your posts and tag their friends in them to get qualified for the free items. This way, you can increase your social media visibility in no time at all.

18. Design customizable content for social media

Surfing the social media on a laptop is different from doing it on a smartphone. A majority of social media users visit these websites on their mobile phones.

Keeping this in mind, you should post customizable content on your accounts. This will improve user experience both for mobile users as well as system users.

19. Maintain a Blog

Lastly, make use of the written content to promote your products and services on social media. For the purpose, you should maintain a blog and link it with your social media accounts.

You can write detailed posts on your blog, mainly discussing problems and suggesting their solutions, and then share them on the social media. This will help you get a positive response from your online followers. The bottom line is that you can benefit from the opportunities offered by social media marketing in multiple ways.

19 Ways to Grow Startup Using Social Media: Conclusion

You can write engaging posts on trending topics having certain keywords and share them on all of your social media pages. This will improve your online visibility, increase traffic to your business website, and help you generate leads.

The importance of social media becomes even bigger for small businesses and startups that usually work with small budgets and can use social media to maximize their potential. Thank you for reading the blog – grow startup using social media. Stay tuned.

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