5 Free Intro Makers to Spice Up Your YouTube Marketing


Content is an ever-growing market. It is one of your business pillars and helps in every small thing right from being the face of your brand to marketing it in the best way possible. Lately, the content market has seen a significant shift from written content to video content.

More or less, it has helped a lot of organizations in getting the much-needed boost. But it will be wrong to give all the credits to these brands for this shift. The extensive growth and usage of video content in the market is highly supported by video streaming websites and social media platforms.

Content creators can now upload videos everywhere, though the video length can differ from platform to platform. According to a survey, it is seen that an average internet user spends close to 7 hours per week watching videos. A huge chunk of this video watching session is done on YouTube.

Top 5 Free Intro Makers for YouTube Marketing

One of the reasons that video content is growing at such a pace is the engagement and recall value it generates. To make the video more impactful, the creators keep the introduction engaging. It is seen that most of the users who watch a video for 1 minute decide that they will stay for the entire video or not. So if you are a creator, then here are a few free video intro makers to make your brand popular.

1. Wondershare Filmora9

Filmora9 is a wonderful product from Wondershare. With the help of an array of features, including cool filters, transitions, overlays, and customized title options, one can easily make impactful and engaging videos for their channel.

One of the main advantages of this product is its versatility and extensive feature-list. The ease of use for beginners or satiating features for experts, everything is taken well care of in Fimora9.

With an extensive list of features, the best things that this software has to offer includes post-production enhancements using various filters, very well delivered output of 4K quality, noise cancellation, audio equalizer, green screen composition, and much more.

On the other hand, if you have a high-specs device, you will not have any rendering issues as well. Fimora9 is available free of cost, but if you wish to explore all the features in stock for you, there are two plans amongst which you can buy one. These features make Filmora9 a wonderful video intro maker.

2. Renderforest

For those who want to create online videos, intriguing videos, and website designs or make impactful logos, everything can be done on one single platform, which is Renderforest. This must-purpose design platform allows all the users to create impactful videos in one place.

The software has several introduction templates from which you can customize one of the most suiting ones. Creating professional intro videos can be an easy task for people using this software. To spice things up, Renderforest also has around 50k intro video templates with a huge library of graphics, fonts, soundtracks, and photos to choose from.

The software allows 500 MB of space for freebies where a creator can create unlimited videos at 360p. All the videos can be of 3 minutes. Also, all the videos will have Renderforest’s watermark on them. If you wish to create videos without these marks, the plans start at $9.99/month. With such an extensive feature list, Renderforest is one of the best YouTube intro creating software.

3. Offeo

Be it a professional video or something else, Offeo is a one-stop shop for everyone. This is one of the most downloaded and popular platforms amongst YouTubers. The main reason for Offeo to be one of the best places for creating an intro is its animated video offerings. Yes, you heard that right.

On Offeo, a creator gets a chance to easily embed an animated video in the introduction. The platform also offers thousands and thousands of amazing templates for you to create your intros. This is not it, Offeo makes things even better by giving a chance to upload the logo you desire and put in other details that you wish to put into making your video pitch-perfect.

4. Adobe Spark

For those who are looking for versatile software, Adobe Spark is one of the best products for you. This software is compatible with mobile as well as your desktops. Being a product of one of the giants of the photoshop industry, this software is extensively used by newbies as well as professionals.

Spark is mostly used by people who actively design and upload videos on social media websites. The USP of this software lies in the ease it provides. If you are creating your intro video for YouTube, you don’t have to stress. Simply pick and drop the videos you want to use on your timeline and get started. Moreover, you can also put in some cinematics, soundtracks, and many more effects to make the video better.

5. VideoCreek

If you desire nothing less than studio-quality videos, then VideoCreek is what you should start working on. This is another popular and easy-to-use software that can be used for free. With a user interface of a beginner, VideoCreek is known for creating high-quality videos.

Not just intro but this software also has an extensive list of templates that make this a great YouTube outro maker as well. You can simply choose a template, edit and save it for further use. Know more.

The free version of this software allows the users to create up to 10 free videos with a watermark. Once you switch to the paid version, you can create videos without a watermark. The free version also offers more than 800k premium clips to help you in creating engaging intro videos.

All these software indeed have an array of features that can make your videos engaging. But will it look good if you use the free version? True, they have loads of features in the free version, but what about the professional work? So, wisely choose one that suits your needs and get editing!

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