The Most Crucial Modern Web Technologies in 2022

The web development market constantly grows: according to Statista, there are 1.88 billion websites globally, and their amount only increases. So, new building trends annually upgrade to a greater degree.

In order to improve their expertise and build a reliable web product, every decision-maker should constantly check development trends helpful for new solution creation. What to consider during this search?

The built product must be appealing for users from the very beginning. Due to a well-known fact, people need 50 milliseconds to form their impression about your business based on website quality.

Modern Web Technologies

What factors form such a quality mark? A recent study states that more than 90% of people come online through mobile gadgets. It means that the built web product needs to be responsive for different devices (especially mobile ones). Moreover, you should also care about a web product UX: according to data presented by TOP Design Firms, about 43% of users can leave the poorly performing website.

A perfectly designed and seamlessly functioning web solution can become your powerful instrument to stay competitive in a fluid market. Digital mentions that 23% of small retailers don’t have their own website, even while the pandemic has forced some business industries (e.g., retail) to go online, and site creation is ever more crucial. So, you can build one and take the lead.

To help you decide how to create a perfect website, we have researched the latest web building trends and made a top list. Looking through it, you can learn more about modern technologies that will help you create an appropriate product.

Our TOP-15 list of the most in-demand technologies helpful in web development includes: 

15. Dark Mode Standardization

If to think about technologies concerned with users’ well-being, dark mode standardization will be the first to come to mind. It is a UI option for laptops and portable gadgets, letting people look through materials written in light characters on a dark background.

The most common benefits of dark mode standardization are the following:

  • Less “blue light”
  • Less energy-intensiveness
  • Reducing eye strain

14. Push Notifications

Retaining clients is more complicated than attracting new ones, but you can handle these issues with the help of push notifications. These are short messages shown on users’ devices, rousing them to action. Such a web trend is available without registering or providing the credentials.

Push messaging is used in web apps to offer various data to users (e.g., new blog posts,  discounts, clothing you liked back in stock, offers, etc.)

How Can the Push Messages Help Your Business?

Push notifications perform various roles, including:

  • Providing required information (e.g., weather forecasting or a parcel delivery) in real-time
  • Keeping people interested in your web product by sending them personalized offers, reminders, and pertinent updates.
  • Working as reminders. The push messages send users data about regular payments, important events, or offers.

13. AI-Based Chatbots

Web development technologies come to the rescue of companies working in different time zones and multiple world regions. For example, chatbots can provide customers with real-time automated support, handling orders, answering FAQs, and so on.

Various statistical data claim that the chatbot building field is rapidly growing according to various irrefutable benefits (e.g., better UX, simple purchasing process, personalization, etc.). That’s why according to Juniper Research forecasting, the chatbot market will be worth more than $110 billion by 2023 year-end.

12. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a web tech trend referring to Internet-connected household gadgets or wearables. IoT enables businesses to deliver services to customers as quickly as possible, leading to a personalized customer experience.

Let’s look at some benefits of IoT ideas for businesses:

Reliability. Internet of Things gives reliable results without delays or errors in data collecting and distribution.

Scalability. It guarantees that data is collected and dispersed while remaining unaffected by data volume.

Protection and assistance. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers improved security measures for both business and consumer data.

11. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

PWA is a website with features previously only available in native apps (offline access or push notifications). It is quite advantageous for users, and we’ll now consider why.

American adults use their mobile devices for an average of 2 hours 55 minutes every day concerning the latest data. According to Statista, by 2023, this time will have increased to 4 hours 23 minutes. Moreover, a recent survey claims that mobile device income accounted for 54.79 percent of the electronic gadgets industry.

How to make these users’ lives more convenient and give a boost to your business? PWA, advantageous for its security, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, easier maintenance (than native applications), user- and SEO-friendliness, can deal with these questions.

PWA samples: Twitter and Alaska Airlines

How Can PWA Enhance Your Company Web Product?

Improving brand recognition. When a customer downloads your PWA on their gadget, your logo will always be displayed.

Staying in touch with clients and informing them about corporate events and changes (via push notifications).

Spending less on ad campaigns. Set up and deliver push notifications with advertisements in your PWA.

10. Responsive Websites

Responsive design is a web design concept striving to assure usability and satisfaction by making web pages render effectively across various gadgets’ screen sizes, from small to large.

As most users prefer mobile devices over all others, Google plans to include mobile-first indexing as one of the web development trends. It means the effectiveness of a website customized for mobile devices will impact its rating (find more details on Google webpage).

Details to Consider for Responsive Websites Implementation

What should you focus on implementing a responsive design technology? There are numerous points to consider; however, we chose the most crucial ones.

  • The simplicity trend. All the essential data should be simply organized.
  • Dark mode reduces eye strain, conserves battery life on smartphones, etc.
  • Smart scrolling should be included on your homepage as a popular web trend.

9. Voice Search Optimization

Another cutting-edge online technology that should not be overlooked is voice search and assistants, which remind users of upcoming events and dates (or just make fun).

Let’s look at the numbers and see what we expect in this technology development. Gartner claims that over 30% of all searches will be completed without using a screen by the end of 2021. According to Juniper Research, up to 55% of household equipment will have built-in voice assistants by 2022 year-end; that’s why this web trend should be integrated into your SEO and company plan.

How Can You Improve Your Site’s Voice Search?

To stay ahead of niche competition, most businesses strive to implement voice search trend. How to gain this goal? Here are some tips to think when researching its proper integration:

Mobile-friendliness includes good website design, quick navigation, and clear information as essential features

Adding long-tail keywords (more than 2-3 phrases) to your materials for better ranking

Using featured snippets that can help voice assistants acquire answers

8. Accelerated Mobile Page

Google initially launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project in 2015, and it was a must-have technology until summer 2021. Its goal was to encourage the building of websites that load quickly (for about 2 seconds) and work effectively on mobile devices.

As a new web trend, AMP pages could increase a website’s visibility and contribute to higher SERP ranks. This functionality came in handy for news portals, lightweight website versions, and catalog sites.

In recent years, the AMP meaning has shifted. Many more new web development technologies available in 2022 will considerably increase the site’s performance.

7. API-First Development

Web solutions have to be prepared for connectivity with other apps. This is where the API-first programming originates from.

What’s wrong with the traditional development approach? A company’s first goal is to create a web/mobile application, so API creation is often overlooked.

The traditional API development workflow contains:

  • Working on design creation with R&D Team
  • Creating a prototype (while the rest of the team is waiting)
  • Getting access to a prototype, etc.

This process will be repeated in case of a bug or any improvement. However, the API-first workflow provides the teams with an opportunity for simultaneous and quick work.

The traditional development approach vs. API-first one

6. 5G

One of the most recent web development technologies, 5G, may provide visitors with quicker bandwidth and lower latency, allowing them to access more engaging site content. Moreover, mobile responsiveness will no longer be a problem. That’s why many business domains (including a web development one) are trying to identify its use benefits and apply them.

5. Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

Single-page applications are an excellent approach to building a compelling user experience. Customers may browse SPA without requiring the server to load data. As a result, performance increases, as if you’re using native software.

Let’s take a closer look at it. Simply put, it’s a web page/site or web application that only loads one document and works fully within a browser.

It does not require page refreshing while using, and the majority of the content remains unchanged while just a small portion of it necessitates upgrading. The SPA takes advantage of JavaScript APIs when it comes to changing content.

Where to Find SPA Use Samples?

Web development trends like SPA are used by many people almost every day. Single Page Applications (e.g., Gmail, Facebook, Trello, Google Maps, etc.) deliver an exceptional UX while working in the browser (or a web app) with no page refreshing.

Opening your Gmail account, for example, you can notice that nothing happens during the navigation process. The header and sidebar are identical in the inbox, and when a new email comes, it reflects the change immediately by loading the content with the help of JavaScript.

4. Motion UI

Each product may be as attractive and captivating as possible. The Motion UI Sass library is a fantastic method to engage customers with beautiful animations and CSS transitions. The fact it may be used with any JavaScript framework makes it ideal for various applications.

Motion UI

Motion UI provides a number of motion design options, being applied mainly for advertising banners and videos. However, due to emerging technology, the whole page will move soon.

3. Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture allows developers to design and maintain software without being concerned about the underlying infrastructure.

Let’s look at the working principles of serverless architecture using Function as a Service (FaaS) as an example of one of its kinds.

This newest web development technique works like this: developers write their application code as a series of independent functions, each of which may execute a particular activity. Then, after passing the testing procedures, the functions are deployed, together with their triggers, to a cloud provider account.

2. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, the latest website technology, involves protecting hardware/software and data from hackers. Individuals and corporations use the approach to prevent unauthorized access to data centers and other digital systems.

Cyberthreats aiming at obtaining access to, modifying, deleting, or extorting essential data from digital systems can be mitigated by a firm cybersecurity policy. It’s also critical to block assaults that aim to disrupt a system’s or device’s operation.

1. No-Code/Low-Code Development

Continuous coding practice and a solid technical basis are required of software engineers. The creation of low-code/no-code platforms makes the developer’s workflow easier. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Customers can construct software solutions using a low-code platform represented as software. Design templates and pre-built code blocks for apps and flows make this feasible. It cuts down on the number of time clients spend manually generating software.

NCDPs (no-code development platforms) are a new web design technology that allows anybody, with or without prior programming skills, to create applications using pre-built interfaces and set up samples.

Hints on Dealing with Low-Code/No-Code Platforms

We’ve compiled a list of vital suggestions for working with low-code and no-code web development tools.

  • Examine your development lifecycle for any manual activities your IT department is already performing.
  • Provide your non-technical team members with no-code versions of the newest web development technology so they may perform some work without overburdening the IT department.
  • No-code and low-code development can help you streamline your processes and save time.

Wrapping Up

There are various web development trends, and you can apply to skilled web development specialists to know how to deal with the latest web technologies. The experts will answer all your business questions and help you create a profitable, modern, and attractive solution.

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