Building Your Brand through Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the effective ways of bringing traffic to your blog. In some cases, it’s even preferable to social media. Today we are going to take an in-depth look at guest blogging and how you can use it to drive traffic to your site and build your brand.

Brand Building through Guest Posting

Guest blogging is a form of traffic generation that doesn’t require paid sources or skills other than the ability to create valuable content. Before starting your guest blogging campaign, it is advisable that you install Google Analytics. This will enable you to track your results and make informed decisions as you go along.

Create your own blog

The first step in guest blogging is to create a valuable article for your blog. Make sure that this blog contains information that is relevant to your audience and that it complements your product or service.

Include your targeted keywords in this post, but refrain from keyword stuffing in the text. Also, include images, hyperlinks to other content on your blog as well as links to content that are located elsewhere.  The headline of this blog is also important. Try to fit your main targeted keywords or search phrase into this headline.

How does guest blogging work?

Your next objective is to have this blog post rank on the first search engine results page. This is where guest blogging or a guest post service comes into play.

Start off by making a list of around 10 blogs that are relevant or complementary to your niche, products, or services. Make sure that these blogs have a relatively high PageRank and that they are authority sites.

Do some research to find out who the authors are and send them a personalized message, asking them if you can write a guest post for them. If you can, write the post beforehand but make is specific to the blog that you are targeting. This may increase the chance of them accepting your content for their blogs.

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Link to your own content

If you get the opportunity to write a guest blog on someone else’s site, include a hyperlink in this content to your own blog and make use of anchor text that consists of keywords. If the guest blog allows it, you can also include the anchor text in your by-line.

Now the value of guest blogging doesn’t necessarily lie therein that visitors to your guest blog will click on your link and visit your extensive one on your own site.

It does happen, but the true SEO magic happens in that Google’s algorithm sees your link on this high-ranking, authoritative guest blog and assume that your own blog should be up there as well. It uses the keywords you use in the guest blog, your own block, and the anchor text of your hyperlink.

Best branding strategy

It is important to take note that this is a long-term branding strategy. Chances are you won’t see traffic from organic searches pouring in overnight. The awesome thing is, however, that your guest blogs won’t go anywhere. They will stay where they are and boost your own blog’s ranking until the day they get taken down.

Make a habit of contacting blog owners and writing guest blogs until you get comfortable with creating high-end content for other blogs. Remember to keep on creating content on your own site as well.

Optimize your content

The content on your own blog should be fairly extensive and it should contain all the elements that your content management system allows. Include keywords in the text and remember that your images should contain alt-text and title tags to fully optimize your on-site SEO.

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Speaking of which, make sure that your own site is fully optimized to provide your visitors with the best user experience possible. A speedy website that is mobile-friendly and beautifully designed can do wonders for your SEO strategy and lead conversion.


Guest blogging may not be the easiest strategy to build your brand, but it is definitely one of the most effective ones. As time goes by, you’ll start seeing real results on your Google Analytics Dashboard. Traffic from search engines will pour in, people will read your content, and, if your website is converting well, your sales will increase significantly.

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