Best 8 SEO Tools for Small Businesses in 2019

# Last Updated On: December 5, 2021 #

Whether your business involves dealing with ten people or you are a team of two people, you need to make it professional and successful. The article incorporates ways to employ better SEO strategy and a list of 8 SEO tools for small businesses that will provide them quick edge over the competitors.

SEO tools for small businesses

8 SEO Tools for Small Businesses

With 2019 just around the corner, you need to arm yourself with the best SEO tools for your business. This will help you to market and enhance your brand visibility in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Below are the best 8 SEO tools for small business that you can explore in 2019.

1. Google

Google is one of the most effective SEO tools for a small business. It is also a dominant search engine used across the globe by businesses and consumers alike. When it comes to SEO, Google has a significant impact when it changes its algorithms.

The search engine and analytics tool help you to measure the performance of your website.

The analytics tool is free and is ideal for a wide range of small businesses. Most importantly, Google offers different analytics tools including:

Analytics from Google is highly functional and it offers an in-depth analysis of how your website is performing. It analyzes page views, organic reach and the content of your website

Page speed insight is also a highly efficient tool that measures the speed of your website. It also offers suggestions on how to improve the loading speed of your page on mobile and on a desktop.

Keep in mind the speed at which your website loads often determines the amount of traffic you receive. With good traffic, you also improve your search engine ranking.

Search console is a reliable tool from Google and it evaluates the quality of your website. As a result, you can identify why the website is not performing well.

Once you have discovered the underlying issues, it becomes easy to work on strategies that help you to enhance the visibility of your website.

Trends’ is as well as an efficient tool that analyzes how users behave on your website. This is very crucial in comparing the performance of your page with that of your competitors.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is equally a high-quality tool that helps you to research more on your competitors. It does research in amazing ways and it allows you to establish what and where you are going wrong in your search engine optimization campaign.

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SEMrush measures the most efficient keywords monitor your PPC, paid traffic, web content and back-links.

3. Ahrefs Top SEO Tool for Businesses

Ahrefs is an SEO tool that has continued to grow in popularity over the past years. It is excellent for small businesses and SEO managers as it offers an insight into the performance of your competitors.

The tool analyzes all your competitor activities, therefore, allowing you to make wise and informed decisions.

The tool also measures your keywords, content, crawls through your website for errors and efficiently checks on your back-links. Being an advanced tool, you can also track your website with Ahrefs.

4. Moz Pro

If you need a tool that will help you learn more about your SEO resources in 2019, Moz Pro is the most ideal. It analyzes a wide range of features including keywords and it tries to identify the mistakes you make on the page.

The tool also analyzes your URLs and manages the keywords for you. With Moz Pro, you can easily track your rankings and find keywords that are highly targeted.

5. Majestic

Majestic SEO tool acts a link database with all indexed URLs in your website. In this light, it offers daily database updates to help you understand more on up to date information.

Most importantly, the tool focuses more on sites that are back-linked to provide an idea on the type of information you can get on your website.

With Majestic, you can efficiently spy at your competitors. It offers an insight into the place where most of your links come from, how each link is performing and details on anchor text profile. Similarly, if you want to understand more on the content that gets links, this is a tool to go for.

Majestic is a visually intuitive SEO tool that offers feedback on charts among other digital profiles. Therefore, you can digest and analyze information when you please.

6. HubSpot SEO Tool

Hubspot, on the other hand, is a highly resourceful tool for small business. As you welcome 2019, this is a tool to consider.

It is the starting place if you want to have a deeper understanding of SEO and digital marketing. The tool offers several metrics on competitor information, web traffic and information that can help you to improve your SEO campaign.

7. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is another tool that helps you to measure different metrics including keyword performance and competitor information. It can be used conveniently because it has an incredible interface.

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For this reason, you can easily navigate on the page and get instant information from various metrics. The tool also provides detailed information on Alexa Rank, Google Index, and SEMrush Ranking data.

Additionally, with the tool, you can easily employ strategies that will help you to boost your brand visibility. The tool is free and is very accurate.

8. Site Guru

If you want to measure different metrics within the shortest time possible and to take your SEO campaign to a whole new level, Site Guru will do the job for you.

Most importantly, it sets up the foundation for your small business. In other words, Site Guru offers the basics of running a successful website for your business.

Site Guru is a tool that allows you to keep your website healthy and to build a solid foundation. It reminds you of all the features that make your website attractive to search engines and website users. The tool:-

  • Measures your Meta description for all the pages in your websites.
  • Measures the images tagged.
  • Evaluates your content and identifies duplicate information.
  • Checks on the overall semantic structures of your website, XML and Sitemap.


Running a small business requires skill, commitment and time. Making your digital presence visible is equally important and you need the best SEO Tracker Software to help you measure and design a website that is efficient. A good website is productive and makes your marketing strategy more efficient.

Over to you. Hope you would like this list of 8 SEO tools for small businesses. If you want to add more tools to the list, do tell us in comment box. Thank you very much. Stay tuned to read more amazing content coming your way .