Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tools for Businesses

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2020)

Most of the businesses and marketers understand the need to measure their efforts and effectiveness of their campaigns. This has led to the increasing use of social media analytics tools. Read on to explore our list of best social media anaytics tools. 

Any serious user of social media wants to know how their posts perform, especially businesses that aim for some ROI through social media.

However, you’ll probably have some hard time finding answers to some questions such as, is your marketing strategy on Facebook converting traffic into leads? Which are some of your top performing tweets?, or at what time of the day does your Instagram post get high engagement? in case you are not using any social media analytics tools.

Top 10 Best Social Media Analytics Tools

Hence, major social media networks today offer some types of analytics tools. With a wide variety of options available, it is essential to know which is the best social media analytics tool for your brand.  Here are 10 free social media analytics tools that may add value to your purpose:

1. BuzzSumo

10 Social Media Analytics Tools

BuzzSumo is one of the paid social media analytics tools with a number of features such as competitor research, brand monitoring, content discovery and analysis, and influencer marketing. Although it’s a paid tool, this content analytics tool also offers a free trial for users.

2. Google Analytics

Social Media Analytics Tools

Google Analytics is one among the seemingly unrelated best social media analytics tools and is specially designed to analyze the performance of the website. However, it also offers insights about social media, for instance,

  • Details on conversions from social media posts
  • Source of social media traffic to the website, it can help find out what social media platform brings most of the visitors
  • Helps to discover if any of the social media platforms contributed to the conversion
  • Goal completion of the social media post, including analyzing the completion of the goals assigned

3. Cyfe– Social Media Analytics Tools 

Cyfe is a business dashboard tool and is also considered one of the best social media analytics tools. Cyfe syncs up data from many marketing tools in one particular place.

The available number of dashboards and integration makes Cyfe a powerful analytics tool. It not only covers social media analytics but also email, advertising, monitoring, SEO, sales, and website analytics tools. However, here we will focus on the social media part covered by Cyfe.

Cyfe can help you build the social media dashboard including various apps and data such as Bitly, Facebook Pages and Ads, Flickr, LinkedIn Company and Ads, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter Ads and Search, SlideShare, YouTube, Reviews, Publisher, and Vimeo. Also, you can try Cyfe for free!.

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4. Sprout Social

Social Media Analytics Tools

In our list of best social media analytics tools, Sprout Social comes the next.  You can use this comprehensive management tool to track your business performance on social media platforms.

It has plenty of features to analyze business performance and engagement on social media, it also allows the user to post a message or listen to the conversation about the company. Sprout social offers solutions for users to make it simple to track the performance. These solutions include: 

  • By Network- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn
  • By Business Type- For agencies, for enterprises, and for small businesses
  • By Need- for social marketing, for social management, for employee advocacy, for customer care

5. CoSchedule

best social media analytics tools

The cool thing about CoSchedule is that it analyzes your social media posts performance, and based on the analysis offers suggestions, improvements, and recommendations, for all your social media channels.

For instance, it can suggest or recommend the best time, day, and best type of content to post. Along with big players, CoSchedule can be helpful for new entrants who are new to social media marketing.

It also provides analytics of the social media posts such as social campaign report, social media engagement analytics, social message, and share analytics, social profile report, and reports on your top projects on social media platforms.

6. ShortStack

Have you run a social media contest? Or took the time to analyze how the contest went?. ShortStack is a social media contest app and offers performance analytics.

Running a social media contest can help you increase your following quickly. However, you need to be careful while running a contest, because if you are not then you can end up giving the stuff free with no results on your side.

However, tools like ShortStack can help you by analyzing your contest performance. It allows you to see engagement metrics and helps in identifying contest that can work best for your business and audience.

Although ShortStack is popular for analyzing social media contest, there are other tools present in the market as alternatives such as Woobox and Gleam.

7. Keyhole

If you are using a lot of hashtags (#) in your posts on social media then Keyhole can help you learn more about the hashtags.

Apart from hashtags, it also supports keyword, URL, and account tracking on the web. In addition, you can use this tool to track the mentions about keywords, social media profiles, and URLs.

It doesn’t end here, one of our top 10 social media analytics tools let you also request and view historical data from Instagram and Twitter including information about users, influencers, engagement, and the number of posts.

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Keyhole provides five pricing plans, however, the highest ones are PDF reports, real-time data, historical data, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube analytics, API access, and sentiment analysis.

8. Quintly

Quintly offers plenty of features for various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, and Pinterest.

Some of the most important features provided by Quintly are smart reporting, competitive benchmarking, custom dashboard, data exporting, overall metrics, data on most influencing social media profiles, and customer care.

9. Brandwatch

best social media analytics tools

Brandwatch collects online mentions from all over the web including social media, blogs, news, discussion forums, and other sources that are available publically.

It has many features allowing in-depth analytics of online mentions of your business. Image analysis (images of the logo of your company), locations of your mentions, automated reports, and demographics (data about authors including interests, location, and profession).

10. TapInfluence

Influencer marketing is gaining traction as the most common social media tactic, most of the companies use influencer marketing as a key marketing strategy. This has led to the growing need for a tool to measure influencer marketing tactics.

Know as one of the most powerful social media analytics tools, TapInfluence is a platform that can help you research potential influencers and also tracks campaign performance. However, there are other options available such as Influencity and Traackr, as alternatives to TapInfluence.

The aforementioned tools are the few ones out of several social media analytics tools out there in the market.

Best social media anaytics tools : Conclusion

Picking up the right best social media anaytics tools to measure the performance of your business has become necessary with the growing popularity of social media marketing and to plan an effective social media marketing strategy.

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