How to Create Catchy Title for Your WordPress Blog?

# Last Updated On: December 5, 2021 #

Creating content for the blog can be quite taxing. You want to upload posts regularly and engage with the audience but ideas desert in the nick of time. And even if you got some ideas to write upon, you get stuck on finding a catchy title for the post.

You know headlines are quite important as they grab the attention and arose curiosity in the mind of readers. Sadly, most bloggers do neglect this key part of writing and subsequently fail to find readers for their post.

You will definitely need a plan in place for finding content ideas and creating catchy tiles for your post.

Create Catchy Title for Your WordPress Blog

Tips to Get Content Ideas

Survey your readers –

Before writing and publishing a post, it’s always better to survey the readers and know what they are interested in. You can ask your readers on social platforms and encourage them to tell their doubts so that you can write upon on relevant topics.

You can also use the email list to pull in information regarding what readers want you to write about.

Follow trends / influencers on social media –

It’s always a good idea to follow the latest trends and influential though leaders on social media and get the cue for posts from them.

On social networks, a lot of unique ideas and articles and thoughts are regularly exchanged, and you can easily check the level of interest shown by readers. You can check the amount of engagement there and find ideas for content.

Be active on forums and online communities –

People generally go to forums and online communities to get their doubts cleared and find answers for their questions.

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You can easily check on these platforms the utility, popularity and engagement levels of different ideas. You can easily find subject-specific forums and get ideas for your content.

Benefit from content analysis tools –

There are a lot of popular content analysis tools that will help in idea generation for your blog posts.

You can use them to analyse topics that have done well and map their performance. While some tools are free, it’s always better to use paid ones to get better features. Some of those tools include Buzzsumo and DrumUp.

Know about top-performing posts on your blog –

If you want content ideas, you should first know about top-performing posts on the blog. It’s quite easy to know the posts with highest views, comments, like, share etc by using Google Analytics.

The analysis will leave you with two options – first, you can tweak the same topics or use similar topics in the niche for next posts.

Tips to create catchy titles

Make an attractive promise –

A title is not catchy unless it promises something valuable to the readers. The title has to show some sort of value, it has to tempt people into clicking on the article and more importantly, there has to be something to gain out of the post. But yes, don’t exaggerate and point out the promise your post is to come true on.

Use numbers –

The use of numbers can make the title catchier. It works most of the time, particularly where the numerals show a tempting promise and the posts back it up with the value.

Numbers can be a great way to persuade readers and that’s why they are used a lot. You can also use trigger words like ‘WHY’, WHEN’, ‘WHAT’, ‘HOW’ etc. to make the title more engaging.

Stir the curiosity of your readers –

If your title is able to tick the curiosity among readers, be assured the post will attract a lot of attention in the process for sure. To stir the curiosity, you need to use something exclusive or something readers may not have heard before. The title has to intrigue readers as only then can you force them to click open the title.

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Try to emotionally connect with the readers –

The easiest way to make a title catchy is to make their emotionally resonate with the readers. Good writers know how to use varied emotions such as shock, humour, sadness etc. to touch at the heartstrings of the audience.

You just have to be relevant and see what works with the audience more or what connects with them at a deeper level.

Keep the content true to the title – No matter how catchy the title is, it won’t work unless the content is true to it. The worst thing is to promise something and show something else, so avoid tricking the readers ever.

The best strategy is to be clear about what your post has and what your title says. This will always work!

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