Content Marketing: Where You are Getting Wrong and How to Fix?

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Writing understandable, eye-catchy, and unique content isn’t enough anymore if you want your content marketing to be successful. Writing great content never help you get desired results gradually until and unless you don’t promote it in the right place.

Best of all, content marketing strategy helps you attract the targeted audience and competitors whom you want to beat in the fast-growing digital marketing era.

No matter you have a startup organization, established one or an online business, careful content marketing can take it to the next level.

What Recent Research says:

Nearly, 65% of small or large organizations have faith with the fact that their content marketing strategies haven’t proven to be effective. However, the other 35% turn the game.  Nevertheless, just like other marketing techniques, content marketing has also evolved for many years.

To stay at the top of the competition and ahead of your competitors, it is essential to make use of right content marketing strategies with the right algorithms and tactics.

But the problem arises, the majority of marketers are not publishing or writing the quality content that leads to so many failures, including, downranking of the website, decreased ROI, and many more.

Critical Content Marketing Mistakes

Critical Content Marketing Mistakes and Fixes

An effective content marketing strategy can drive your online business and help you reach your targeted marketing goals.

But it’s always not important that everyone running an online business has a strong understanding of quality content writing and its importance.

That may turn out the reasons behind the failures in the path of their online marketing business. What type of mistakes they generally do and how they should improve or fix it is the question arises here! Let’s have an insight into the critical mistakes that they mistakenly do.

  1. Improper Content Marketing Strategy
  2. Lack of Ideas
  3. Incorrect Channel Targeting
  4. Timeless Tracking of Content Marketing ROI

1. Improper Content Marketing Strategy: –

Writing content with proper content marketing strategy may take more than the expected time, but the results will be good enough to take your business to the new heights.

So, instead you start writing content without being aware of the right strategies and techniques, let’s apply these below tricks:

  • Set goals and objectives for your content marketing efforts.
  • Understand the targeted audience you are writing for.
  • Analyze & describe the content you’re focusing on your writing.
  • Make a list of channels you want to publish your content on.

When you will start applying these few rules to your content writing curriculum, you will definitely start to get unbelievable results with improved ROI every time.

2. Lack of Ideas: –

It’s quite easy to write content by copying the content of your competitors, but where your efforts and ideas contributed. Without having a clear vision in your mind, your writing is of no use.

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Prepare your mind for what you are struggling for and what are your dreams that you want to achieve in content marketing business. If you’re just newbie to content marketing, then these tips will help you prepare your mind for a logical cum useful writing.

  • Search what’s new in the current marketing industry.
  • Schedule content keeping in mind your targeted audience.
  • Write content and post it on different social media as your influencers gets more aware of new things from this platform only.
  • And the most important part you need to focus on is “sales”.

3. Incorrect Channel Targeting: –

Social media has become the primary pillar of communication. People interact with each other via different channels. But as a content writer, you need to understand the importance of each channel and its importance that how useful it proves to be for your online marketing business.

Because this is one of the best ways you can know your targeted audience interests, demands and deliver your services to their doorsteps.

Although, you will find numerous channels to post your content until and unless you are not aware of the most trending, your content is of no use because it not reaching to the right person in the right way. Here are the highly-rated social media where you should post your content.

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Medium
  • Reddit

4. Timeless Tracking of Content Marketing ROI:

Among the most successful and leading content marketers, approximately 85% of them track their ROI regularly. It should be of high priority, I think. However, you can find the conclusion of whether content marketing is working or not?, Is it giving you improved ROI and growth with the content writing matrices that you need to track on a regular basis.

  • Backlinks
  • Lead Generations
  • Lead close rate & conversion rate
  • Click-through-rate
  • Social shares and traffic

Well, these are the critical mistakes that you can do while doing content marketing. These mistakes are not permanent as nothing is permanent in this world, you can fix them easily.

Just make your content understandable, easy and deliver it to the right audience at the right time.

Don’t you think not everyone is able to resolve these mistakes on their own? Exactly not! So, needn’t get worried, we’ve come up with the best solutions to your above problems that will not only help you fix these issues but also help you improve your ROI and business leads.

Trending Solutions to Content Marketing issues: –

Understand the Purpose of Your Entire Business:

The solution is both easy and relatively less time-consuming. Firstly, you have to understand the purpose of your entire business and then proceeding your content marketing campaign.

Your content marketing communication should serve a clear message to the targeted audience. Here is a 3 step process for developing a clear message:

  • Get a strong hold on your mission statement
  • Write down your primary message
  • Write down your secondary message
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Make Your Writing Actionable: –

When people read blogs, articles, social media posts they don’t want to get storytelling type content. They expect to read something interesting or fresh they don’t aware of.

Whether you add an “actionable step” at the end of your blog or article or simply follow that actionable writing style, it’s completely up to you. But you have to make sure whatsoever you put in your content, the audience can act on it.

Here is a 5 step model that can help you make your writing more actionable.

  • Fix Pain
  • Create value
  • Establish a stable relationship
  • Earn trust
  • Take action

Include Appealing Images and videos in Your Content:-

We all know, it’s quite time-consuming to find & insert the images in each content you’re publishing but this can improve your content marketing strategy to a greater extent.

It will increase the amount of user response and visits to your website or social media channel. A Simple process that can be helpful to you while adding images and videos are as:

  • Start each video with an interesting theme
  • Decide the type of image you want to post
  • Make a sustainable video production flow chart
  • Use a template if you’re stuck of posting images
  • Include call-to-action in your image

Write According to Customer Research: –

Customer research helps you create the content they have been looking for. This will help you overcome the biggest barrier in your business path. Here are the best considerations that you need to take care while writing content according to your customer research.

  • Create an edge & uncertainty in your topic to disrupt your buyer.
  • Always be original & fresh to offer them differently.

Wrapping up:

Effective content marketing is the key to run a successful digital marketing company. Because it has no existence without the presence of unique and understandable content.

Everybody is using the internet to get things easy and hassle-free whether it is shopping, sale, purchasing, beauty treatment, fashion and much more.

So, if anybody wants to start its online business in this digital era, then it’s first and important step is to build a strong content marketing strategy that could deliver the information of your brand or company to the targeted audience.

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