Tips and Tools to Create Viral Content

In the modern world, freelancing has become an integral part of income resource. More and more people are vouching for freelancing due to the numerous benefits that come with it. One of the biggest benefits is that you can work at your own time under no supervision.


Furthermore, you have the ability to determine the amount of income you need, depending with how hard you work and devote your time. Even so, creating viral content is the dream of every freelancer. But how can you adequately create viral content that is so contagious?

What tools do you use to create such content? Top freelancers have been known to create contents either videos, or articles that will take the web by storm thus making thousands of people read it.

In this article, I am, going to vividly give tips on how to create viral and contagious content. Also, I am going to spell out the tools necessary for creating such content.

Strategy to Create  Viral Content

It is of paramount importance to note that unlike normal contents, viral contents have unique elements that touch the reader’s inner thought.

It creates emotions to the reader and make him/her have a special attachment. Such content create awe, anger, anxiety and fear on the reader. Here are few pointers to help you create a viral content.

1. Understand your audience

The most important aspect to consider when creating a viral content is that target audience. Who are your readers? Are they old or young? Are they specific professionals or not?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself in a bid to know your target audience. Many freelancers have created content that have been received negatively because they do not consider their target audience.

After knowing your target audience, you will be in a good position to create content that will appeal to them. For example, you can’t create content with slung language that can’t be understood by older people.

Also, because viral content entails engagement and fun, you will have to consider the type of jokes and humor to include in your content depending on the age, and many other factors. This will require the freelancer to carry out an in-depth research first.

2.Determine the message and the best medium

After adversely carrying out research on your target audience, it’s now time to determine the message you would like to pass across and the medium to use.

Depending on the target audience, he message you choose will be consistent and appealing to them. This can be achieved with ease by carrying out research on what topics are trending and those that are most appealing to the readers.

When t comes to the medium to use to ass the message, you can either choose to write content, post a video or audio message. For an audience that is visually active, videos and audio are most appealing and to the elderly, you can write content for them.

3. Determine the triggers of fascination

Every message has an angle that is unique from the rest. This angle triggers fascination differently to readers. In order to effectively accomplish this, you have to first determine the goal of the content you are going to create.

Is it a marketing strategy? or is the content aimed at creating a brand awareness? After arming yourself with these facts, you can then use hem appropriately to hit the fascination of thought on your target audience.

It is important however to know how to map your content wisely in order to reach your audience well.

This can be accomplished by learning from experts in the field before embarking in the whole process. Just like the other steps, determining the triggers to use will need a thorough and in-depth research too.

4. Create your content

This is the trickiest Part of them all. It is a nerve wrecking process because this is where the pen meets the paper and many questions will be running through your head.

Will this content really appeal to the audience? Will it go viral? Well, the good news is that you are not alone in this.

Even the most established content creators have goose bumps on this stage. After collecting all the relevant information on the type of audience you want to reach to and the type of message you want to communicate across, find a silent place where you are able to fully focus without any interference. Ensure that the lighting is correct and room temperature is for your liking.

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Furthermore, find a chair that is comfortable. If all these things have been achieved, clear your mind and start the process of content creation.

Spend as much time as possible to create your content and ensure to take regular breaks to calm your nerves down. This make you speak your audiences’ language and connect well with them. Whole creating your content, here are a few facts to remember:

  • Start your content with a colorful image: It goes without saying that colorful images instantly catch the attention of the reader. By beginning your content with such image, the readability will be immensely improved thus making the reader want to read more.
  • Begin with short sentences; Long sentences have a tendency of boring the reader and making him/her hit the “next” button immediately. The best thing is to use short captivating sentences that grab the reader’s attention instantly.
  • Format the content properly: Content layout will determine whether your audience will continue reading your content or not. Block contents have a negative perception on the readers. It is important to use short sentences, divide the content into paragraphs and include sub headings.
  • Provide practical content: Practical contents require facts to go with it. When giving advice, don’t just say do this and this without adding a concrete fact to support your advice or vividly explaining to the reader how to go about what you are saying.
  • Use professional images; nobody likes amateur images. Professional images will improve the quality of your content and increase the chances of it being viral. It is easy however to get a professional image. You will need to dig around till you get the perfect one.
  • Use emotions; one may ask, how can I use emotions on a content? Well, the best way is to personalize the content and message you are communicating across. This can either be positive or negative depending on your audience. Evoking the reader’s emotional reaction will undoubtedly spiral your content to being viral and contagious.
  • Include a personalized call to action; after creating content that evokes emotion, it is of utter importance to conclude with a personalized call to action. This involves giving advice on a personalized point of view away from the content. Avoid concluding the content in a shallow point of view. This will water down all you efforts in making the content emotional.

Tools to Create Viral Content:

The internet is a vast web of opportunities. Posting contents, and viral content for that matter is a big investment. This is because you will be able to get more income by viewers sharing your content, Having an arsenal  tools at your disposal to help you accomplish this is of utter importance.

Thanks to the internet, there are numerous tools that will aid you create a compelling and viral content. Some of these tools include;

1. WhattheTrend

Before creating a viral content, knowing a l the nitty gritty pertaining he content is paramount. One way of accomplishing this is doing a research to know what is trending.

It is simple to know what is trending but knowing the reason why it is trending, who’s talking about it and even how the topic is  gaining ground is difficult.

This is why WhattheTrend is there. It is a free online tool; that enables the user to get factual information on the trending topics. The best thing about this tool is that it is very flexible and easy to use.

2. Alltop

This is e of the most important tool that any content creator must have. Also called an online magazine, this tool is resourceful in getting all the trending topics on the web together on one page so that you can easily choose to crate content on the topic that you feel is gaining ground vigorously.

The best thing about this resource is that it is niche oriented, which means that you get to see trending topics on every niche. Not only will you get fresh ideas and concepts to create your page, you will also get inspiration from other trending contents same as yours.

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3. Storify

Unlike other topic aggregator tools, Storify goes beyond al mean to gather trending issues not only on the web, but in social networks too. His gives you a guarantee of creating content that is most loved and will appeal to the readers.

By gathering trending topics from all social platforms, Storify gives you an opportunity to sound your voice through the trending topics available.

It works well when you want to give your audience a background of the story. This tool gathers all the information pertaining a given topic and points it at your disposal.

This way, you are able to gently bring your audience up to speed with how the topic or dynamics of the topic came t be. These are minute yet important issues that an audience loves to see, thus making your content go viral.

4. Piktochart

The quality of content will always determine how the content will be received, appreciated and shared by the audience.

Some of the things that make a content be of high quality are content structure, language used and most importantly, images and infographics. Infographics are pictorial representation of image that is aimed to foster the content in place.

It is always difficult to create infographics, that’s why most content creators shy away from them. However, Piktochart is the perfect tool for this task. It is user friendly and has been designed to be used by the most naïve users.

It therefore does not require an expert to create inforgraphic material from this tool. Above all, it has been integrated in a manner that it can easily be mail, web and social, media.

6. DiggDigg

The most important aspect to making a content viral is by sharing it. The simplest way is by making it sharable at a click of a button. Your audience will be bored by long processes of sharing content.

In terms of sharing content with ease, DiggDigg is the key to ensuring hat that your content sells and goes viral. It is a simple tool to use as you would only need to upload it on your page and every user who wants to share it will do so at the click of a button.

7. A-writer

It’s not always that a content factor will find time to create compelling content hat will instantly capture the attention of the reader. Furthermore, not all content creators are experts in their fields.

To remedy this, A-writer provides a team of professionals in every imaginable niche that are well versed with the art of writing viral content. At only a small fee, you can get your content created at your customization within the shortest possible time.

8. Quotescover

Quotescover is an online tool that helps you create memorable quotes for your content. It goes without saying that a good quote is a good way to air your views and increase the quality of your content.  Is easy to use and ensures to create an original and unique quote hat your audience will love.

9. Grammarly

As a content creator the chances of making mistakes are awfully high. This is unavoidable. This is why you will need a tool to check your work for plagiarism, grammar and spelling mistakes.

Grammarly is the best tool for this job. Though the internet is thronged with an array of such tools, Grammarly stands out from them all due to its ease of use, and social websites integration.

This tool guarantees that your content is correct in all aspects thus maximizing the quality of your content and chances of your content going viral.

Needless to say, no one loves content full of mistakes. This will present you as an amateur content creator no matter how good your content is.

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