5 Techniques to Make Your Blog Post Viral

A lot of people are into blogging these days and most of them are trying to make their posts viral. Personally, the more I blog under my niche the more I read about blog posts going viral.

How to Make Your Blog Post Viral?

Techniques to Make Your Blog Post Viral

Sure I know the basics of blogging which includes posting content consistently, strategically using social media platforms and creating inspiring, valuable and interesting content online, it would do me more good if maximum number of people are reading that content and driving value out of it. Even if those people would contribute to a regular stream of traffic, making blog posts won’t hurt your online authority. Right?

You cannot push your readers to make your posts viral. It’s almost impossible! But, no doubt it can be useful once done. Try to observe closely, there are always some elements in a blog post that make it viral. Giving up a little push might just work for you. You just have to pay attention to these essentials:


There’s no point in creating fresh content if no one is connecting with it and extracting any value. Viral content has the ability to connect with the reader emotionally. To make it a share worthy post you have to invoke emotion into it.

Also, a study claims that content with a strong emotional connect are among the most shared contents online. You must be thinking what type of emotion could make your content viral? I would say any emotion would just do good. Apparently, content with a warm and fuzz connect have more chances to get shared. However, negative emotions like anger and revenge can be good too!

Recently, two professors studying the psychological dimensions of viral content concluded that content can go viral following many ways but, it’s emotional connect that inspired the reader to share it ahead. Are you creating something powerful like that yet?

Think about how you can give your content an emotional touch. Should you share a personal story? Think about creating content that pushes a reader to reason his mind. Viral content is interesting, motivating, inspiring, crisp and if you’ve already started thinking about it – congratulations you’re on the right track!


Everybody loves free advice and hacks! Do you know, all your life you’ve been eating apples wrong. Content pieces like slicing a grape are mind blowing examples of viral content that inspires a user to share them.

When you’re creating content that make people share it, start thinking about being useful to them. How you can deliver value to them. Look out whether they have questions to be answered. Are they looking for any quick solutions. Go ahead and give them what they are searching for. By this way, you increase your chances of going viral. But, make sure you have to connect emotionally to your reader.It’s ok to make your content a bit controversial too! It won’t hurt you. Just be useful and your reader will keep coming back to you.

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While it’s important to create useful and interesting content, writing content that revolves around the reader is important too! People will share content which will talk about who they really are. It gives a reader the required room to connect with the content.

Create content that tells them how intelligent they are or how amazing their sense of humour is. When you offer your readers the content which connects with their personality makes your content share-worthy. Shareable content is often about something you believe in or trust on. A reader is always looking for attributes to align himself with what he is reading. Buzzfeed  for instance is a website you can drive lots of inspiration from on how to create content that goes viral.


If you want your content to be seen by more and more eyes out there, you better get ahead and put your content out there for them to be shared. Writing content and praying to God to attract visitors to your website would be a bad marketing strategy, I guess. We all know Facebook and Twitter are loaded up with tons of content and they are not driving traffic to websites likes they once did.

So, what should you do? Think outside the box and get a grip on you email list. Those are the loyal readers who won’t mind if you’ll send a beautiful email about your latest content on your website. You can share to other places like Slideshare, Linkedin and Youtube. You might think about bookmarking your content on sites like Digg, Stumbleupon and Delicious. Don’t miss out on Google+

Google is seriously taking G+ shares into consideration before putting content in front of the user. It’s more like a trust factor and is among the most important ranking factors for a search result to appear. Start shooting emails to influential people in your niche and ask them to share your content on their website if it’s of use to their readers. Ask people to retweet your content and share it on other social media platforms too. Consider asking as many people as you can to share your content. Sure it takes a lot of effort but, it’s worth it.

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Another strategy is researching a content piece on the Internet and exploring interesting angles to cover on your blog. However, it’s difficult to talk about a content when it has already reached its peak but go ahead and give it a try.


It’s foolish to expect people to share your content ahead when you’ve not really made it easier for them to do so. It’s important to include social sharing buttons above and below your content to make it easy for readers to share it. Also, make sure you show them the top social media platforms to gain even more exposure for your blog.

Include at-least one image in your content to make people share your content on Facebook and tweetable content that people can tweet. Bet on the right horse, and you’re done! Feel free to share content that you’ve shared lately and what made you share it. I would love to chat about it. Leave a comment in the comment section below.

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