7 Easy Ways to Produce More Visual Content For Your Blog

One of the most important steps you can take to keep your followers engaged is to produce lots of eye catching, visual content. You really cannot underestimate the importance of images in social media. Consider how popular sites like Instagram have really boosted visual SMM.

How to Produce More Visual Content?

How to Produce More Visual Content?

Highly visual posts are more likely to be shared, and are more likely to spur engagement. Even better, producing visual content is likely easier than you think.

A visual content analysis shows plenty of statistics that bear this out. Check out these seven ways that you can produce more visual content.

1. Take More Pictures And Share Them With Your Audience

 This is the simplest and possibly most effective solution. Your readers want to connect with you, your company, and your products. Oblige them by simply taking lots of pictures and sharing them in your posts. Sharing pictures of yourself and your team is a great way to build trust as well.

2. Curate Visual Content You Know Your Audience Will Like

 As you surf the internet and scroll through your social media pages keep an eye out for great visual content. When you see something that you think your audience will like, repost it or embed it in your blog. Humorous or touching visuals tend to get a lot of responses. Just be sure you give proper credit.

3. Try Vlogging Instead of Writing

 If you think visual content will improve your blog, imagine what you can do with video content.

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You can begin by adding some video posts in addition to your written content. Vlogging is a great way to share stores, demonstrate products, and create a sense of intimacy with your audience. You might even consider upping the ante and live streaming content to your blog.

4.Turn Your Data Into Visual Content

 As a whole, audiences are becoming more sophisticated. Because of this, data backed posts are becoming increasingly popular. Sharing facts, statistics, study results, and other information adds credibility to your words.

You can get even more mileage out of this by using tools to turn your data into charts and infographics. Remember that statistics about infographics prove that this is the most shared type of content.

5. Subscribe to a High Quality Stock Photo Service

 Stock photos get a bad rap. This is mostly because people choose cheesy, low resolution images from free sites. It’s a bit like telling your audience, ‘here is my post.

I couldn’t be bothered to find a quality image. Instead of doing this, consider purchasing a membership at paid stock photo service. You will have access to better images. You’ll also be able to select the image size and resolution that works best for you. Here

6. Make Your Products Pop With 3D Images

 If  you have something to sell or have a download available for your readers, don’t settle for a simple picture. Instead, try using a tool like BoxShotKing to create an image with a 3D look. You’ll end up with something that is much more eye catching than a simple photograph.

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7. Raid Your Offline Content

 Take a look at the image based content that you have offline. For example, do you have slide presentations that feature your products or services? What about photos from company events? If you’re willing to do a bit of scavenging you just might find some things worth sharing.

How to Produce More Visual Content?

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