Top 6 Mobile Apps for Creating GIFs Instantly

Nothing can beat GIFs when it comes to expressing emotions. Whether it’s a text message, social media post or a professional conversation, GIFs help you express your feelings precisely.

GIFs are indeed a funny way to communicate an emotion, joke, or sentiment.  and if you can’t find one, better to create one using many of the mobile apps available on respective stores.

Top 6 Mobile Apps for Creating GIFs

We are listing here 6 amazing mobile apps for creating catching and compact GIFs.

1. Pixel Animator: GIF Maker (Android, Free)

Top 6 Mobile Apps for Creating GIFs

Available for Android users, the app lets them create GIFs that are quite a sketch lookalike. These GIFs are much like the sketches you made in a flip book in your good old school. With app’s free version, you can create a 15 frame. The numbers could be unlocked to unlimited if you opt for the premium plans.

2. Camera MX (Android, Free)

Camera MX isn’t ideally an app that creates GIFs from cartoons or videos stored in your device external sources. Rather, it turns your live photos into GIFs itself. App’s “Live Shot” function, similar to iOS’s Live Photo feature, not only turns those Live Shots into GIFs but offers ability to scrub forwards and backwards within them to capture the right expression.

3. GIF X (iOS, Free)

The GIF X app is an innovative GIF creator app that’s free to install and use. To Create a Gif, you just need to import a video from your camera roll and edit the clip to get the GIF you want.  Using App’s extensive gallery of effects and masks, you can customize your GIF the way you want. Moreover, the app also allows you to import GIFs from Giphy.

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4. Giphy Cam (iOS/Android, Free)

Top 6 Mobile Apps for Creating GIFs

The app comes from the house of Giphy, the biggest GIF search engine. Giphy Cam Gif Creator App Android is available for both iOS and Android users. The app helps you convert your videos and images into GIFs. Even though you’re not quite good at image editing, just add silly, texts, and frames to your images to create quirky GIFs.

5. GIF Maker (iOS, Free)

GIF maker is an ideal app for creating GIFs having your family / friends in frame. With GIF Maker, you can create GIFs from a photo, video, or live photo.

The app offers meme-style captioning so that you can create awesome designs about love or a fun happy birthday message. The app GIF Maker is a real fun when you want to create intimate GIFs.

6. GIF Maker – GIF Editor (Android, Free)

The app, last one in the list, helps to create GIFs from static images. With the app, it’s easy to cut and crop videos to design your own customized GIF. Once you get the right image to tweak as GIF, add color effects, different fonts, and so forth to give it a look you wanted.

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You can also apply Filters to add more effects. Once you’ve done with the GIF, you can upload it to Giphy, Imgur, or simply share themn over to your friend via your favorite social network.

Top Mobile Apps for Creating GIFs

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