10 Best Plant Identification Apps in India

# Last Updated On: July 13, 2021 #

All plant lovers are interested in identifying plants, whether they are houseplants, outdoor plants, or those found on a walk. And have you ever been in a garden, yard, or park and had no idea what plant you were looking at?

Fortunately, there are many excellent plant Identification apps to identify plants that do all of the hard work for you. We will determine the demands of specific plants and properly care for them if we know what we are looking at.

Best Plant Identifier App of 2021

There are, however, far too many species to recognize and apps to pick from. So here are the top ten of the most popular iOS and Android apps.

1. Plantifier

Plantifier is a free plant identifier app that enables you to identify a wide array of plants due to its huge database. Plantifier is a popular plant recognition tool supported by my garden organisation, a large community of gardeners and plant lovers. You can upload a photo of an unknown plant, and the community can assist you in identifying it.

You may also test their web-based version on plantifier.com. This great app is available in 4 different languages. It helps in easy and fast identification of different plants.

2. Leaf Snap

Plant Identification Apps

LeafSnap is the best plant identifier app and has an excellent tool for identifying plants. This app has a great user-friendly layout that enables finding the name of any app-known plant very straightforward.

LeafSnap, according to the app description, can identify around 90% of all known plant and tree species. This free mobile app employs visual recognition software to assist in identifying tree species based on images of their leaves. Beautiful high-resolution photos of leaves, flowers, fruit, petiole, seeds, and bark can be found at Leafsnap.

Leafsnap presently contains trees from the Northeastern United States and Canada, but it will soon expand to include trees from across the United States.

3. Flower Checker – plant Identification app

This software offers a plant identification service for a fee. You must photograph an unknown plant and get it identified by an international panel of specialists. The flower checker team will respond as quickly as possible, although identification can take a few minutes or hours.

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The creators claim to be able to recognize more than 90% of plants. The software is ad-free and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

4. Garden Answers Plant Identification

When you ask, is there an app to identify plants? The answer would be yes. Garden Answers is a ground-breaking plant identification app that immediately recognizes over 20,000 species and provides accurate and extensive information. It also diagnoses pests and diseases, as well as providing professional assistance on plant-related concerns.

5. Smart Plant Home

Plant Identification Apps

If you need to identify a plant, insect, or disease, the Smart Plant Home app is here to help. It allows you to take a photo of a plant and send it to their expert staff, which will identify the plant and provide you advice on how to grow and care for it.

Likewise, take a photo of pests and diseases, and their experts will inform you what kind of insect or disease is hurting the health of your plants 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Smart plant home will also provide you with valuable advice on resolving the issue and preventing it from occurring again.

6. Plantnet Plan Identification

PlantNet is a plant identification image sharing and retrieval program. This free programme aids in the identification of plant species from images. Plant species that have been well illustrated in a botanical reference database can be quickly identified.

This plant identification app is identifying house plants and unknown plants in forests. This program works with over 4100 species, and the species list is available within the app.

7. PictureThis – Free Plant Identifier

Artificial intelligence has been a source of debate in recent years due to the potential danger it poses in the future. Take a picture or upload a previously downloaded image to learn everything there is to know about a plant or flower.

This software swiftly and reliably recognizes the plants. PictureThis comes with a slew of useful features, like artificial intelligence-assisted plant identification, note-taking, and plant development tracking. If you are feeling difficult with your plants, this app can help you detect the problem and provide treatment recommendations.

8. Plant Snap

Plant Identification Apps

PlantSnap is the app for you. It is incredibly easy to use, and there is a helpful tutorial to walk you through the steps. Its accuracy is fairly high, even if it does make the occasional error that a skilled gardener would avoid.

It is quick and simple to use, but you will have to pay to use it frequently and access some additional features, such as the ability to watch other people’s snaps. This software can identify plants and flowers, trees, succulents, and mushrooms in a matter of seconds.

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This app’s material is available in 30 different languages, which is a huge plus. This software is a large source of information, with a database of over 500,000 species.

9. Plantix – Plant Finder App

Not only will you learn more about the plant, but you will also be able to recognize the ailment that it is suffering from. It recognizes diseases based on the pattern that each sickness leaves behind.

The software recognizes this pattern and provides the appropriate solution. On this app, a community of like-minded people and foreign specialists exchange their knowledge and solutions.

10. Smartplant Identify and Care

Plant Identification Apps

This software will help you identify the plant and provide you with some great advice. Although you can download this app to identify plants free, you will need to purchase a premium membership to access all of its features.

You must first upload a photo from the gallery or take a live photo of the plant. This image will be forwarded to a team of experienced horticulturists, who will respond with an accurate answer within a reasonable amount of time.

Final thoughts

A phone app that can help to identify a plant from a photo might be a priceless benefit for any gardener, scientist, student, professor, wildlife explorer, or simply someone who enjoys plants.

While numerous similar apps are available for Android and iOS devices, not all of them are worthwhile. Some have limited picture recognition capabilities, while others have been out of date, and so on.

You should always take many images from various perspectives and shots of various portions of the plant you want to identify to maximize the odds of these apps accurately identifying it.

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