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Everything you need to know about Lexus lx 570

With the effervescent release of the new Lexus LX 570, the brand ‘Lexus’ has proved once again its caliber and its determination in keeping its words i.e. Experience Amazing.

Lexus lx 570: Everything you need to know

This luxury SUV is surely a tough competition for other luxury SUVs in the market!

With a 383 Hp and 403 pound-feet of torque, you experience true power produced by a 5.7L 32-Valve DOHC V8 engine. Moreover, the comfort of the luxurious interior is boosted by an 8-speed Automatic Transmission that ensures a smooth ride.

Interior& Cargo Capacity

The two trims that Lexus LX 570 comes in are the LX 570 2-Row and the LX 570 3-Row. Although there are a few features exclusive to the LX 570 3-row trim, both are mostly similar. Some of the features that both trims offer are:

  • Hill-start assist control
  • Full-time four-wheel drive with traction control
  • Turn assist
  • Auto-dimming mirrors
  • Multi-Terrain Select (off-road vehicle settings)

Lexus offers a full luxury package in its SUV consisting of ventilation and heating for seats of the two initial rows. This SUV has many premium materials and comes with spacious seating which can accommodate 8 passengers. Moreover, the quality of leather stitching and the wooden material sets a comforting environment.

Although, the third row seats are a bit cramped (which isn’t rare in 3-row SUVs) the second row seats can be adjusted electronically to provide more space in the third row.

The cargo capacity of the SUV is the least compared to other SUVs which comes a bit unexpected looking at its exterior.



WhatsApp’s Reply Privately Feature is Here

Facebook owned WhstApp has been vocal in offering features to its users on every alternate day. Now the WhatsApp’s beta version brings an all new feature called ‘Reply privately’ in group chats.

Whstapp Reply Privately Feature

WhatsApps Reply Privately Feature

The feature will allow users to privately reply to a person in the group. The reply will be sent only to the concerned person opening a separate chat box.

It’ll be a private message that no one in the group can see. You can take it up like a private chat that can be accessed in a group. Using the feature, you can escape trouble of leaving the group for a while, moving to the concerned person’s chat and then replying to the message.

A report published in WaBetaInfo said that the Whstapp Reply Privately Feature is available for Android users using the version 2.18.335 of the beta app. The feature will roll out for all with the next beta version 2.18.336/337.

The report didn’t open up without whether the chat has been opened privately or within the same group chat window. The feature will come up with the two options, one that shows ‘Reply privately’ and the second ‘Message XYZ’.

So, we assume that the ‘Message XYZ’ will work in two ways: Either it will take the user directly to the original chat or maybe it might allow the user to just reply on the group itself.

The Whstapp Reply Privately Feature can also be used to privately reply to old messages in a group where the send messages feature is on ‘Only administrators’.

Whstapp Reply Privately Feature


Google Tests Relevant History Feature in Mobile SERP

Search juggernaut appears to be testing a new drop-down section ‘relevant history’ for search results in mobile. The section would be in drop down format and will appear at the very top of the mobile search results.

Google Tests Relevant History Feature

The section will be showing page history directly related to the search that you previously visited.

Google Relevant History Feature

Look at the screenshot attached. You will see all sites that the searcher had visited previously. The interesting thing to note with the feature is that it won’t show any description with those results. All that it will show are the title, URL and any relevance thumbnail if available.

This is another way Google is showcasing personalized results to the searchers. It becomes even more important since it aims at mobile search query where limited screen space available to display the results. The feature is being tested with a select group of people.

We haven’t any clue when it will be available for a global roll out. Google neither confirmed nor declined the news.

Stay tuned for more updates on its availability for  all the users.

Snapchat redesigned app for Android

Snapchat to Redesign its Android App, to be Launched Soon

Photo based messaging app Snapchat is set to unveil its redesigned app for Android users.  People associated with the development said that Snapchat is working on the alpha version of its Android app that’s designed to offer an experience more on par with the iOS version.

Snapchat’s Redesigned Android App

Reports suggest that the upcoming Snapchat Android app will have a faster user interface. The UI will also have Emoji brush as a new feature. The app is under the initial phase of testing with some bug fixes and a slew of camera improvements underway. The upcoming Snapchat Android app is said to have a tidier interface and smooth app running.

In Past as well, Snapchat launched its redesigned app that fell flat on user expectations. The design made the interface relatively complicated and led to a sharp decline in Snapchat’s user base. Sensing the damage done, the company discontinued the new Snapchat redesigned Android app and went on to the older one.

Apple Removes 25,000 Apps

Apple Removes 25,000 Apps from its Chinese App Store

A report published in Chinese media confirms that tech giant Apple removed over 25,000 apps from the Chinese version of the App Store. As per the latest reports, the app store houses over 1.8 million apps.

Apple Removes 25000 Apps From App Store

Apple Removes 25,000 Apps

There is no official confirmation of the news from Apple as of now. But if the news comes true, the amount of removed apps would be equivalent to 1.4% of the total number of apps it offered.

In its official statement today, Apple said that they have removed gambling apps as they are illegal in the Chinese version of the App Store. Chinese media has always been very critical to Apple for not taking urgent steps to remove illegal apps in the App Store.  The report said that despite Apple’s claim that they don’t allow such apps in the app store, bogus lottery and gambling apps are still available in Chinese version of iOS store.

“Gambling apps

skype Archive Conversation Feature

Skype Brings Archive Conversation Feature in Latest Update

Microsoft owned Skype gets a most awaited feature in its latest update. The latest version of this most popular messenger app allows users to archive conversation for further reference.

Skype’s Archive Conversation Feature

The updated version of the Skype is available on Android and iOS for download, limited to the users enrolled in the Skype Preview Insider program.

If you’ve updated version of the app, you can archive a conversation by visiting the following places in your Skype app.

  • The chat list item menu (Right click