How Can You Successfully Put Your Video Marketing Plan into Action?

Are you planning video marketing for your new product or service marketing? Are you stuck with some dilemma? You are not able to get out of your laid back thoughts that video marketing won’t help?

Well, wait, it will help or not that is a secondary thing. At the initial stage, let us focus on some data points on video marketing.

Put Your Video Marketing Plan into Action

Put Your Video Marketing Plan into Action


  • Video marketing is one of the most efficient and attractive of marketing in the digital platforms that is booming day by day.
  • People are loving to watch videos, especially of having a duration of 2 mins.
  • Thousands of creative teams are working behind excellent video contents; the video graphics and the targeted customer set is loving to spend their time on such videos. Moreover, they are coming to the CTA.
  • According to the great marketing and analytic tool company, named HubSpot, this year the video marketing is expected to account for 74 per cent of all internet traffic. It is a massive number for all the people who are going to hit their customer segment with video marketing.
  • We all know content marketing is great, and people look forward to your contents. But also, according to the research by the HubSpot team, it has been understood that 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product.
  • Hence here we can divide this set of customers into two. One who likes content and the other one who wants videos? So by doing both for your business, you are just being assured that you are reaching everyone potentially.
  • Also, the HubSpot team has found out 60 percent of marketers, and small business owners are upping their video marketing this year. So this a great opportunity to a lot of amateur video marketers to take that chance and click it.
  • It has also been reported by the “Digital Information World” that 78 percent of people online worldwide, watch videos online every week. So, if you take a look to your potential customer set, you will feel a significant segment to focus on and therefore how to get a better revenue out of it.
  • Again according to the Digital Information World, 52 per cent of marketing professionals worldwide claims that video offers the best ROI.

But after getting so much data and information, if you still doubt its success. Then we would say that it’s all about execution. How you execute the plan of a Video Marketing.

You cannot just think it in the best way possible only by hiring an agency and therefore implement it without the right execution. Then the whole strategy will go for a toss.

Here we are representing something unique for all the aspiring video marketers out there. We will educate you with the how Can You Successfully Put Your Video Marketing Plan into Action.

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These steps will help you to lead your thoughts and therefore, the strategy of how you are going to achieve or measure your success with the new edge of video marketing.

Understand Your Audience before the Marketing Strategy

It is nothing new. You take any base level marketing project there is always this question,
“Who is your target audience?”

The fantastic thing about this question is, once you decide who is the target audience, you are done with 30% of your hurdles. Here the method is the same.

Video Marketing works for them who works on Video Marketing!

It is no doubt very niche-oriented marketing, and if you haven’t put your hard affords, then it’s not going to work.

In this regard, you have to take vast insights from the online analytical tools. You will get some tremendous insights from Google Ads, Google Analytics, few HubSpot tools etc. You should make a data-driven decision to impact your marketing strategies.

Many people think defining audience is the straightforward and laid back process. As at the initial time, they already keep a thought in mind. But this is a very complicated process. This process includes building a buyer’s persona. And just detach yourself from the customer context.

Your audience is more than your customer. The reason we are saying this because your target set is more than your potential consumers.

They can refer your product to someone else, and they can give you some outstanding insights that would help you develop your product and so on.

So, in essence, you should have a buyer persona document. You have to have a valid list of what are the attributes of the people whom you are targeting, and then you have to take it further.

Is a Message being Given?

Creating a video bucket and launching it is not a big task! Every third person out of five can do that. The only concern is your videos delivering a message!

Let us tell you that marketing is all about communication. Every single word you say matters to the people who are listening to it. And so as every single frame you build in your video matters for the people who are watching it.

So your message has to be very clear and crisp. You have to be sure that your videos are not long and the content is not so difficult to understand. Because people out there don’t have time to spend multiple times seeing your video and know what you want to convey. It works at a go. At the same time, it clicks the mind in the first place only.

Also, don’t try to cram everything in one video. If you are thinking of shooting and releasing videos made with artists shooting in the ad, or thinking of an animated video, it doesn’t matter.

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All it matters is you have to create be cautious about the message. If you believe the information you are willing to convey can be driven by one video only then, you should go for it. But if it seems to be overloading, then you should give a bucket and release one by one.

Give it a Greetings and subtly get into the Signoff!

The foremost fact about doing video marketing is giving and start and end to the idea. The starting and ending have to be tremendous to catch the attention of people.

If you see the successful people into video marketing, then you would notice one thing that they have an excellent starting and ending. They have done subjective research to understand what their traffic likes.

If you give the right start and end to your video, it makes people understand your communication fast, and they respond quickly. Here we are also talking about the humour you use. But remember it’s always not about the feeling there is more to it.

All you have is 10 seconds!

If you don’t know, then we would like to convey that the attention span duration of an individual is around 10 seconds.

What does that mean?

It means, whenever a person has landed up to your video, the most he will strongly concentrate on it is 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, he/ she will only give attention to it if it seems interesting to him/her.

So the primary method being a marketer you have to follow is grab their attention in 8 seconds. If you are successful in engaging the viewer at that duration, then your 50% work is done. Rest is upon the prospect if he likes the product and wants to hit on the CTA or not.

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