18 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic For More Sales


Today we have vast technology and science. With the changing times, new and high-performance things are introduced on the web. If you are in search of ways to drive website traffic, then you will use several methods in this context.

Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

You will have inspired and overturned visibility and popularity on the internet. In the past, we used many ways in order to drive website traffic such as article writing which is at the top over the years, links, referrals, banners, pay per click and advertisements.

1. Viral marketing

It is a good way to market. This is the latest and newest way and extremely charming way to drive website traffic towards your website. It includes writing some good and useful information just like an article in the form of a report or a guide for easy sharing.

The best deal is that you add up your URL in order to travel the news and updates about your website to all those users who are sharing your reports and guides.

2. Social networking sites

It is a great option for streams of traffic. You can say that people are crazy about social networking sites. Social networking consists of a great population of people to share information on the internet.

Millions of people share data and try to learn a great deal about different and varied products, websites, and services. Social networking has achieved a great business status all over the world and is a nice method to make advertisements for free.

3. Forum Marketing

Forums are another way to increase visitors to your site because forums are a way to achieve more traffic. The forums that you visit and use need to be in the same niche because you want to make contact with people that have the same interests as you.

Revisiting those sites on a regular basis and adding new additions are also needed for continuity and to keep your contacts. So, showing your expertise in the same niche and revisiting those sites are important. This is why blogs are a big part of getting traffic.

4. Blogging

Blogs are a huge part of why people will want to visit your site. Because to get the traffic you will need blogs in order to inform people who and what you are.

You will want to sign-up and connect with blogs of the same topic because this will create back-links for you which is what you want to accomplish.

So, it is important to find blogs in the same niche and create those much-needed backlinks. Getting more traffic wouldn’t even be possible without both of those.

You can use the best traffic analytics tool like Semrush and Similarweb. Here is an in-depth comparison of both the tools – Semrush vs Similarweb

5. Build your very own mailing list of opt-ins

The number one factor in traffic generation is to make sure you assemble a database of email addresses of your visitors. You must build this into your site so the prospects who visit your site must input their name and email address.

This now becomes your mailing and you could use this to drive them to brand new promotions etc. In doing this they visit your website again and again.

6. Article marketing

Article marketing is great because just one article that you take a few minutes to write has the potential to bring thousands of visitors to your website.

Now this will not happen overnight, but the power of article marketing is with the residual traffic. With enough articles, you can literally have hundreds of people coming to your website each day with no effort.

7. Google AdWords

This is a type of pay-per-click advertising that is being used by many of the top online marketers in multiple niches. Google AdWords is the best solution for building website traffic in a very short period of time.

The only problem is that you must know what you are doing or you can really lose your shirt with AdWords.

8. Make it search engine friendly

Google and the other search engines are some of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website.

They specialize in matching up the clues that users give them by the words they type with the pages that (at least according to the computer algorithm) are the best match for those words.

Make sure that your website is search engine friendly – there are SEO plugins for WordPress that make this relatively easy – and make sure that the content you put up on your site answers potential things people will type in.

9. Target long-tail phrases

The chance of your site showing up near the top of the results for any short keyword phrase are about the same as you winning the lottery. Close to zero.

Long-tail keyword phrases – usually four words and more – are much easier to target and are also much more likely to meet the specific requirements of searchers.

One of the ways I regularly find these phrases is with the suggestions that Google shows whenever you start typing a word or two.

These phrases are the most up-to-date source of keyword information on the internet – they’re as close to real-time as you’re likely to get – and are often easy to rank for as they don’t often show in the keyword planning tool.

For finding the best long tail keywords, you can use the no.1 SEO and keyword research tool – Semrush. Here is how you can avail free Semrush trial.

10. Social bookmarking

An efficient and money-saving marketing technique, social bookmarking is being looked upon as the new age technology to promote your website and its offering in a cost-effective manner.

It does not require a large part of your budget but if you manage to get the basics right, the results can be amazing.

11. Invite guest bloggers

Blogging is a popular way of talking to people about your brand and related offerings. However, when you initiate guest blogging, you are actually inviting people to talk about what interests them in your domain.

This increases the engagement level and automatically improves the traffic as well. What’s more, is that you don’t need to generate the content. All you need to do is simply moderate the user-generated content whenever required.

12. Video Marketing

Make use of videos to grab eyeballs. People are more likely to get the message if they can see a short video on it. Most people use their smartphones and other similar devices to access the internet and they simply do not have the time or patience to scroll down pages of text.

Videos also ensure that your site does very well in terms of search engine rankings. At the same time, the videos should not be too large, or else the page will take very long to load and this will deter viewers.

13. Offer Something For Free To Grab Attention

Offer something free because this will create a buzz around your business. One way to do this is to run a contest. You could also give away software, electronic books, etc. as a promotional offer.

Make sure to use social media to promote the offer since this will give you high visibility very rapidly. On a similar note, you could also use Groupon to offer discount coupons for the products or services you are selling.

14. Press Release

Write an emotionally compelling headline. If you want your press release to get the most traffic possible, you will need to have a very compelling headline. It must target the emotions of your audience.

Use words that push emotional buttons like, secrets, discover, dramatically, and astronomically. Use any words that are relevant to your press release, and cause people to take action.

Also, your headline should be very short. Include your target keyword twice in the headline and make sure it sounds natural to your readers.

15. Social Media

Social Media Using social media tools to your advantage can help you build relationships with prospects and provide valuable backlinks to your website.

Backlinks equal increased visibility in search engines as well as work well to send physical traffic to your site. There isn’t a business that can’t benefit from using social media tools.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can be used to your advantage in a lot of ways. For one, you can join groups or just simply attract people interested in your niche to be your contact.

This, in turn, can help you promote to a selected people who’ll be most likely into what your deal is, which means instant targeted traffic.

16. Product Reviews

Product reviews are also a very good way to get a lot of people to visit and read your blog. It is even better if you are ahead of the pack and the first one to give that review.

People generally would want to read reviews before purchasing a product, so there is always going to be a review of that product. If you are in that position, seize the opportunity to write a detailed post that makes your article the best review.

If you can do that, the search engines will love that, add your article to the search listings and you will get good traffic coming to your website.

17. Get Interviews

Interviews are great especially if you manage to interview an authority figure and post the contents of the interview on your blog.

People would love to hear expert opinions on a particular subject and word of mouth will get more people coming to your website to read that interview. The important thing about interviews is that it is good to list down the important parts of them to add more value to your post.

18. “How To Tips” or “To-Do Lists”

We’ve seen plenty of such articles around the internet and this is not just restricted to blog articles. Sometimes it can be difficult to write an article starting along those lines and get good traffic if there are a lot of competitors for the keywords in your title posts.

Nevertheless, writing things like “5 Steps to Boost Confidence” or “How to be a better parent in 5 ways” does get people to read your articles. You might want to try breaking up your articles into smaller pieces so that you can post different but related articles over a period of time.


Once you can effectively harness at least one method of traffic generation, you can begin to incorporate another method that will serve to increase its effectiveness.

The key point here is not to bog yourself down with every technique that comes down the pike because you’ll soon find yourself spinning your wheels and working round the clock to keep up with it all.

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