15 Plugins, Apps, and Software to Get More from Your Articles

80% of people read the headline only, and the remaining 20% read the remaining articles. (CopyBlogger)

Titles with 6 to 13 words attract the greatest traffic. (HubSpot)

43% of B2B markets believe blogging to be the most important content type. (Social Marketing Industry Report, 2017)

How do you ensure that your headings are captivating? How do you add power to your blogs? And most importantly, what can you do to make your website copywriting techniques more effective so that potential visitors return again…

and again? Of course, you would all have heard about offering value, being original, adding bulleted items, marketing through visuals and so many great and effective pieces of advice.

But why not deviate from the norm… and for a change, make use of certain tools and software to improve your content.

15 Plugins, Apps, and Software

How about leveraging their power? Using the right set of apps can help you in so many ways. These tools determine your keyword placement, link quality and other elements that strengthen your position on the SERPs.

Of the so many choices available in the market, which plug-ins, apps and software are the best? Here are our favorite ones.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Why are you developing all that content? One of the purposes is the SERPs ranks, and hence, you try and target a certain set of keywords. But which ones should you target? Find them out through Google Keyword Planner. The tool is free to use and much better than other similar options.

2.  CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

What do you want to write about? And how engaging is that heading in your mind? Deciding on titles is a challenge, but CoSchedule Headline Analyzer can make it a whole lot easier.

Input a suitable title, and the tool will analyze it word by word, as it passes on suggestions. Moreover, every title has a score and a grade that can help with comparing similar headlines.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of our favorite blogging and website copywriting software on the list. The tool does not only correct grammar and spelling mistakes, but also suggests improvements depending on your writing style, provides vocabulary-based recommendations and professional article proofreading.

While Grammarly is amazing, it may miss out pointing a word that is being used incorrectly, but nonetheless, it’s still worth a try.

4. Quora

Can’t decide what to write about? Head off to Quora and find out the most popular questions being asked in your respective industry. Answer these by coming up with a blog post. Just put in relevant keywords in the search bar and Quora will generate a whole list of ideas from which you can choose a topic or your next post.

5. BuzzSumo

Enter a URL or topic in the field provided and receive a wealth of information and performance related metrics. BuzzSumo can also be useful for determining the most enticing or engaging angle for existing content and coming up with fresh ideas.

6. Trello

Trello is one of our favorite software tools by far. All ideas that you add are turned into virtual flashcards, which you can fill up with additional notes. All notes are displayed on your dashboard, and you can easily move from one to another.

7. Evernote

Evernote is more than just an organizational software. Drop everything on the main dashboard like notes, snippets and photos. You can also tag and arrange all these by topics, ideas, categories and other relevant factors.

8. Wunderlist

This tool is a modified form of a to-do list, organizing your ideas into tasks and subtasks. You can also begin with an idea list, and then add tasks for each item later.

9. Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

SEO plugins are useful for transforming your ideas into relevant keywords, which you can then target to keep your blog focused. Yoast’s plug-in is highly recommended as it provides information on where keywords appear in a post and also give you the ‘green’ signal when the article is ready to be posted.

10. Egg Timer

Got too much to write in a short period of time? Egg Timer is a super simple tool that notifies you for how long you’ve worked. Set suitable time periods for research, creating outlines, writing the draft, proofreading and so on. Whenever the time for any of these activities is up, you’re notified through a popup and a sound.

11. Hemingway

Hemingway analyzes your content and assigns a suitable readability index. The tool also highlights sentences that are dense or too complex, common errors and other elements. Rectify the issues so that your content becomes more readable.

12. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is one of the easiest and simplest lead generation software. It features a number of opt-in forms, which you can add to your website through a simple drag and drop editor. Thrive Leads allow you to target your audience specifically, helping you to build more profitable lists.

13. Hootesuite

Hootesuite is a well-developed tool, offering an array of features. The Dashboard is divided into many groups, each of which has its own focus. If ‘Streams’ are set up, you can view the kind of content that influencers are posting and if you should generate something similar for your blog. A 50-day free trial software is available.

14. StackEdit

If you want to convert text into HTML or another suitable format, or if you want to copy content from Google Docs or WordPress, add StackEdit to the list of software that you use without changing the format in anyway. The tool is also packed with layouts and themes through which you can customize writing.

15. EduGeeksClub

EduGeeksClub can assist you in coming up with informative and well-crafted articles and posts and  editing your current content. Although there are already many grammar-checking tools available, EduGeeks Club does a better job than most.

Use the above software and become a blogging and website copywriting maestro.

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