5 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks in 2022


Every digital marketer understands the value of high-quality backlinks. After all, your website will receive a lot of traffic if you utilize backlinking correctly. Not to mention, its SERP rankings will go through the roof.

However, your website will vanish from the face of the digital world if you don’t follow a few tried and tested backlinking techniques.

5 Tips to Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinking is a complex digital marketing technique, especially since multiple link-building strategies require different degrees of knowledge, efficiency, and money. Moreover, if you’re new to backlinking, you probably won’t know which link-building strategies to use and which ones to avoid initially.

On that note, listed are a few techniques to follow to get quality backlinks and improve your website’s SERP ranking tenfold!

1. Give Blog Writing A Try

If you’re looking to get quality backlinks with as little effort as possible, writing interesting, helpful blogs is the answer. First, however, ensure that you meet your target audience’s needs and requirements with every blog you publish online.

Furthermore, ensure your blogs are well-structured and contain valuable, helpful material. After all, no one would want to read a blog that doesn’t solve their problems or include digestible content, right?

Of course, not every person has the writing skills to write a five-star blog. However, you can always hire article writers or article writing services to help you develop well-structured informational blogs for online publishing.

In the end, if you have expertise in a particular topic and subject matter, write blogs about it so you can help your customer and acquire backlinks from reputable websites simultaneously.

2. Take Advantage Of Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Consider conducting a competitor backlink analysis to determine which of your competitor’s backlinks you can leverage.

After all, if your competitors can gain these backlinks, nothing should stop you from doing the same! You only have to conduct a few backlink analyses of your closest competitors and try to score the backlinks they’ve acquired. And you can do this by writing blogs, articles, how-to guides, etc. The possibilities are endless!

3. Utilize Dead Backlinks

You might not know about this, but there are a ton of dead, broken backlinks circulating the internet. In fact, you may have seen a couple of these dead, broken links while browsing the internet (typically represented by a page that displays a 404 error).

Misspelled weblinks or an updated webpage location or URL are the two most common causes of this issue. However, a 404 error can also happen when a website relaunches with a different domain.

That said, there are a plethora of online tools available today that can help you retrieve dead backlinks. These tools will request that you copy and paste a URL. After that, they’ll generate a report with a list of broken or dead hyperlinks. You’ll also receive a .htaccess file that you can paste into your site’s .htaccess file to claim the link you want.

4. Create SEO-Friendly Content

You probably already know about this, but creating SEO-friendly content will allow you to gain backlinks from reputable websites. If you know how to write an SEO-friendly article or blog on a particular topic or subject, reputable sites would love to include your website’s link in their own content.

That said, to ensure that you create SEO-friendly content, you have to follow a few SEO best practices. These include incorporating relevant keywords into your content and meta details, coming up with catchy titles and subtitles, using high-quality images, etc.

However, if you think that this is too much of a hassle, you can always hire article writers or article writing services to handle everything for you. In fact, they will take care of everything from performing keyword research to using industry-relevant keywords to proofreading your blogs and articles to everything in between.

5. Ask For Backlinks From Reputable Websites

When it comes to getting high-quality backlinks, simply asking reputable websites and blogs to link back to your website should be the first thing on your priority list, especially if this is your first venture into the link-building realm.

For example, you can request backlinks from your partner, clients, or coworkers who write blogs or own websites. Giving them a shout-out in your article or granting them a space on your website for their adverts will help you get some backlinks from them.

However, keep in mind that your backlinks should only come from industry-relevant websites and blogs. Google will penalize your SERP rankings if your website receives backlinks from non-niche-relevant sources.

Furthermore, backlink spamming should be avoided at all costs, as Google will also penalize you if you use this workaround. Sure, it used to work a decade ago. But now it doesn’t, as Google’s algorithm has gotten smarter!

Wrapping Up

In the end, you can only get quality backlinks if your content is worth linking back to. You can hire article writers or article writing services to help you churn out excellent blogs and articles related to your target industry.

However, this approach is only viable for businesses or websites that produce fresh content daily such as ten to fifteen blogs and articles per day. So instead, try to learn the basics of SEO writing and incorporate them into your own pieces.

As a result, you can expect to see a massive bump in your backlink numbers sooner than later.

Dave Brown
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