How to Drive Traffic to a New Blog?

A well-organized business blog with relevant content will turn first-time visitors into contented readers. No matter if it’s a self-standing blogging effort or a blog within a website, it needs to be constantly promoted to drive more traffic to it.

Ways to Drive Traffic to a New Blog?

How to Drive Traffic to a New Blog?

In this article, we’re going to present some handy techniques that will successfully make your business blog more popular throughout the Web.

Publish relevant posts

Your blog will be gladly visited and read if you publish relevant posts.

This doesn’t only mean that your topics should cover the current affairs in your niche. It also means that these topics need to be discussed in an easily understandable, yet attractive style. Nobody wants to read dull, generic articles, even if they talk about the latest events.

You would do well to establish some basic rules regarding the writing style on your website. As time goes by and your first articles roll out, you’ll see what guidelines to add and which ones to remove.

After a while, these rules will evolve into the editorial guidelines for your blog. Having these rules in writing will also help you work with guest bloggers, if you choose to do so.

Furthermore, each and every article published on your blog should contain links to trustworthy and well-known websites in your niche. We also recommend that you read this article on writing a top-notch business blog, published by the Huffington Post. It’s also a relevant reference from a trustworthy source.

Include your original materials

Internet users want useful, original materials from bloggers and business owners. There’s so much fluff and generic content online that people really appreciate it if authors make an effort to share their original content.

As a business owner, you can give your readers some tips on how to become more productive, for example.

Writing a case study and including it in your blog posts is also a clever way of being original while giving your readers added value.

In line with that, you can also take some original photos or shoot videos of yourself or your employees at business conferences and events. Then you can write a report about your presence there and enrich it with this authentic footage.

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The more original multimedia pieces you add to your blog posts, the more traffic they’ll attract.

Get promoted through social media

In addition to the multimedia on your blog, it’s also important to share your content via social media.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter currently make up the holy trinity of the social media scene. Additionally, LinkedIn is extremely important for business posts, so don’t leave it out from your blogging agenda.

As a matter of fact, Instagram and LinkedIn might be a bit more business-friendly at this very moment. Instagram is becoming increasingly popular with business owners, mostly due to its simplicity and user-friendliness.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is the most powerful networking tool in the world of online business. Your blog posts can be noticed and shared by various influencers and notable individuals within your industry. Furthermore, you can find relevant guest authors on LinkedIn as well.

For all these reasons, make sure to add the sharing buttons for all these social networks to your blog posts.

Also, it would be wise to set a publishing schedule, so that you share each of your blog posts on all social media channels at the same time. These blogging tools can help you improve your publishing efficiency.

Likewise, there should be a clear updating policy, meaning that you need to decide how many posts a week you’re going to share with your social media audience. Nevertheless, don’t let quantity damage the quality of your blog posts.

Mind the interaction with your readers

A blog that doesn’t incentivize interaction between readers, as well as between authors and readers, might not be interesting to visitors.

Because of that, it’s important to make your blog a real hub for your regular readers and contributors.

You need to enable comments on your blog posts. Apart from being a reality check for the quality of your blogging efforts, they can also attract readers to revisit your blog.

Once they come back, they might leave a few comments as well.

You can also launch contests on your blog or add quizzes to your posts. These features will make your blog more interactive and make it different from the rest of the crowd.

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What’s more, if you’re targeting knowledgeable and successful people from your niche, this profile of users and some other that you discovered using a email finder tool will be more than happy to take part in quizzes.

Give your blog posts catchy titles

When you’re naming your business, take some time and think about it more thoroughly. The name you choose can either skyrocket or bury your entire business effort. Also, it will affect your domain name, as well, which is why it’s even more important to come up with an original and concise name.

Similarly, when you’re generating topics for your blog, they need to be as catchy and witty as possible. Of course, this isn’t always possible, because sometimes you simply can’t create equally impressive titles for each and every article.

In such cases, the authenticity of your posts should make up for the lack of creativity. Even if a blog post doesn’t have the most attractive title, it will certainly generate enough traffic if it presents your first-hand experiences.

Moreover, when you’re discussing collaborations for guest posts, stress the fact that you appreciate nice titles. That way at least some of your fellow bloggers will make an effort to give their articles amusing titles, to try and leave a positive impression.


A new blog needs attention and appreciation. That’s why your blog posts have to be interesting, trendy, and original if you want them to drive more traffic. Also, make sure that you populate them with genuine materials and use the power of social media to actively share them.

If they’re interactive and discussion-provoking, your readers will keep returning to your blog to have fun and learn something new. Finally, have your guest authors follow these guidelines as well, and your blog should raise a fair amount of public interest.

Tips to Drive Traffic to a New Blog?

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