15 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog in 2021

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2021)

Because of easy-to-use platforms like WordPress, starting a blog has become easier than ever. But, why are some blogs more successful, while others fail to give any substantial results? The article covers 15 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog in 2020. These tips will help you get instant blog traffic on your website.  

Get More Traffic to Your Blog in 2020: 15 Steps

Starting a blog may be easy, but getting results from it is not a piece of cake. In fact, many blogs fail because they don’t seem to meet their objectives. They are unable to achieve their desired results and it all seems like a waste of time and effort.

Are you in the same boat?

If yes, then you must follow the tips mentioned below. These tips will help you get instant results from your blog, and you will ultimately reach your goals, slowly but surely.

You may publish 5 blogs every day, but they are going to be worthless if they don’t have anything useful in them for the reader. When you are writing a blog, you must always keep your readers in mind. In fact, the first principle of a successful blog is to identify your audience and then write for them.

Your blog will never give you the results you want unless you can connect with your audience. You don’t have to use difficult vocabulary and jargon to make a blog successful.

Keep it simple and clean, but make sure that you address the questions of your readers. Content writing services can help you do this task easily. Once you start writing a blog with your audience in mind, you will see an instant boost in your results.

2.  Choose the Topics You Are Passionate About

You must have come across many blogs that are just plain boring. The first few paragraphs scream that the writer doesn’t know what they are talking about. This problem can only be resolved if you write about the topics that you are passionate about.

Passion reflects in your writing. However, it doesn’t mean that you start writing about anything and everything that interests you. You obviously have to stay within your niche. But you can look for interesting topics within your niche and then research and write about them.

If your write-up is interesting, your blog will drive results. On the other hand, if you are not passionate about something, then it reflects in your writing.

If you are not sure which topics to choose, head over to GoogleTrends. You just have to enter your keyword here and search for trending topics.  You can then create a blog post from the trending topics.

This increases your chance of ranking high on search engines, which translates to more views and better results.

3. Work on Your Blog Headline

The importance of your blog headline can never be underestimated. It is the first thing that your readers notice, and this is where they decide if they want to click on your blog or not. If your headline is boring, there is a high chance that they will not click on your blog and hence, you will not get the results that you expected.

Some experts suggest that the blog headline is even more important than the blog itself. You should create irresistibly awesome headlines if you want more readers on your blog. Do you know that even a simple thing like adding a colon or hyphen to your headline increases your click-through rate by 9%?

If you are not sure about your headline, use a headline analyzer tool and improve your headlines. You will see an instant boost in your results if you only tweak your headlines and optimize them for search engines as well as for your readers.

4.  Use the Right Keywords

The main objective of blogs is to drive traffic to your website. And, it is not possible unless you make SEO and keywords a part of your content strategy. You must employ SEO best practices if you want your blog to rank high on the search engines.

Keywords are like the pillars of any SEO strategy. Experts suggest using long-tail keywords as they are easier to rank as compared to short-tail keywords. They have less competition and increase the likelihood of ranking first on Google.

Finding long-tail keywords is not hard. The simplest way is to search on Google. Simply begin by typing a phrase, and Google will start offering auto-complete suggestions. Now when you click on any of them and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see related search suggestions. You can also use these as your keywords.

You can then insert these keywords in Google Keyword Planner and pick the ones that drive the most traffic. These are your gold nuggets. Use these keywords and you will see instant results from your blog.

5. Create Engaging Content

In blogging, and basically in everything SEO related there is a maxim you should always follow and it says – Content is the King. This saying has been worn out, but it still is the truth. Good and engaging content build a loyal audience.

The blog you are doing should call for engagement and people should feel a need to interact and comment. Good, valuable content helps build up trust with your readers, and that leads to consistent traffic.  Try to write casually, like you’re talking with a friend and friendly approach.

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This method has proven to bring more attention to your blog. Conclude with something engaging, make your readers want to share your content. Try to be helpful but give your own perspective in order to keep the authenticity and build a greater audience.

6. Get Involved with All Social Media

If you’re not on social media in today’s world – you don’t exist. Social interaction, shares, comments, and others bring more traffic and create a steady fan base of consistent visitors. You should spend the same amount of time creating content and sharing it across all social media networks.

Knowing that Google and other search engines are giving great importance to user interaction, there are few tips to follow. Never promote same blog post in the same way. Create a different strategy, or you will seem unprofessional

. Don’t post too many posts in a day, as this may cause people’s feeds to oversaturate with your content, and make them stop social interaction with you. Always keep a call-to-action somewhere near the end of the post, in order to ease the engagement for your visitors.

7. Do a Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research is a must when writing the content for a new website. Keywords will help search engines identify what a website is about, and will help individuals that are surfing the internet find the website. An SEO services company will often do this exact same thing when they are hired.

Then, these experts will make sure to include the ideal number of keywords in the content on the website, guaranteeing that there are not so many that search engines will downgrade the website and put it on the last page, but there are enough so that search engines will still pick up the website.

8. Use Enticing Images

Images are another great way to draw in more traffic. When an individual is looking for a particular image, they often enter a search term and then click on the images tab, bringing up all of the pictures that match their search.

Websites that do not use images have a zero chance of being discovered via an image search. A company that provides services to help increase traffic will recommend that businesses make sure to include keywords in all of their image descriptions.

Most search engines will not rank a website lower for overuse of keywords if additional words are used in the description for pictures, and this will help to guarantee images a spot on search results for images.

9. Get Influencers to Share Your Content

It’s almost impossible to succeed alone, in any field or industry, and there is always someone who helped those successful people to the top. If you are a blogger – Influencers are the help you need.

 Some studies have shown that content shared by influencers may result in more than 30% higher rates of social shares. This is quite a significant difference, so in order to get influencers to involve with your blog, you need to take care of some things first.

You have to engage with influencers and their work, and you need to provide a really amazing content. No one wants to advertise and push some old and dusty blog post just to elevate your engagement. Give free publicity and do an interview with influencers and try to find the best way to help each other.

10. Reach Out to Other Bloggers

The best thing you can do to get higher engagement is to get engaged yourself. Not only with the audience, but with other bloggers as well, top bloggers and authors have higher traffic, and there’s a lot you can pick up from them. 

In the virtual sea of blogs and bloggers try to find those that you prefer the most, and reach out to them. Share other people’s content before asking them to share yours. Be an engaged audience member for them and they will be grateful, as you would for your engaging audience. Learn to build relationships with other bloggers and not look at them as just the competition.

11. Talk at a Webinar or a Professional Conference

If you are the expert in your field, a great way to elevate engagement is by giving a talk at a professional conference or a webinar. Nowadays there are literally thousands of talks and webinars taking place all over the world, and you can get involved easy.

Another great way is to give a webinar lecture online. With modern day’s innovative video conferencing options, you can give a professional lecture from your office or even your home. Doing these things maximizes your exposure and draws traffic to your blog, as your credibility rises.

12. Optimize Your Blog for Mobile Devices and Speed

We have the attention span of a goldfish. Your visitors will not sit and wait for your blog to load. If your blog is not optimized for speed and mobile devices, then they will simply hit the back button and move to your competitor’s website.

There are more than 4.68 billion mobile users all over the world. If your blog is slow and not responsive to mobile devices, you are losing 4.68 billion prospective customers, and we are sure you don’t want that.

Check your site speed using Google’s Page Speed Insights. You will get a speed score along with some tips on how to improve this score. The next step is to make your blog mobile-friendly. It is also a no-brainer.

There are a number of plugins that can do the job easily for you. Your blog will be optimized for mobile devices and you will not lose any more prospective customers. You will get a speed score along with some tips on how to improve this score. For example, choosing a faster hosting provider could make a difference.

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As mentioned before, starting a blog may be easy, but getting the desired results from it is difficult. With these expert tips on how to get instant results from your blog, we hope that you will achieve your desired results as soon as possible.

13. Guest posting

The guest posting is considered as the two way path. Most of the individuals are not introduced to the term or way to boost the traffic. For following such a way, the individuals are required to take help from other bloggers or posts.

The bloggers need to mention links of their blogs in the blogs of other individuals. In this particular way, you can use it as the source of traffic. When the individuals click the links, then they are visited your blogs. Consequently, the traffic is automatically increased.

The second way is related to give some permission. The bloggers should allow other bloggers to post content on your blogs. It is helpful in increasing the overall traffic of the blog. All these factors are making the way of guest posting more reliable and beneficial for increasing the traffic easily.

With it, you are able to create some strong relations with other bloggers and take their help in getting knowledge about some other types of strategies with ease.

14.  Create reader crave

Blogs are written by individuals all over the world. All bloggers are considering a topic and start posting content on that particular one. If you want to attract lots of traffic, then you need to be careful while choosing the topic.

The bloggers are required to make sure that they are working on a unique topic. Creating a blog on a topic which does not choose by others, adds an attractive element to the blogs. The readers will get a good reason to access your blog specifically. The biggest reason is that they cannot find the content on other sources.

Get Inspiration

Sometimes, the individuals do not find out the way or topic for creating the blog. Here, the bloggers can take help from other bloggers and get inspired by checking their content and ideas. While doing all these things, the bloggers are required to focus on lots of factors. Mainly these factors are –

  • Try to add more impressive elements
  • Do not copy the content

In case you are copying the content then you may get banned by the search engine. With it, these types of activities are also becoming a big reason for the negative reputation in the internet world. You should be genuine when it comes to create content and post own blogs.

Pick topic properly

Topic selection is the biggest thing as we discussed above. For choosing the best topic, the individuals are required to focus on different factors. Mainly these factors are related to the information.

The bloggers are required to add highly informative details to the blog. Informative facts are highly beneficial in making lots of things easier. With it, you should try to add different types of impressive elements to the blogs such as – FAQs, real facts and so on.

15. Take social media help

On the internet, you can see three big social media platforms with domination such as – Twitter, Google, and Facebook. The bloggers should consider the way of these platforms for getting lots of traffic on the blogs and make them popular among internet users.

You should understand the importance of these sources and utilize them properly. Following are some major factors.

Be updated

The bloggers need to be updated with the trend properly. They should try to upload content as per the demand of audience and trends on the internet.

Social media tools

On the internet, you can see different types of tools. You should take help from the best social media management tool in order to manage social media promotion.

Do not add only words

In the blogs, the bloggers should try to add different types of attractive elements. Mainly these elements are the well-defined images. Images leave a good impression on the visitors. All these factors can help you in promoting the blog on social media platforms and impress users to visit the blog.

Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog in 2020: Conclusion

Proper promotion is the foundation of good engagement and high traffic on your blog. The strategies described in this post are tested and have proven to work, but you need to plan ahead in order to implement them properly in order to maximize the traffic potential your blog has.

Make sure you learn all about social media marketing you can or consult a professional in order to really get the traffic you’re hoping for.

Even though hiring a professional help may seem like a costly solution, keep in mind that nothing can compare with their experience and while you would probably have to learn as you work, they can prevent some of the problems before they even occur.

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