Top 9 Best Social Media Management Tools 2019

Social Media has been one of the most prominent platforms on the internet for well over a decade now. To leverage the social media platform to its optimum potential, you should know what your audience thinks about you, and your competitors. Read on our list of top and best Social Media Management Tools that can help you in your next social media marketing campaign.

You need the appropriate metrics to analyze and assess your social media users and make policy changes according to it. In addition, you have to be able to reach out to your audience. Your social media presence amounts to naught if it doesn’t reach out to your target audiences.

 Best Social Media Management Tools 2019

All of the above (and a lot more!) can be done using the various free social media management tools available in the market.

These tools empower your business to take the right decisions, according to your target audience’s tastes and preferences. Here are the free yet best social media management tools that you should be using right now!

1. Buzzsumo

Top free social media management tools

Buzzsumo is one of the best social media tools for content research and marketing. Its key feature is to monitor and analyze your Facebook pages. It provides you the right metrics about each post and tells you which post performs the best in the market.

 You can also use this tool to schedule your online posts. For instance, it can tell you when is the best time to share a post, what is the optimum length for a post in your niche, and after proper assessment tells you what type of content works the best for your audience.


  • Influencer amplification
  • Content alerts
  • Competitor analysis & comparisons
  • Social backlinks
  • Advanced filtering
  • Content curation
  • Data export
  • Content analysis reports.

Using this information, you will know what to post, how to post, and what is the best time of the day to post it.

2. Chattypeople  – Best Freemium  Social Media Management Tool

Chattypeople, now acquired by Mobilemonkey is the go-to platform if you want to push your promotions to your target audience on Facebook.

The best part of this platform is, you can use it regardless of whether you are a big corporation or a small/mid-sized business. You don’t need to know any coding language to get started with it.

The platform is compatible with the Facebook Messenger allowing you to interact with your audience directly. You can easily create a Chatbot to manage your customer relationships and Facebook pages automatically. Chattypeople also supports multiple CMS platforms and business categories.

3. HowSociable


HowSociable is a simple to use social media tool that lets you track your and your competitor’s presence on social media.

It provides the metrics in an easy to understand manner, where it categorically tells you what are the sites that you are performing well, and what sites need further development. Similarly, in the case of your competitors.


  • Verification Process
  • Controls and Interface
  • Installation Method
  • Features & Add-ons
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You can easily create a free account, and track the performances in over ten social media websites, including WordPress and LinkedIn. However, if you want the metrics for sites like Facebook and Twitter, you will need a paid, pro account.

4. SocialLiners – Easy to use Social Media Management Tool

Top free social media management tools

If you want to increase your audience on the social media platforms, you should look no further than SocialLiners. SocialLiners is the best tool you can use for Influencer Marketing.


  • Manage assets
  • Schedule effortlessly
  • Campaign Management
  • Social Feed Comment Moderation
  • Social Insights
  • Custom Dashboards

I have been personally using this tool for a long time now, and it’s simple to use process, and consistency in quality is above par. You should really check this one out!

5. Likealyzer

If you are a social media rookie, then this is the best tool for you on this list. It will comprehensively analyze your Facebook page, and give you a complete overview, in relation to the industry and your competitors.


  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media management
  • Content marketing
  • Improve engagement
  • Increase reach
  • Get more customers

It also provides your page a rank in its creation, “Liferank.”  You should use this free tool to get a quick look at your Facebook page performance.

6. Mention

This one is for the top guns of the game, who receive so many mentions that it becomes difficult to keep a track of them. One of the primary features of social media is interacting with your target audience and keeping them engaged.

Mention lets you do just that! It has the ability to monitor millions of sources in over 40 languages to keep a track of your brand mentions on social media, forums, blogs, or any other web page. 


  • Competitive analysis
  • Custom insights
  • Automated reports
  • Slack Integration
  • Pulse Notifications
  • Search in your mentions
  • Tags

Although it is a paid tool, they offer a 14 day free trial period. This is a must use tool if you want to keep a track of your brand image. Sure, you have made the name for yourself. Now it’s time to maintain it!

7. Twitonomy

To use Twitonomy, all you have to do is — sign in with your twitter account and make the most of their many free and robust metrics and monitoring.


  • Follower Analysis
  • Performance and Reliability
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Detailed and visual analytics on anyone’s tweets
  • Get insights on the people you follow
  • Monitor your interactions with other Twitter users
  • Get and export Search Analytics on any keywords
  • Monitor tweets from your favorite users
  • Download your followers
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Add to that, you can also see your competitor’s twitter metrics by simply providing their twitter handle. The metrics are displayed using visual graphs and easy-to-understand stats.

8. Twazzup

This is another Twitter-based social media management tool. Twazzup is great for beginners, as it is simple to use and provides metrics catered to twitter newbies. To monitor using Twazzup, all you have to do is, enter the name you want to track and it will provide you real-time data about the person or organization’s activities on Twitter.


  • Display a list of the most authoritative Twitter users
  • Easily restrict your searches through lists of related keywords
  • Clever mix of real-time search and top-tweets

It is a great way to keep a track of your competitor’s activities, and be updated about the recent keywords in your industry.

9. SumAll

SumAll lets you understand the correlation between your various social media channels.  This tool is specifically made for small and mid-sized businesses to help them get familiar with their social media metrics.


  • Connect social media, eCommerce and advertising platforms
  • Easy to use interface makes viewing and downloading data simple
  • Manipulate data to suit your needs
  • Easy to glean insights across multiple channels

The best part about this tool is that it provides you daily email updates and a quick overview of the metrics of your account in relation to your previous week’s stats.

Top Best Social Media Management Tools : The Crux

Initially, you may have some struggle getting familiar with its user interface, but as you get comfortable, this tool can work wonders for you.  Do you think I might have missed out on other important social media tools? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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