Blogging 101: Habits Newbies Should Start With

Call this weird, but blogging isn’t always about “writing blogs.” In fact successful blogs usually do more than blogging to ensure their content gets the best kind of exposure and reception possible. The article covers five habits of highly successful bloggers they should remember and follow.

The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

So if you’re looking into creating your own blog – be it for your professional life, a business or even a creative endeavor – you’ve got to consider both the writing and the technical aspects of the blogging process.

As a newbie, this can be a tad bit overwhelming. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. In this article are some blogging habits every beginner blogger should remember and follow.

1. Always follow your branding voice and tone.

One of the most fatal mistakes a blogger can make is to ignore their branding voice for the sake of writing a topic or making content on a popular but unrelated subject. When you make content – regardless if it’s a blog post, a guest post, or a social media post – always make sure you maintain your branding tone and voice as these ensure you write content specifically for your audience and industry needs.

  • If possible, make a branding concept before you start your brand. This can be in the form of a creative brief, or a presentation that details the kind of branding approach you want your blogs to take. This helps you get reminded of what “image” you need to consistently maintain as you write blogs, regardless of the topics.
  • When you think of your branding approach, make sure it’s something you’re in line with and something you know fits your industry. This can be tricky, as you might go with something other blogs or companies are already doing, or something extremely new that might not appeal to others. To solve this, you should find a balance of what your industry “expects” from brands, and then figure out something that’s also unique to you.

Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

2. Spare no time updating your content.

It’s extremely important for blogs to constantly update their content, as this remains a lifeline for their appeal to viewers and audiences. If you have an article relevant to viewers written in 2016, then you’ll likely avoid people wanting the same topic on a more recent timeframe.

  • As such, always remain on the lookout for ways to update topics of interest, both to reinvigorate audience readership and to check whether your readers find certain topics appealing or not. This is important as this helps you create both old and new content.
  • Updating your content helps endure readers that your website and blog strives to stay up-to-date with developments and important news in the industry. When readers see an article has been “updated” despite it being written a few months of years before can boost confidence in your brand.
  • When you update your content, you also get the opportunity to correct factual or statistical discrepancies, and even put in relevant links to sources and even new article releases. Making a habit of reviewing your existing content and updating useful blog posts and articles can greatly boost the odds of readers and even search engines finding your blog a relevant part of the industry.

3. Observe your audiences and competitors for coverage topics and ideas.

You can’t just think of a random piece, write it, and then hope your audience likes what you’re writing. Make it a habit to regularly look for topics, concepts, and even events that may be of interest to your audience and relate to your brand and industry.

  • You can find these in many places – you can go for technical routes and look for them in keywords, and even look at trending topics in social media websites. Likewise, you can also look at what competition is writing and consider finding angles they haven’t tackled yet.
  • Just because you’re looking into competitors doesn’t mean you’re immediately going to copy them. When you observe how the competition does their blogs and content, you can take note of what they do that’s not working and also analyze parts of their strategy that help them appeal to readers. This gives you the chance to figure out how to make your pieces stand out.
  • Likewise, take advantage of tools like Google Analytics and even search functions in social media apps that give you opportunities to look at popular hashtags, keywords, and even topics you can write about. Other analytics tools online can give you in-depth numbers on the performance of topics and keywords for a cost, while tools like Google Analytics can do this for free as well, albeit at a limited capacity.
  • You can even take advantage of your internal content to see what sort of things your viewers want to see. If you want to make content for your free online multiplayer games, you can simply check page views of your games and see what genres people prefer. The same can be applied if you’re managing an e-commerce store, or almost any other niche.
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Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

4. Content calendars can save you the headache of rushed pieces.

One of the most important things you can implement in a blog is a content plan, especially if you plan on regularly producing content. It’s important to maintain a timeline and schedule of pieces you want to publish and create so you can ensure you remain consistent with your campaign goals. The last thing we need is to rush on an overdue piece and end up not utilizing our content and schedule to the fullest.

  • You can use a wide variety of tools to make content plans, such as spreadsheets, digital calendars, or even physical journals. The point here is to have a repository of information that you can constantly access, check, and modify whenever you make progress with any of your pieces. This allows you to take careful note of pieces you may have to work on or pieces you might have to cancel.
  • Making it a habit to update a content plan allows you to always keep track not just of articles you’re writing, but also what you may need to write in the future. A content plan allows you to be in the loop as to the kind of content that currently exists in your website or blog. This allows you to take notes, write reminders, and even indicate what you may want to write in the long-run.
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Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

5. Integrate social media into your blogging campaigns.

A focus on blogging as a marketing method means relying mostly on your blogs for brand growth. However, in no way does this mean you should neglect using other tools in your disposal. For instance, using social media for your content can greatly help you reach a much wider audience and for you to create a more dynamic and flexible content pieces. Identifying your strengths and utilizing the correct social media platform according to these can greatly up the chances of your success in this endeavor.

  • When you plan on making a blog, try to decide what sort of social media exposure you’d want your pieces to have. This is important, as you’ll need to assess what social media tools may work best to disseminate blog releases and other relevant information about your website.
  • In terms of social media platforms, Facebook works best if you want a more general audience, and you can rely on LinkedIn for more professional audiences. Twitter is great if you want to interact with your audiences, while Instagram works best for images and creative endeavors.

Blogging Habits: Establish Good Routines, Patterns to Maximize Content

With the above in mind, it’s important to note that much – if not all – of these blogging habits have to do with ensuring your content creation process remains stable and consistent in the long run. As such, these habits more or less include content ideation, great content creation practices, and even post-production and post-publication analysis.

Hope you liked the article five habits of highly successful bloggers they should remember and follow. Hopefully, these habits would be able to help you make a stronger and better blog in the future. If you have more tips, make sure to comment them below!

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