10 Best Free Online Shooting Games 2021

Online shooting games allow you to immerse yourself in a fantasy world of competitive actions, drama, and the fast-paced chaos of bullets, snipers, and explosions. You can enjoy everything from first-person shooters (FPS) to third-person shooters to multiplayer modes.

The mobile game market is flooded with fantastic online shooting games that offer demanding challenges and huge payouts. Some are paid, while others are freemium, and the remainders are absolutely unlimited.

Best Multiplayer Shooting Games Online

To play these, you will need at least a halfway decent device. They usually have high-resolution graphics, high demand for Internet access, and are generally resource-intensive games.

1. Critical Ops

It is a relatively new first-person shooter, and it is still in public beta and has not been released fully. You can either join an anti-terrorism force to prevent destruction or act as a terrorist to create destruction in this one. It has online multiplayer modes and decent graphics, making for a quite comprehensive overall experience.

2. Call of Duty

The launch of Call of Duty in Mobile was the biggest in mobile gaming history. It also helps if the game is well-liked. It is a conventional online FPS shooter with both traditional Multiplayer and a 100-player battle royale mode.

The classic deathmatch and certain variants are included in the regular PvP. Players can also modify their gear and gain access to additional content. It is a newer game than other Shooter games, but it is already one of the most well-known mobile gaming.

3. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is one kind of first-person shooter. With a sniper rifle, your character is positioned outside a structure, peeking in. Your mission is to eliminate the numerous targets without causing suspicion about your whereabouts.

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There are over 150 missions, unlockable sniper guns, leaderboards, and some strategy components. It is reasonably priced and maybe a lot of fun if you prefer a little more strategy than fast-paced action.

4. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a sci-fi first-person shooter featuring horror, survival themes. You will take the role of the main character, and you will be able to choose from three different protagonists.

You will also have a lot of gear, weapons, and body implants to find and level up during the game. It has a campaign that lasts over 20 hours and a tonne of upgrade options. Naturally, you will be leveling up your character. It also has excellent visuals. For those who prefer campaign over competitive matching, this is one of the better shooting games.

5. Infinity Ops

At the time of writing, Infinity Ops is one of the more recent mobile shooting games. It debuted under a previous name before being rebranded shortly after. It features a sci-fi backdrop and a multiplayer online competitive experience.

Average social features, clans, numerous in-game weapons, jet packs, and a number of game types are all present in the game. In comparison to most typical FPS games, the graphics and mechanics are also rather superb. Except for individuals who encounter bugs, the majority of the game’s feedback is unexpectedly positive.

6. Modern Combat 5

This game is one of the best popular and widely played first-person shooter games on smartphones. The game features good graphics, a large amount of content, online multiplayer, and more.

Because of its popularity, there is almost always someone online to play with or against. There is also a story mode, six character classes to level up and personalize, and hardware controller compatibility.

7. NOVA Legacy


NOVA Legacy is the latest installment in a popular shooting game series. It is a sci-fi shooter featuring a full campaign mode, good graphics, and a variety of game modes, online multiplayer, and more. You can also recover and customize your guns.

Some of the game’s tertiary features are leaderboards, character customizations, and death cam replays in multiplayer mode. It is a pay-to-play game, distinguishing it from its predecessors in terms of feel and gameplay. Even so, it is one of the greatest.

8. Cover Fire

As a professional shooter and combatant on the battlefield, Cover Fire provides the ultimate shooting experience. One of the most recent games allows you to play with your friends on a realistic 3D gaming interface with exciting tasks.

You can play story mode, which includes roughly 13 additional chapters in which you drive helicopters and fast jeeps while firing heavy guns. The software gives you complete control over the game and allows you to play it as long as you wish.


PUBG Smartphone is the mobile version of the renowned console and PC FPS game. This game places you on an island with a total of 100 people, and the purpose is to be the last person standing. There is also a lot of goods, guns, and vehicles strewn over the map.

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Considering how new it is, it performs admirably. Furthermore, even for a mobile FPS game, the mechanics are above average. In the same FPS subgenre as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite is a fantastic alternative. There are also a few good PUBG Mobile clones out there.

10. Dead Trigger 2

On mobile, Dead Trigger 2 remains the classic zombie shooting experience. The graphics are stunning, but the game does not take itself seriously, with plenty of witty references and over-the-top enemies to Slay.

This version will change from the previous one because players now have their own hideout and a team to help them build things. The controls have been simplified for touch, and all you have to do is drag the crosshairs over a zombie, and you will instantly start firing if you are in range.

There are plenty of quests to play, and in-app purchases have been reduced, with the premium currency removed, so you may now buy and create everything without spending a dime.

Bottom Line:

Finally, now you know the top 10 best online shooting games that are most desirable today and in upcoming years. So this is the list mentioned above that will resonate with your taste in games and appeal to you.

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